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Daedalus Aegle

As a Norwegian, I think our mythological beasts deserve better than to be compared to assholes on the Internet.


One night in her castle, the Princess of Friendship makes a startling discovery about the nature of the universe.

She tries to explain her discovery to her friends, with mixed results.

But no matter. The pursuit of knowledge must continue.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 52 )

I loved this story! I'm hoping you publish it soon.

Twilight's OOC makes complete and total sense. I love it, even though it doesn't seem to have affected Derpy in any noticeable way. :derpytongue2:

“Everypony around you will behave completely out of character if by doing so they will help you learn a lesson!”

Good judgement comes from experience. Unfortunately, the experience usually comes from bad judgement. Unfortunatelyer, this universe will bloody well make sure your learn your lesson...

<The Apple-Muffin economic plan>

The Invisible Hand of M. A. Larson guides Ponyville's (and Equestria's) economy behind the scenes...

This was a fun little one-shot. I certainly enjoyed reading it.

That was a fun read.:rainbowlaugh:

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Thanks guys :) It has now been submitted, in defiance of nerves :yay:

I really enjoyed this, though I do have a question. Does Twilight's equation also apply to bad fanfiction?

So long as they obey the same laws of magical physics as Equestria, sure :trollestia:

It... it all makes sense, now! :pinkiecrazy:

It's a conspiracy!

“And remember when my brother was getting married, and I tried to warn you all that something was horribly wrong, but you all ignored my feelings and told me I was being paranoid, even though I'd known Cadance since I was little and none of you had ever met before that day?”

And Twilight was acting like a self-righteous brat and Shining Armor proceeded to offer several logical sounding alternatives.

“How about when the Everfree Forest was invading Ponyville, remember that? How you all told me I shouldn't go with you to try to save the Tree of Harmony because I was a Princess and we couldn't do things together as equals anymore? And ignored my feelings?”

And protecting Equestria last surviving princess.

“Remember when I was late with my letter to Celestia, and you all laughed at me and ignored my feelings?”

And was making a mountain out of a mole hill.

“Rainbow Dash, remember how we all dressed up as Mare-Do-Well and embarked on a sustained campaign solely to make you miserable even as we claimed to be your best friends?”

It was more 'swooped in to save Rainbow Dash's flank-hole when she got in over her head and was wasting time grand standing when innocent lives were at stake.'

“Pinkie Pie, remember when Cheese Sandwich came into Ponyville and we all immediately forgot all about you and treated him as a king and said he was the greatest party planner ever and much better than you even though you were standing right there?"

When they were all caught in the moment? Yeah.

" Remember Rarity flirting and making eyes at him because all of a sudden being a party pony was the greatest thing ever, even though she's not even that interested in those kind of parties?"

No more than when he fawned over Flim and Flam charming her during her song, she just liked his CLASS (as in style and personality).

" And remember how you did everything you could to scare Fluttershy out of her apples when she was singing with the Ponytones? "

More like Pinkie Pie thought Fluttershy's fears were silly, and was doing what she thought was her hardest to show those feelings were foolish, but underestimated how seriously Fluttershy took those fears.

Remember how you all turned your tails on the Cutie Mark Crusaders over Gabby Gums, even though you all enjoyed their columns when they were only making fun of others?

This formula is a universally applicable mathemagical law that describes when a pony will behave in a manner that is wildly at odds with their entrenched personality.
You mean like Fluttershy not hiding under her bed when Nightmare Moon appeared and forsaken Ponyville in favor of her animal friends?

When you girls all turned your backs on me to go gaga over Queen Chrysalis – seriously girls, you were all fooled by Queen Chrysalis –

You mean the mare crying her eyes out after being attacked verbally on her wedding day?

Remember how you all turned your tails on the Cutie Mark Crusaders over Gabby Gums, even though you all enjoyed their columns when they were only making fun of others?

That's called people-nature. We don't realize how seriously these gossip elements are until they happen to US!

as if I were some complete stranger who had never given you any reason to trust me before in my life!”

She had spent the entire episode doing nothing but act more and more paranoid, and drawing completely wrong conclusions. "Cadence has turned evil!" Rather than "Cadence has been replaced!"

That was my fault: I decided it made perfect sense to give the Cutie Mark Crusaders the recipe for a love potion. Genius, right?”

She gave it to them since it was a history book. And seriously she's flanderizing the CMC here. Their flag carrying routine didn't involve setting stuff on fire and blowing stuff up and making other ponies miserable, etc.

There IS and WILL ALWAYS be a NEED for a certain level of suspension of disbelief in ANY work of fiction, but you're confusing suspension of disbelief with alternate character interpretation.

“Yeah, we're all actually completely unrepentant about that,” Twilight said, smiling. “That might seem cold, Rainbow, but I'm working on a mathematical proof for it that I'm sure you'll find very gratifying.”

Might have something to do with saving Rainbow Dash's rear A LOT OF TIMES in that episode.

She has no one to blame for Mare Do Well but herself. If she had spent more time saving and less time grand standing, she'd have been done before Mare Do Well had a chance to get into costume.

And it's really no different than when AJ was upset at the barn being too big than regulation height, and Mayor Mare could have fixed it on the spot, but she instead took the chance to groom Applejack to succeed her as Mayor one day.

Love that letter from Celestia at the end.:trollestia:

6183845 dear god man keep it all in one comment :twilightoops:

Pretty good interpretations, though. As explanations, they serve just as well.

That ending though! Could we get a short that happens when she goes to this Wednesday tea? I want to be a fly on the wall for that one!

What I'm even more interested in is whether or not knowing the formula makes them immune to what it does....This was a very interesting story!

I also loved Twilight calling out her friends. She seemed to be a bit too excited with the examples she chose and I find that hilarious.

Twilight had surreptitiously cast a counterspell on them all so they could see the effects themselves, otherwise they'd probably have seen absolutely nothing out of the ordinary :pinkiecrazy:

Hmm... A few ideas come to mind. I can think about it. No promises though :trollestia:

You, sir, are a genius.

That WOULD explain a lot...:pinkiehappy:

That wasn't the reason they decided to suit up.
The rest of the mai six even say that the point of doing it was to take her down a few notches.

If they really wanted Rainbow to stop grandstanding and boasting all the time they could've tried talking to her first, and if that failed, then try to use other more physical methods.
But they didn't.


I imagine they did, but Rainbow didn't listen. And the fact remains they weren't recklessly trying to beat Rainbow to the punch putting ponies in MORE danger, which would be horrible.

No they didn't.
What are you talking about?

An excellent tale.

Story was a fun read, but trust me, as an engineer, there is only one formula that matters and it is : the function of u raised to the nth power equals the integral of e raised to the x (it makes more sense if you write it down :pinkiehappy:)

I would vote for a Macintosh-Muffins platform.

That ending though, man

:trollestia: Sorry sis but I gotta banish you to the moon for a thousand years, it's just in line with the formula, y'know


Oh god. Lightbringer Morningstar. In other words, the two meanings of the name Lucifer. She taught the devil.

What. The. Fuck?

I approve.

Lightbringer Morningstar.


I hear he managed to get 1/3 of the unicorns in Equestria to join him...

:twilightoops: Lightbringer Morningstar, huh? If Lucifer is a fallen angel, then are unicorns angels?
:trollestia: That's right. Of course, I couldn't let him trouble my little ponies, so I took care of it.
:twilightoops: I'm gonna regret asking this. Took care of it how?
:trollestia: In about the same way I took care of Discord.
:twilightoops: Discord? Let's see, you transformed him into stone and then sent him off to live with Fluttershy to redeem him. ... Wait a minute ... transforming the villain ... a fallen angel ... living with Fluttershy .... :facehoof: Please tell me you didn't.
:trollestia: I did.
I always knew Angel Bunny was the devil.

The WTF Approval is the best approval.

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He seemed ideal on paper. There was both great light, and great shadow in him. He had such a fitting name! I didn't know what he would become! :raritydespair:

That is by far the best explanation for Angel Bunny yet. Nightmare Angel from "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep" was totally his true form.

But this also reveals Celestia's short-sightedness: someday Fluttershy is going to command an army of the most powerful beings in Equestria, redeemed but slavishly loyal to her, and then all the world will become a nature reserve and ponies will once more have to skulk in the shadows to hide from predators.

Well, I hope someone knows a spell that can drain the crazy out of twilight. I don't take kindly to those who illegally own insanity.

The two of them stood looking at the list in deafening silence while the moments ticked by, until Celestia cleared her throat. “Well, the upshot of it is that by now Equestria is full of extremely powerful unicorns with themed names who have gone mad with power.”

Kind of makes Celestia calling Twilight "my most faithful student" sound like damning with faint praise, doesn't it?

"Well done, my one student who hasn't yet betrayed me!"

So... Twilight is now going to act completely out of character and Celestia is going to learn something?

“Starlight Glimmer?!”
“Well, where did you think she learned self-levitation?”

Point taken.

“Alright,” Celestia nodded. “I understand… Just do me one favor, if you would, Twilight? Please don't ever ask me about Lightbringer Morningstar.”

Considering what that's probably a reference to, I shall not.

oh Celestia

on the other hand, Celestia would have been left really embarrassed if in the end it was an Earth Pony or Pegasus who stopped Nightmare Moon


That explains a lot! Now I understand the universe!:rainbowlaugh:
Good job! And poor Dashie, you did the right thing! :twilightoops:


. . . . . . :ajbemused::fluttercry::rainbowhuh::raritydespair::pinkiesmile::twilightoops: . . . . .

Right, what everyone below me typed. Dramatic clapping and cakes for everyone!

Huh. I accidentally never moved this out of Read it Later, so I missed this chapter. Whoops.

Still, a very amusing chapter. Not the first time I've seen this idea proposed, but definitely an entertaining presentation of it. (Funnily enough, Lightbringer Morningstar just went on to study bioluminescence; Celestia banished him when he tried to perform biomantic mutations on himself for, quote, "awesome glowing racing stripes." Up until then, she'd hoped that all those pegasus friends he'd been making were a promising sign...)

Meanwhile, the interaction of name and cutie mark is rather interesting, especially since most examples tend to confuse the causality. After all, a lot of them are background ponies named by the fanbase, who had little more to go on than cutie mark and coloration. Of course, the later canonization of some of those names didn't help matters. :applejackunsure:

In any case, I'm glad I finally got around to reading this. :twilightsmile:

Oh, cool. Glad you enjoyed it :pinkiesmile: This story was admittedly tagged Complete from the first chapter, so it was understandable that even people who enjoyed it might not have noticed that I added a second chapter months later.

Lightbringer Morningstar also approached the Batponies, but they slammed the door on him. They assumed he was just another goth fanpony, and were sick and tired of dealing with them.

I was also inspired to write a third chapter last Christmas, which was distinctly short on snow. In it, Twilight, Sunset, Rainbow and Starlight would meet to discuss why all the snow Cloudsdale had allotted to Ponyville melted in the first week of winter. Starlight Glimmer would propose that since Twilight's ascension, new friendships were forming across Equestria at an unprecedented rate, and the magical waste product of this core Equestrian industry, the Fire of Friendship, was raising the average global temperature. She would propose bringing back a controlled population of windigos to counteract the damage, or switch over to "clean friendship" that doesn't have a magical byproduct. Twilight would not be very happy with this.

Sadly, when I tried writing the chapter it turned into an actual discussion of global warming, and wasn't very funny :unsuresweetie:

Oh dear, this is what happens when one tampers with the universe n_n

THIS is comedy [for me]. :rainbowlaugh:

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