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This was written for a contest and authors had to stay anonymous. Now that it's over I can post my contribution. I haven't gone back to change anything. This is as it was for the contest, with ONE fix. I screwed up an italic tag in the original and the bottom half was ALL italicized. I corrected that here. Otherwise, this is as I entered it.

The prompt to follow was One-Way Ticket. So, uh, there's your description.

May eventually revisit and flesh out, but definitely not any time soon.

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Comments ( 23 )

That was way good

You... killed... Rainbow Dash... Just to make her be awesome?


I'm not sure how to feel about this.

a good story, Rainbow Dash I felt was in the right character.

If you want more views to this fan-fiction you need to hook viewers with an interesting description. I was tempted into not clicking this because I had no idea what it was about. No offense but no one really cares about the details of your 'contest'


I was really loving this story, keyword being "was". Not to say it's bad, it's not, and it's very well written. I could tell that Dash had died by about the second paragraph, but still, I really like stories that deal with this sort of material. Honestly, it probably would've been better if Dash had moved on, much more surreal and emotional.

But, as I said, I was really into it... until the end of her race with Death. Really? She kissed him? Death? :rainbowderp: And then the ending... where she's going on a date with Death? What? :rainbowhuh:

Honestly, I'm sorry to say, that's what really killed it for me. If it hadn't had those two parts and had a more poignant ending, I would've liked it a whole lot more.

3.5/5 :twilightoops: Because the emotion and feeling devolved into ridiculosity at the end.


I liked this in the competition, and look forward to seeing how you improve it.

I liked it pretty well. You need a better description because I was tempted not to read it...

oh wow
XD that was awesome

that was hilarious though XDXD:yay::rainbowlaugh:

*Slow Clap* nicely done... Nicely done...:trixieshiftright:

could you at least tag your story?

definitely glad i read this. 5 star/tracking. i would love to see more


does that mean that when she gets revived she has a date with death the next week?
does that mean she has to kill herself...then death lets her go back, and it happens every time they go on a date?
oh dear me...

I like this one, it's fun if you don't take to seriously.

Dash ships with everypony. No exceptions.

Lol kiss of death was the first thing that came into my mind, then I reallised it was more of a kiss of life. :derpytongue2:

That was a very clever story, friend! I like.

Soooo Rainbow Dash x Death? I must say; I can't think of a stranger shipping!

1098526 how about RD+ a kitchen sink?
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand cuethetrollface!

So...Dash...is dating....Death. I'm game. XD


I don't get a thing in this story.

My head hurts.

Author Interviewer

I can see going back through all the old writeoff entries is gonna be fun. :) Rather enjoyed this the second time round!

The final line made me smile.

Well, that's one way to cheat Death, I suppose.

Just better not cheat ON Death, that would be bad.

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