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After years of living in Ponyville and learning all about the Magic of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle feels like she's in a rut; all of her friends have begun different aspects of their lives and our favorite lavender unicorn is feeling left behind. Just as she's about to write a letter to Princess Celestia telling her that she wants to move back to Canterlot, fate throws something else at her.
Spike comes running in telling her that there's something wrong at the school, and Cheerilee needs her help. When Twilight Sparkle arrives at the school, she gets a little more than she bargained for...

The first story in a the TIM series

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Nice! I'll follow this, because I bloody hate cliffhangers! :rainbowlaugh:

951280 I did that on purpose :raritywink:

could write to her Mentor and Ruler to get some advice and prospective on this idea


Cheerilee looked pretty freaked when she flagged me down; she told that I

Either "told me" or just "said" depending on what you feel flows better

“Do what or how this happened?”

I suspect a "you know" was a victim of a copypaste error

Those three errors just jumped out at me but I got the impression there were others. But, your story has potential. Tracking.

Thanks for pointing that out for me, I fixed those errors as soon as I read your post. I really appreciate the help.1019905

Dat poneh grants wishes!:derpytongue2:

Ooooooo, interesting magic she uses.

1966060 Indeed she does.

Let's see what Celestia or Luna have in their store to help her out!

2077965 A blessing in disguise :twilightsmile:

Wtf? Sorry the chapter is great but I have noticed that my favorite list has not been updating properly. I had no clue this had even updated.

2156859 I'm glad that you enjoyed the chapter, but I have no idea how it couldn't have let you know that it updated. In any case, this story is done. I'm writing a second story that builds on this story and will add a notice for it in the authors notes.

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