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You're a stupid fucking cunt.

1292256 I could probably show you the maths behind why that was inevitable.

1289918 That was random as fuck. 6/10

1176844 Yeah I usually broke them up into 3rds of halfs

1176833 The original still holds the record for longest chapter with the Canterlot one with the Ministry Orbs. That one was fucking ridiculous.

1176816 Oh yeah, the story drags on like a bitch. I just like that kind of thing. But if you take the time to read it it. Is. So. Good! There are literally parts that are so emotional I had to stop reading to process what I just read and clear the tears out of my eyes. A good example of this is when the raider virus infects her stable(partially because of something she did). Instead of letting over 300 raiders spread out across the area possibly overrunning and destroying every settlement she has to gas her stable, killing everypony in the stable, all her friends, all her family, the only ponies that she has ever known in her entire life, and she had to kill them. My brain almost broke when I read that. The grief and empathy I felt were ineffable.

1175803 Yay for random follower! Fallout Equestria is easily the greatest thing that I ever read, and that includes actual novels. As for PH, It's just so well written and always seems to top it's previous arc. Blackjack is an extremely interesting character and it is so fun to watch her go from a simple stable mare to a badass cyber alicorn.

Haha, well, I appreciate your interest, then!

1076184 I'm sure I will but I actually haven't started reading it yet.:twilightsheepish: I was just putting it there so I could find it easier.

Thanks for the fave of Telling Tales, I'm glad you liked it!

...always watching

:unsuresweetie:Okay...*I look around nervously*


1054117 Baby steps, my friend, baby steps. Shes always watching:trollestia:

I humbly thank you for the watch.:twilightsmile:

That is all, Equestria is ours.:pinkiecrazy:


Welcome to the Fo:E Group! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions! :twilightsmile:

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