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I've roasted a wealth of exotic things, All torn to ribbons at the hands of kings. Polished copper how I proudly shone, stealin' the fire of the blazing sun.


Sunset Shimmer had a tradition. It was one of those she made up herself, and she was looking forward to it. What she didn't expect was to not be alone at the school on the night of Heart's Warming Eve.

From one of the offices, a light still shines...

A gift for Posh (go check out his stories) for a Secret Santa.

Editing courtesy of Mr.Numbers (check his stories too) and Cherry Bell. I'm grateful to both of them.

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Solid characterization across the board with really fun dialogue and interactions. My only criticism is that the story feels a little unfocused even for Slice of Life.

Ah, I loved this lol.

Hmmm, I see what you mean. It's quite possible I didn't manage to properly express some of the things I tried to put in there.

Thank you for reading the story and for commenting, though. I really appreciate it.


I'm very happy you liked it!

I’m surprised there isn’t a cult dedicated explicitly to the cookies.

Who said there isn't one? I mean, I expect at least a schism about it.

Almost every house around the school is occupied by an alphabet soup agency, ancient mystical order, or cult dedicated to the sun, the moon, the stars or some variation of that.

"One has representation from all three. And it's a childless married couple!"

In any case, I quite like this future. Especially Cheerilee's role. Every unicorn could use an earth pony or two to keep her grounded. Thank you for this.

There's definitely a splinter devoted to Pinkie Pie. Human Pinkie may even be a member.


There's definitely a splinter devoted to Pinkie Pie. Human Pinkie may even be a member.

Does that make her a gnostic?

Anyway, glad you liked it, and thank you for the comment:pinkiehappy:

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