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He arrived in Canterlot four years ago with a sack of bits, good eyes, and a greater vision. Now he's the sixth-richest CEO in Canterlot, the third strongest Grandmaster in the Pro Magical Duelling Circuit, and the most handsome, in his personal opinion. But behind the charming smile lies a dark secret: When not selling enchanted items or food imported from alternate worlds in his supermarket chains and fast food stores across Equestria, the well-connected, unforgiving and brilliant Unicorn known as Silver Star has been running a rather profitable side business: Donning disguises and conning the richest, stupidest, and most corrupt rich monsters around the world out of everything they own. Sometimes, that law firm he bought will pass the cases they deem "Unsolveable" to him. Other times, he seeks out his own prey, or the wounded and helpless will come to him. The risk, the rush, the thrill of a good plan executed perfectly, or better yet, salvaged despite unforseen complications... It's brilliant.

But when even gold loses its lustre, Silver Star - formerly Star Apple - must make new bonds, reconnect with his family, and embrace friendship. But what does it mean when feelings start to appear in a heart he had believed to be beyond even the warmest touch? And when something is traded away... is it possible to get it back?

In the heart of Ponyville, oblivious to the machinations of Canterlot in his absence, as a disaster of his own making prepares to tear Equestria asunder, Silver Star Apple is going to find out.

Also, 21 magical cards have hidden themselves around Equestria, and the underground Diamond Dog Empire isn't the only group trying to collect them. Gather them all, and none can match your power. Can Silver and his new friends find them in time?

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Ok then.

Suddenly, nine downvotes. Had only 5 last night. Odd.

I love that you wrote a romance and would love to see the next chapter please... If the comments are really being hidden, I hope you get this...

8119964 Thank you! I'm working on the next chapter now. Regarding comments getting hidden... I think that might have been a one-off thing, since those old comments were written for the fic pre-rewrite.


Sorry I couldn't reply sooner my friend... I was at a funeral for my great grandmother all day...
I'm glad to hear there's another chapter though! Keep up the great work! :pinkiehappy:

The story is interesting but the chapter feels like it would have been better for it to be spilt chapters instead of one full 17k word chapter. There are some parts that felt off and had to read again, it seems to jump back in the middle... It's really because when reading stories each chapter focuses on certain parts of the story, but this chapter felt like reading 2-4 chapters at once with no break to think about it.

I like the characters, history and the other side of noble business in Equestria. I do love how Sliver tricks and uses his smarts to take over Canterlot.

I'll still read it since it's really good. Just you don't have to put everything in one chapter.

8137588 I admit, wanting to fit everything into one chapter like that was a real problem. To be honest, I wasn't sure when to end it. I didn't want it to look like the series is going to be about business, then suddenly turn around and go to Ponyville. Later chapters will hopefully be shorter. Think of this one as an extra-long two-part opener.

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I love this story. Read a few chapters on fanfiction, but decided to read It from the beginning again on fimfiction.

What? No comments? Well, then, I shall be the first!

FOOL! none can satiate the beast that is my literary appetite! It shall always demand moar, and Moar, and MOAR!!! Until nothing is left but harsh criticism and poor grammar! (Lol, I should write an epic novel... or something)

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