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I am a Brony from the far away land of England. I have a YouTube channel on which i upload Minecraft vids, MLP vids and trolling vids.

Something to think about...

Ok. Today i found someone who's stroy was about them and how they used to feel so good to be able to talk to people about MLP and writing the stories that they do. This was something that was posted a long time ago and i have no idea whether its still going on but they couldn't keep talking about it because their FAMILY did not accept it.and they fell depressed because of it. They stated that they could no longer talk about it in front of people.

I get depressed a lot. I go through phases where i literately would have to force myself to pretend to be even remotely interested in what people said and i had to force myself not to hate everyone around me. I still do, sometimes.

But the point im trying to make is that people who do not accept others as they are just plain stupid. So you might not like someone? How they are? How they act? Dosent mean you need to be so (Cant think of the word) to them. Just accept it. I know so many people who wish to make me as miserable as possible. And between the massive bouts of depression, when i can talk without forcing myself to seam happy, i will just look at them and smile and say "I feel so sorry for you." Because i do. Nobody who has been raised or inspired to be like that can have had a good life and they strive to make others feel even worse than they are. I don't want to say this but, in my case, they succeeded. In the last 3 years i have gone through a constant look of depression then small moments of happiness which i can legitimately call happiness.

Accept people for who they are. Don't hate on them. To anyone who takes this and still fights on i applause you. To anyone who takes this and has to force themselves to feel good about themselves: i know how you feel.

Do not keep letting them ruin you'r life before its too late. I made that mistake and, to start with, i never told a soul about anything. I still don't reckon anyone has actually figured it out. But as much better as its gotten i still do not feel it. And i hate it.


NEw account. New stories. · 5:14pm Nov 12th, 2012

I'm switching accounts. From now on i will be using this account: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/shadowstreak

Noting will be posted here again, more than likely.


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