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Rarity is hosting the annual Societé Fabrique soiree. Everything is going splendid thanks to some help from her friends. It's a bit boring, true. The social strictures of hosting tend to make for a rather dull night, but luckily for Rarity, she has Applejack to keep her company.

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Hooray, you're officially back! :D

And you are too kind. *o.o*

/me hugs and drools pony drool all over

It's not disgusting because it's a pony secretion!

Light and fluffy, and still completely filling. Have a fave,

This was really cute, kits. I'm very glad that you're easing back into writing. And that picture you selected drew for the cover art is also way too adorable.

I found a small typo, by the way:

How close do she want to be?

It is perfect. Exactly as long as it needs to be, and cute as buttons. You could say it is...

Exactly right.

Fun little fic, glad I read it :)

Thank you!

Glad you liked the picture~ Thanks for the typo catch; I had that as a literal thought and changed it right before publishing. Oops.

It's too early in the morning for puns :raritycry:

Thank you so much for helping :pinkiehappy:

Glad you liked it


I could definitely read more of your Rarity. Good fluffy ponestuff.

A joyful story all around!

Quick, harmless, and delightful! You got that exactly right. :raritywink:

Seriously, this was a lovely little read. :twilightsmile:

I have fun when writing her, it's coming up plot lines involving her that I simply can not even.

Thank you both~

This was cute :3 and the ending got a chuckle out of me! Good job!

Very fun. I am a fan of good old RariJack (ok Pinkie Dash is my fave but this is up there) and glad to see something new from you.

Pinkiedash is my favorite as well, i just have a hard time writing pinkie I think.


So glad to have you back and writing about ponies falling for each other again! :yay:

Also, this was cute. Look forward to more where that came from!

I really liked this story for what it is: a simple little story of fluffy shipping. It reminds me of some of the shipping that I used to read on this site, back when many of the stories tended to be simpler.

You did a good job with the portrayals of both characters, sticking true to the show, but managing to give Rarity a decent amount of complexity for how long we spent with her. For me the biggest part of making a short ship like this work is in establishing a realistic interest for both parties in the (potential) relationship, and I think that you did a good job given the short story. Or maybe I'd say that you did a good job at hinting that Rarity had possibly been nursing some interest in AJ for awhile before the story began, while AJ's interest is a little less established. Still, her offering to dance with Rarity could be taken as a sign of interest, even if she did seem intimidated by Rarity's advances during the second dance.

Actually, that little bit there does a good job hinting that AJ is battling some conflicting emotions. What they are is left to the reader's imagination, but it's enough to add just a little bit more depth to this story.

Anyway, enough rambling, I enjoyed it. Cheers.

"Shh." In this moment, she would not allow Applejack's dancing to be belittled, even by her own mouth. "I couldn't have asked for a better partner tonight." Muscles relaxed and Applejack's movements become more graceful, the stiffness fading away. Not completely, of course: Applejack would never have the fluid grace of the Canterlot elite, but what Rarity had said was true. And there was nopony else she'd rather be with right now.

You do hit those sweet notes just right.

Thanks! I look forward to sending many a horse via watervound transit.

One thing I do love doing with these lesbian horse couples is taking the question of "who is the man in that relationship" and, if not throwing it out completely, at least twisting it around to make it hard to answer. Because "neither" is always the answer.

The other thing I love doing is emphasizing that the characters are all friends first and foremost. If this site had a (shipping) tag, I would have happily used that instead of romance, because this is about intimacy and closeness rather than just romance, even if the two are often seen as the same.

I'm almost sad that I was forced to label this story (romance) because it cuts off the possibilities of two ponies just being close for its own sake and brings in all kinds of implications that are not neccisary to what I feel is then cute part of this.

Anyway. The point is, I like Applejack being the soft-initiator and being somewhat intimidated by rarity, because general expectation seems to be the opposite.

Wow. I should take that and put it in the authors notes at some point I think.


Awww. Cute :twilightsmile:

That's some quality friendshipping (and friend shipping.) Thank you for it.

Also, I want those cupcakes. And three others to correspond with the rest of the Mane Six.

Aaaaa cute! It's nice to see you back to writing even though I'm not following you for some reason? I'll be sure to rectify that.

Hope you plan on writing more stories like this in the future. Or just, any stories at all would be nice, too.:yay:

It was cute, but it felt like you stopped rather abruptly for the sake of a punch line that whiffed past without hitting home.

More teasing of Rainbow Dash in the sequel, please. :rainbowwild:



I have a few ideas. Time is a massively limiting factor though. I only got this done because we were on vacation last week. :applejackunsure:

I considered it, but didn't want it to become "about" that. So instead Dash tries and fails to be an ass. Sorry it fell flat for you.

Definitely makes you smileeee :heart:

:3 Thanks!

This here, is my jam. Yes. :heart:

Oh, Rainbow Dash.

Glad you liked it!

Look Before You Sleep (S1 E8) Rarity & AJ have shared a bed before.

Don't recall saying otherwise. If youre bothered by the "no you take the bed" back and forth, it's because it's, as rarity noted, extremely small and requires cuddling to fit two ponies. Hence the comment about fitting two ponies depending on how close they are.

Hi, i wanted to know if i can translate your fic in french on Wattpad please? there isn't many fic in french and i can't write a good fiction.. so can i?
of course, i will say this is YOUR fic and i will put le link of your fiction .
so.. can i?
i wait your reply and i'm sorry for my bad english._.
kind regards

oki thank you:D

Absolutely :heart: RariJack

it is the most canon of ships

I loved that ship LONG before they started dropping heavy hints for it in the show.

I’m confused.

Look Before You Sleep was pretty early on.

They didn't seem to start hinting at RariJack until the Trenderhoof episode, at least, that is how it looked to me. I've shipped those two together in my head ever since that 1st sleepover at Twilight's.
I guess it's a matter of WHEN you see Hasbro hinting at that ship.

She lingered there a moment. A warning note shattered the stillness. "Oh goodness! They're about to start the next set!" She grabbed Applejack and led her off the floor, not caring who they might disturb this time.

So, was it the Tango or the Bossa nova?

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