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River Run. The most gifted unicorn foal Canterlot has seen in years. But behind his magical potential lies a pony completely at odds with the world around him. With reasons to explain his extreme abnormal behaviour running out, a plea is sent to perhaps the only pony in Equestria who might be able to help.

Princess of Friendship Twilight Sparkle is running out of lessons to learn, or so she thinks. When a sudden request from an old schoolteacher challenges her to understand a young pony unlike any she has seen before, troubling questions swiftly arise.

Namely, why does he remind her so much of herself?

Writeoff entry for the "Great Expectations" April contest.

Much obliged to Not_A_Hat for pre-reading.

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River Runs has seen the end of all things, in his mind.

I like where this is going...
River reminds me of me when I'm in school.

Good to see this expanded from the Writeoff version. Multiple chapters seems like an excellent place to take this, and this sets out the stakes pretty clearly for a chapter 1.

For the benefit of those who didn't see the Writeoff version, I'll hold off on spoilers. :raritywink:

My major complaint about this story in the Writeoff was that it was only a beginning. Now that you have more than eight thousand words to work with, I look forward to seeing where you go from there.

I can definitely see it building into a 20k word fic, maybe just under. Glad to see you along for the ride. ^^

River... he seems autistic.

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