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Ages ago, before Luna's banishment, Discord gathered an army of followers and besieged Equestria, attempting to wrench it from the rightful leaders.

And he nearly succeeded.

In a final, desperate act, Celestia rushes to the palace in the center of the Everfree Forest...

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2D #2 · Oct 4th, 2014 · · ·

A little too short to have any real impact, I'm afraid.

Does Celestia commit suicide like Okonkwo? Well . . . I hope not. Let's see then.


I like your chops.

5097677 Thank you for mentioning Chinua Achebe's book. Okonkwo's tale was a tragic one.

Way too short.


The center cannot hold

The description should read "attempting to usurp", usurper is an individual performing the act. :twilightsheepish:
Also I don't think you're using the word exponential power correctly. It's a relationship, not a thing itself. You can't have something just BE exponential, it needs to be exponentially related to another thing.

The falcon cannot hear the falconer?

5097919 I was reading the book in ninth grade when I originally wrote this story. The revised version here is less... plagiarize-y

5098872 aye, thanks
I fall prey to misunderstanding of the english language just as often as the next man :twilightoops:

I shall now fix


Dang that's a good poem - I'll have to read it again. Gotta find out who wrote it first. :twistnerd:

“You didn’t... you couldn’t have! I chained her deep within the earth!”

...I don't get it. Who is he talking about?

5100432 there should be enough clues for you to infer


Guessing Luna, then, though if so I'm not sure why it's so vague.

Well written, despite a handfull of typos. Unfortunately I have to agree with 5097540 Just too short to have any real impact. The story was just starting when it stopped.

Great fic, here. Unlike some readers, I didn't find it at all too short to have any impact. In fact, the shortness is, in my opinion, what gives the story the impact it needs. The ending leaves the reader questioning and wondering what happens next - do Celestia and Luna sacrifice themselves? What of Discord and the fate of Equestria? Since the fic doesn't have an alternative universe tag, and if you follow the story as given to us in the show, it could be surmised that Celestia and Luna defeat Discord but without having to sacrifice themselves - but how? when? why?

For me, I like answering these questions and giving my own interpretation to the way the story ends. I know others don't necessarily like open-ended stories like these, but I enjoyed it immensely. :heart:

5882116 Hey, thank you! I generally consider this to be one of my weaker stories (in part to the criticism I received) but I'm glad you liked it so much!

the season four premier totally slipped my mind when I wrote this, so technically this IS alt universe... make of that what you will

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