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The ponies of Equus have been Exploring their own planet and the planets around it for quite some time now, they have launched probes, rockets, ponied(manned) spaceships, and even whole space stations up into the orbit of Equus and beyond... they have seen many things in space and have had many a mission.

Yes, Equus has seen many things... but what happens when someone sees them...?

Earth, the once prosperous home of humanity and many other species, now a desolate wasteland with debris covering it's surface and even floating around it's atmosphere. Humanity has one chance of survival, the Arch 1, the last reaming interstellar ship of the once mighty human space-fleet.

Yes, all is lost for humanity... or is it?

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Interesting, can't wait to see more!


I'm glad you're exited!

Good chapter, I hope to see more of them. :twilightsmile:

This story can certainly go places. This calls for a fav.

Spell check is your friend


Crap I knew I shoulda edited it before 2 in the morning...

Get a few chapters and tighten up the world building a bit. Spelling could be looked at, for example, I think it should likely be ark versus arch (Noah's Ark).
Keep writing!


I meant the Arch to be the name of the ship as a pun also, the arch is a symbol for progress and/or the passing of one realm into the other... a gateway if you will

4769697 *proceeds to not understand a word said* whaaat.


Dolphinately(definitely) for(for) Sharks(sure)

Ok, so I am somewhat confused after reading the first chapter ... is a tyrant Celestia story or something? Because you made it sound like Twilight and co (WTf are the rest even doing in space station? Unless that's some sort of twisted scheme of Celestia to keep them all in some place they would have hard time escaping or something) were put in to cryo sleep involuntarily and without knowing it beforehand.

Fuck the alien signal contat, twilight's first priority should be to teleport down and prepare for combat against the evil and messed up Celestia and blast her with the elements or something, that's kinda more important than space signals seeing as Celestia has apparently gone off the deep end enough to order her and her friends frozen without their input!

Kinda confused on what's happening?


Sorry for the ambiguity, I didn't mean for Celestia to seem like a tyrant but......... well congratulations you unlocked a plot device... some one here is evil... already mentioned character... who? Well I would be cheating myself if I said so...


What else besides the ambiguity of the situation do you find confusing?

Also Twilight panicked to the prospect of Celestia coming aboard the station due to: 1. Life-Long mentor comes to check up on your progress 2. Who wouldn't panic when unprepared and the Princess was approaching? 3. It's Twilight... lets be honest it could be just another visitor and if she wasn't prepared, she'd freak

It's a little fast, but oh well. I just hope its not July before the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

If you're careful, you can do something cool here.


Teach me Sensei... no really... I need help..... where would you guys like this story to go?

5570501 Well, I would expect this to go toward its logical conclusion where the humans successfully get a piece of land in Equestria, but like any good story, they have issues, mishaps, and close calls every step of the way.

Maybe the conversation with Celestia goes awkwardly but eventually things get cleared up, but just before the final decision is made, something goes wrong. Maybe a cargo bay explosively depressurizes on the Arch, causing it to spin and drift towards the space ship or station that the ponies are on.

Holy detail, Batman. Let's keep going.

The pony ship maneuvers away easily, but the general watches as his home is nearly torn apart by the forces of the spinning until Celestia herself stops it.

Maybe you can have anti humanist zealots trying to make their own mission of survival fail by sabotage and maybe some aggressive pony xenophobes trying to accomplish the same mission.

Let the ponies see the horrible conditions inside the arch. Mention some number of casualties and the cause. Introduce more human characters. Give more back story for both the humans and ponies. Describe the arch in detail so we can get a mental image.

Let the words flow.

You can use any of the ideas I've had. If you do, you may want to delete this comment to hide spoilers.


Very Interesting way of going through and ending a story... but it is quite generic isn't it? I mean since you were able to point it out so vividly and with so much detail, so I will keep in mind some of the elements your explanation but overall... I will try to AVOID everything that you have said. It's not that I have something against you it's just that I want to be at least a little original. Thank you for pointing out how it could go though, I appreciate the comment and the effort into making it so detailed.

Anyway Thanks Phil! :D
Signed, TBW

5571668 No problems here, I fully expected you to choose to hold onto 90% of the creative control. That's what I would do. I'm just happy that I could get the brain wheels turning a bit faster.

WD-40 has been applied.


I appreciate you doing that, Thanks Bro :D


Well, there were only like two other characters mentioned there, so it would have to be one of them. But either way, it's not like a Princess can end up disappearing for years without having planned to do so herself without raising a tartarus in the country - and since twilight was confused about how long she had been asleep, not about being in space, suggests that she had actually planned on visiting the station, which means her destination would be known.

I mean, if she planned to go to the station but never came back, surely Celestia would have moved her own flank up there to check why Twilight never came down, if she isn't the one behind it?


Twilight was chosen to LEAD the space explorations and sadly her friends had to come with her, and in boredom, since her friends were in Hypersleep, she put herself in it too since she had nothing to do once the shuttle was in space and gathering data gets really really repetitive... even for Twily

To Any reader still following this story... I have been gone for a long time and in this time I have read alot of stories much like this one, some even better and all of them complete. In my return to trying to write a story I have a question... Should I pick this one up? or should I begin anew and try my hand at space, or a different topic entirely. I send this out as a question and a cry for help since I now have lots more time to write and nothing to write about :twilightblush:

I'd like to see where this story goes. So sure.:twilightsmile:

Indeed. After such a promising start, you should at least try to head towards a conclusion.

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