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I've roasted a wealth of exotic things, All torn to ribbons at the hands of kings. Polished copper how I proudly shone, stealin' the fire of the blazing sun.


This story is a sequel to Roam-Springa

Mayor Mare needs to find herself again on the map of life.

It's easier if she goes with somepony who can read a compass.

Written as a side story for Pascoite's Roam-Springa

Edited by the marvelous and never sufficiently celebrated Carabas

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 7 )

Quite nice. :)

And I like A.K. Yearling's name. :D

Very lovely! It's not nice to upstage the source material!

I do love the concept of action archeology as an academic discipline.

Those pecan twirls you sent me should have been a proper peace offering, right?

"That depends. Were the pecan twirls also cursed?"
"I fail to see how that's relevant."
(And of course they're pecan twirls. I'm not sure you're allowed to write a story in this setting without them.)

Wonderful stuff throughout. And that's certainly a better full name than Alluvial Karst Yearling. Thank you for a great read... though now I wonder if Cloudy's ever had the chance to meet A.K.

I took it as the last chapter being caught up to present day or slightly in the past, so that Mayor Mare only admitted she was dating someone just after this. But it is left open to interpretation.

It took a while, but it was nice to see that Mayor Mare finally found her compass and AK finally found a place for that compass to live.

Really good :)

You'll have to take it up with her, then. I think she'll disagree:ajsmug:

Now, now, let's not be too hasty with the judgment.

Thank you for the compliments, though. I really appreciate them.

Action archeology had had a bit of a decline in recent decades. Some said because all the obvious and not ridiculously lethal sites had already been archeologized. Other suspected foul play on part of the various accounting departments of the universities, as they generally didn't appreciate the paperwork fallout expeditions generated.

Sometimes the obvious solution is the one we don't see. And other times it simply takes a while to properly grow into something worthy.

I'm quite glad you liked my little story here, and thank you for the comment.

Heh. :)

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