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Door Matt

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Deep in the Whitetail Woods, an artificial set of stone doors has been re-discovered after a millennia. Eager to uncover its origins, Princess Twilight leads a group of archaeologists and reporters to the site.

Expecting nothing more than ancient relics, the party finds itself up against what the Vault truly hides.

In the dark, fear lives.

The expanded and much improved edit of the original fic submitted for the Writeoff's 'Behind Closed Doors' December prompt.

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Written in a day. Finished at 3am. Came 23rd out of 31. Yup, this is a good'un!

The expansion turned out to double the word count, so two parts it is. Also...dat cliffhanger. :trollestia:

Part II will drop tomorrow!

Something that can KO a princess? Ohhh not good.

5427722 Impressive build up. Thinking of the implications of the carved constellation reliefs in the pitch blackness of that Vault almost gave me shivers.

Nice start. I think I'll follow this, see where it leads.

I'm ready to get the pants scared off me! Or creeped off slowly? Either way, no pants.

Anyways, love the set-up. Looking forward for more. I'm especially glad that we get to see the tale from the perspective of OC's.

Cheers Gandalf Maia Wizard Stormcrow Mithrandir!

Starstruck alert. But yeah, other chapter is coming in a few hours or so. You shouldn't be disappointed.

"Many are my names in many countries. Mithrandir among the Bronies, Tharkun among the Mandos; Olórin i was in my youth in the fandom that is forgotten, in the Facebook Incánus, in the Youtube Gandalf; to Twitter I go not."

I saw but one single error:

For the second time, the whole room glowed with light, and Breaker thought in the moment moment that the camera had gone off.

That was quite impressive.

Nice! You definitely upped the ante from the original version, and to great effect.

Sure it's stopped for now, but how long until those vault doors fail?

Author Interviewer

Yeah, I definitely didn't give this a chance in the writeoff, and I think you really improved it regardless. :) Good buildup and good atmosphere, though I was a bit shocked at Luna's behavior in the final scene.

She knows what's down there. You could even say she knows the matter is....close to home.

Oh, wow, that was intense! Very nice job with the horror aspects. In surprised Breaker doesn't put up more resistance to keeping the story of the vault secret, given that he is a journalist.

Agreed, this really amps it up from the original. It's a little unfair to say that Twilight exploding caught my attention, because that was exactly due to it breaking my expectations from the original version, but (for me at least) that really reinvested me in the story for the entirely new second act.

Luna's behavior at the end has a lot of creepy implications, and I'm not sure it works to leave all of those unexplored (you'd think Celestia would have some very strong opinions on the matter, for one …), but the piece as a whole has quite definitely improved! :twilightsmile:

I merely wish this version had been the one to enter the contest. Oh well.

As a fellow poster once snarkly said, you either leave your questions unanswered like a pretentious knob, or spell everything out and treat your audience like idiots. The pattern that seems to be emerging from my past fics tells me I'm leaning on the former option. But the answer I have in my head would make for a very interesting sequel. So who knows eh?

The answer to every philosophical whatevers brought up could just as easily be answered with 'you're high as a kite, get off your pseudo-philosophical ass and get an intervention.'

First of all, this was absolutely wonderful. Fantastic writing, suspense, and description. I loved your use of OCs to tell a story based around Luna and Twilight. I loved everything about this.

But one thing is majorly... majorly bugging me.

What happened to Ink? And more importantly, what happened to his camera. He took pictures of whatever it was. In using the camera flash as a weapon, a picture was undoubtedly taken. Why is there no mention of him and why is he not receiving the same medal?

I am spook.

Okey lets see; reporters completely out of their element check, misterious previously unknown construction with ties to a dark event of the past check, imposible constelations and marks check and double checked.
Yep I can definetely feel H.P lovecraft influence in this one:pinkiecrazy:

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