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Big Macintosh wanted to complete a mission his great uncle started long ago. Twilight joined him on his journey for the discoveries and lost knowledge gained. Neither can completely prepare for where the road will take them.

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6ix #1 · Sep 4th, 2014 · · 5 ·





Ok I'm intrigued.

While I will dearly miss Family Matters, I am intrigued where your new TwiMac tale will go. Upvoted and favorited.

Romance tag and the title, Twi and Mac
This could be a one sided ship

Not a bad start, I do wonder if the Crystal Empire might be a lead

A quest for a mysterious tree, eh? I can get behind that - if they do indeed end up traveling to Stalliongrad or some other far-off corner of Equestria, this could make for a pretty fine adventure.

It's a real shame to see Family Matters discontinued (in such an evil place no less :twilightangry2: ), but what that story did show was that you can write a very good Twilight / Mac romance, so I'm looking towards it. And hopefully AJ is less of an irrational mule this time around, or gets put in her place sooner if she is :pinkiecrazy:

I have fellow Family Matters and I will fellow this story here aswell:ajsmug:

4951885 That is pretty much the reason why I can't continue Family Matters. I wrote Applejack to much as an irrational mule, and in a corner no less, so it was just easier to start from scratch than try to save a sinking ship.

Aww yeah, it's time for some quiet and mathy best stallion plus best pony.

Interesting. I'll see where this is going.

I always thought the official spelling was Macintosh. I mean, when I hover the cursor over his picture in the search tab it pops up as 'Macintosh'. Anyways, yay! More TwixMac. There's not nearly enough of this pairing. Why can't people accept that Twilight's brains plus his strength would create the ultimate pony?

That is why TwiMac must never be.
They would breed the destroyer of worlds, the ender of days....

Whoa, that sounds like a cool fic idea.


While I wouldn't deny that is a possibility, I highly doubt it. I mean, Big Mac's attitude should balance out any psychological quirks he/she would inherit from Twilight . . . Right?

I mean, one hand it could turn out to be super evil.

On the other . . . Super Pony. Quite literally, Super Pony. Donning cape and spandex (with underwear on outside, of course) he/she flies in to save the day from nefarious ne'er-do-wells!

Not a question of traits, just power. Though, to be fair, Twilight's power is often overstated by the fandom. Sure she's strong, but that doesn't mean she's 'break the world' powerful. I imagine the resulting foal would be strong, but nothing insane.

Big Mac's strength isn't overstated. That pony pulled a house.


Well Twilight is pretty strong, I remember her not only levitating an Ursa Minor but a water tower and also playing a lullaby. Of course, there was the episode where she was struggling to lift small woodland creatures and move them in a circular pattern so I guess power levels in MLP are like DBZ: utter nonsense. One moment super strong, the next super weak.

You have to remember, with the Ursa Minor thing she was really pushing herself; enough that she was physically digging into the dirt. With the animals, she was probably just exerting herself enough to exhaust herself. Sort of like the difference between lifting a heavy box and lifting a fridge.


I was thinking more along the lines of several large, heavy boxes and an assortment of smaller boxes precariously balanced atop each other.

No idea. All I know is that there are many levels of strain. The animals was just 'whew, that's a lot' while the Ursa was 'holy mother of all that is good and just I'm going to die'.

Can we get some news? Please?

Edit : I guess not, despite the promises...

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Comment posted by Black Hoof deleted Mar 13th, 2016
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