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Flint Sparks

Who let the dogs out?


After her sister and the crusaders have yet another accident, Applejack finds herself helping out with Town Hall repairs instead of celebrating the night before Hearts and Hooves Day with her family. Nothing but tough, hard, pointless work for the day. All while her family enjoys the festivities without her. Turns out she's not the only one missing out...

She already sees Mayor Mare on a regular basis, why not just invite her over?

Preread by The Albinocorn. He writes much better stories than me...

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Mayor Mare x Applejack?
Interesting :rainbowhuh:

Well I am intrigued. Will read later

If this doesn't make it to the box, I will flip shit.

Awww. Mayor Mare doesn't get enough love. (In more ways than one.)

Just a couple of minor nitpicks:

it was cold as Tartarus.

You're missing an [‌/i] here.

pretty starts illuminating

Probably should be "stars".

brushed my cat

Probably should be "coat".

as I oggled her

Probably should be "ogled".

Great! I am glad you released this. Hope you release the others too. Also, you appear to have a rogue open italic after the Mayor leaves the house.

3940492 Thanks, fixed most of that. The cat was actually a throwaway joke. :rainbowlaugh:

3940512 Thanks, didn't realize... yeah. :twilightoops:

You're like the king of shipping buddy:ajsmug:

Edit: You have been writing in first-person in your recent stories. Why is that?

3940588 Experimenting with different tenses and POVs, I guess. :applejackunsure: Stories haven't been doing too well outside of crack comedy, though.

Yeah it does seem to look like they enjoy your comedies more than your serious ones. Hey I loved this!

Don't feel sad, buddy. You're an amazing author and your stories brings smile to many faces on this site.

3940649 Bah. Whenever I try writing outside of "crack," my stories seem to lack any "oomph" to it. I think I need more conflict. :applejackunsure:

Well I'm there for you whenever you need me.

3940676 Yes, a shipfic. What else were you expecting? :rainbowkiss:

Mayor Mare the Cougar..this...this is new. I liked it..

You do realize that the Mayor's mane is pink but coated with grey dye right?

What an amazing twist :rainbowkiss: this was truly original, I wouldn't think of this story otherwise. (\ hoof bump to that. :yay:

Oh and by the way, happy Hearts and Hoofs Day, to all! :pinkiehappy:

I absolutely, positively, ewber, loved this story!!!!:heart::heart::heart:

This right here. Personally, I think the pacing was excellent. It felt very consistent, and relaxing to read. The parts where Mayor Mare and AJ are in the Apple family house are great, and I liked what you did with the humor there. Also, past tense first person! I've been thinking about what it was about your previous story that bothered me so, and I narrowed it down to issues with present tense. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I can see the thought you put into it, especially considering how little we know about Mayor Mare. You really pulled this one off Flint.

However, the reasoning for the relationship in the first place is flimsy at best, and it doesn't hold much weight. But hey, it's not that big of a deal and it could theoretically happen.

3942602 It is flimsy, and it's supposed to read that way. Adults, well, sleep together. :applejackunsure:

:rainbowlaugh: I'm glad you liked it, and I'm going to try a bit harder on the next story.

By the way, what is your next story?

I have a Rarity x Nurse Redheart, and I'm still working on that story with Rainbow Dash that's super important, along with an update sometime this month.

...I really need to write more stallions. :twilightoops:

Speaking of which, when do you want those edits on the first chapter?

I need super serious editing, as in story content. :twilightoops: As for normal editing? Not yet. I'm only halfway done and it looks like it's going to be a full novella. :pinkiesick:

Look on the bright side though! When you finish it, it will be your longest story, (Not counting that story) and, hopefully, your best one. It's tough, but I know you can do it.


(Not counting that story)

We don't talk about that here.
And yes, I want it to be the one story I can always feel proud of! :rainbowkiss: It's a lot of work though... :pinkiesick:

Sounds like it. But hey, like you said, it's something to look back on. Good luck to you Flint, and may the great lizard of ideas spray his steamy cream of inspiration upon you. :rainbowwild:

This is a great story. I've never seen this ship before, but it is now on the list of best ships!

If I was egotistical enough to have a library group, this story would be there. Right next to the blackjack and the hookers.:raritywink:

*Laughs and applauds* Bravo.

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