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It started five years ago, near the forest, when Celestia's prodigy played witness to a shadowy conspiracy surrounding the Princess of the Night.

Now the devastation begins, mere weeks before the world watches the royal wedding, perhaps the most terrible possible consequence comes of Luna's rash actions.

Alone in a world seemingly turned against him Shadow Chaser is forced to walk the line of living and dying until the day might come when his past comes to light. The machinations of royalty and magic flow around him without breaking, revealing a current of events the poor colt only has the slightest knowledge of. Through his eyes exists a window into the events of a larger and more fascinating Equestria than was ever explored by the classic adventures.

What exactly happened between the seasons?

Do you really want to find out?

Chapters (30)
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Comments ( 35 )

moment I saw hemorrhage I was like
"well, you're boned"
and the ending is heaps sad :'(

Dude, I'm loving this. Have a thumb and a favorite!:pinkiehappy:

I can't speak for others, but I think the story has improved significantly from when I first started reading it. You've made shadow and lightning have an interesting relationship and I'll admit having discord actually attempt to kill shadow was unexpected. I enjoy Shadow and Lightning much more than Vinyl, but then I never understood the big deal about her in the show.

OC's aren't bad if you work to give them a place in the world around the characters that are already canon. And speaking of canon, I appreciated that you didn't fly off the rails as the canon was concerned, if you did, I probably would have quit reading.

I say keep it up with the direction you are going, and my only major gripe is that perhaps you should consider using spaces between descriptive paragraphs and when different characters speak dialogue. I find it easier on the eyes.

2422412 This comment completely made my day. I think this counts as the first full length review I've recieved. Thanks a million.

I don't know how it would work but if you want I can look the stories over before posting? I'm very good at fixing grammatical errors. Just PM me if you want.

I don't actually like time traveling in stories.
In any other case I would stop reading right away, but I will give it a try, seeing just how good this story was til now.

2464926 Well I'll take that as a compliment anyway... At any rate the time travel should be able to avoid paradoxic ideals, godlike powers, and any other things that usually hurt time travel writings. I've done my homework.

Still not really convinced of time travels in Fanfics.
But for what's worth it, it's not a complete mess and promises to become really interesting.
I will read on.

Oh and I think you got my last comment a bit wrong.
Sure I gave some criticism but as far as it concerns me it was more of a praise then anything else.

So to make sure my comment will be understanded right this time.
I like your story

Hmm... well this interesting. I figured we'd be going back to old equestria when I finished last chapter. Kinda was hoping for Shadow to Encounter Nightmare Moon. Ah well, all is not lost. Celestia's story is shaping up to be interesting in how she is tied in with the unicorns.

Still loving Shadow and Lightning's characters. Iris... shows promise. I honestly didn't even consider her being inspired by Snowdrop until you started mentioning it in the story. Guess I'm dense to certain things :derpyderp1:

I'll go ahead and voice my concerns before I leave. Don't take it personal, but time travel is ... iffy at best... and can be disastrous at worst. I think you know that since this story has been great so far. Just be careful where you end up taking it. I'ma keep reading, of course :twilightsmile:

Yeah I'm noticing that's a recurring complaint... Of course i have to finish this storyline but I may condense it further than expected. I was considering trying it in some of my other fics but I've decided completely against that.
And not the give anything away, but you might not want to throw out your hope for NMM JUST yet...
I won't say any more :raritywink:

All the references? Hmm

"Don't look or it takes you." Is that A Slender reference?

Comment posted by Negative Umbra deleted Jun 2nd, 2013


2663404 At once my queen!
//You win the award for best comment ever written XD

Kinda OOC( Out Of Character ) and a little rushed.Grammer seems fine.I'll read later:twilightsmile:

hoo boy this story sure is interesting. Did we just meet a deity? Grandmother... the queen ... interesting take on whatever existed before Celestia and Luna. The Operator was ... eh... I just kept picturing Slenderman. Not bad though, not bad.

Rarely do I find myself rooting for protagonists, but I really like Shadow. I kinda can't wait for his (possible) encounter with NMM.

Not sure if I should edit this or not? Haha this just made my day

Edit: this just made my extremely early morning

100,279 words total
100k word count... :pinkiesad2:
Words cannot describe :fluttercry:
Just... :pinkiehappy:

Shadow is in trouble, I would not want to have Luna ticked at me. Also, Celestia saved the buffalo tribe, that was sweet.

I'm telling you I'll get to this as soon as I have work off! Or maybe I didn't. I'll do this as soon as I get work off! Which is Friday I think.

2938374 It was supposed to be ironic, sorry if you took offense :ajsleepy:

2938461 He he. Sorry, I was on some sleep meds when I made that comment. I was trying to make it funny,but It didn't make any sense. No hard feelings :twilightsmile:

I really hope Nightmare Moon makes an appearance to fight Chrysalis with Shadow. Gosh that would be awesome. I haven't been disappointed so far, and can't wait to read the conclusion. Also, Shadow and Lightning are adorable characters, it takes a certain talent to write children and write them well. I hope they come back in future stories.

This story really needs a sequel at least to wrap up with lightning and then one for shdow. Or if they ever see each other again a second story. Maybe as adults now:trixieshiftright:

4239229 Ive had a little talk with a commisioner about this... sequel would of course be impossible till after season 4 due to chronology but...
heh, wouldn't be right to say any more

Can't talk about it? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Suspicious.

Lightning is dead, isn't she? Well, next chapter to read.

If Shadow Chaser was voiced, what would he sound like?

5215497 that's actually a fantastic question since i don't think i always do enough with tone. For the most part i like to leave it to the reader's judgement but personally i think of it as the stage of squeaky before voice cracking. The closest thing i could think of as parallel is button mash but it wouldn't sound quite like that. Sorry. Thats probably unhelpful but that's what i got.

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