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How did I get here? Oh wait... Now I remember... Ponies. Amature artist and wannabe writer. Guess I had to start somewhere...

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This story is a sequel to A Delicious Victory

The Dazzlings won.

Shortly after their victory over the Rainbooms, the sirens began their takeover of the world by infecting everyone with their song. In only a few short days, countries fell to the disharmony and chaos wroth on by the enchanting voices of the sirens.

Now, two weeks later, only a handful pockets of human resistance remain. The sirens are unchallenged as their might has grown along with their song.

But hope remains...

In the realm of Equestria, Twilight searches for a way to re-enter the Human World and set things right.

Somewhere in Canterlot City, a resistance movement is slowly being formed.

And within the sirens themselves, the trapped Rainbooms and Sunset Shimmer patiently wait for the moment to escape...

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In the climatic finale of the Battle of the Bands, the Rainbooms battle the Dazzlings.

...And fail.

Beaten and broken, the Rainbooms are unable to stop the Dazzlings from achieving their victory and regaining their true siren forms. Now the sirens are back to claim the Human World as their own and become its new rulers.
However, before that can be done, their first order of business is to dispose of their enemies in the one delicious way they know how.

Can Twilight, Sunset and the Rainbooms escape? Or will they all become the Dazzling's sacrifical meal?

NOTE: This is a VORE fic. So if you're squeamish, not into vore or simply don't like it, then don't read this at all.

There's no gore or fatality present.

Chapters (1)

About to enjoy herself with a muffin, the peace is shattered as Derpy and several ponies notice a hole suddenly appearing in the sky above Ponyville. With no idea of what's going on, they watch as something seems to be happening beyond the hole.

Just then, something begins to fall...

Takes place during the final act of Equestria Girls: Friendship Games.

Chapters (1)

Queen Chrysalis successfully infiltrates Twilight's castle in an attempt to find a way to defeat her enemies once and for all. During her search, she comes across a mirror with magical propeties. A mirror that leads to a world with no magic.

Join Chrysalis as she invades the unsuspecting world of the Equestria Girls. Will she succeed in her goals and achieve the perfect world she dreams of? Will the inhabitants realize the danger before it's too late?

WARNING! This story will be dark as we follow a competent Chrysalis on her journey to bring a non-pony world to its knees and feed on the love within. There will be no visible blood or extreme gore, but don't expect any happy moments.

Chapters (8)

Forefront is a Royal Guard in the proud service of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. A guard who trained and studied hard to become what he is.

Then one day, his eyes are opened. On one fateful day, he comes to realize that despite all the hard training and all the studies, he failed.

They failed.

Are the Royal Guards, the proud protectors of Canterlot and the Kingdom of Equestria, destined to fail..?

Chapters (6)

McGutterpants, having simply had enough of war with cats, robots, zombies and yetis, comes up with a brilliant idea on how to finally end the global conflict on Earth.

Alien intervention!

Building a portal in his secret military installation, he hopes to find a race who's love for peace and friendship will finally relieve him the head-aches of war . He may get more than he bargained for...

Not to be taken too seriously! This is a short and crazy story based on the game Risk: Factions :rainbowwild:

Risk: Factions © Electronic Arts & Hasbro
Screenshot based on original image and alterered version used with permission by BBBHuey (me).

Chapters (1)

Ever since the Magic Duel, Trixie has tried to leave her past and jealousy behind her. That all sadly changed when her once great rival, Twilight Sparkle, ascended into that of an alicorn princess. Driven by sadness, anger and more jealousy, Trixie vows to change everything and claim what she believes to by rightfully hers.

Breaking into the Canterlot Archives one night, Trixie searches for the one spell that can change her and Twilight's destiny. After careful planning, she has decided to change their future by traveling back in time to the one point where Twilight's destiny changed from a humble Student to an Element of Magic.

The night before the Summer Sun Celebration... The night Nightmare Moon returned!

Little does Trixie know, that messing with time can have serious consequences...

This is a One-Shot and sort of a prologue to a story I've been wanting to write for a while.

Chapters (1)

A young human called Alex is transported to Equestria without knowing how or why. After being discovered by Twilight Sparkle and her assistant Spike in the Everfree Forest, Alex soon learns that he is a very special case.
He now finds himself running for his life as everypony is out to get him.

Will Alex escape this ponified nightmare, or will he find himself as a prized catch?

This story was inspired by 'We will Catch You if we Can' by proto-alpha.

Chapters (27)
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