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How did I get here? Oh wait... Now I remember... Ponies. Amature artist and wannabe writer. Guess I had to start somewhere...


Ever since the Magic Duel, Trixie has tried to leave her past and jealousy behind her. That all sadly changed when her once great rival, Twilight Sparkle, ascended into that of an alicorn princess. Driven by sadness, anger and more jealousy, Trixie vows to change everything and claim what she believes to by rightfully hers.

Breaking into the Canterlot Archives one night, Trixie searches for the one spell that can change her and Twilight's destiny. After careful planning, she has decided to change their future by traveling back in time to the one point where Twilight's destiny changed from a humble Student to an Element of Magic.

The night before the Summer Sun Celebration... The night Nightmare Moon returned!

Little does Trixie know, that messing with time can have serious consequences...

This is a One-Shot and sort of a prologue to a story I've been wanting to write for a while.

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Comments ( 14 )

Intriguing premise, promising lots of potential. I'd read more.

Why can't trixie ever be the hero.

Oh and You can add this to the great and to obsessive trixie's evil trixie folder but only that one for more views.

5205061 I'll try and make more :twilightsmile:

5205304 She may still become one. This story is only just beginning...

Damnit Trixie:trixieshiftright:

But seriously, I like this idea. Though I wonder what happened to the mane six?

5205675 I have some ideas about what happened to them. But I won't tell. Not yet anyway... :raritywink:

there is a problem with the premise of this fic, the starswirl the bearded time travel spell can only produce a stable time loop according to the show,hence why Twilight only went back in time to tell herself to not worry which made her worry which set off the chain of events which caused her to go back in time in the first place.

5526875 True, but I like to think it can go both ways. Makes things a bit more interesting :trixieshiftright:

By yet you mean never right? Seeing as how the story is marked complete.

5584068 That's because it's the only page so far and it was sort of meant to be a One-Shot for only a short while.

I may change the title and I'm also going to include a cover art for it.

5205304 I agree. I'm a sucker for redemption stories.

...oh boy.

Well fuck:facehoof:

5205304 actually there are some stories where she is a hero example one story she saves Twilight Sparkle's life after she got sick with a nasty disease that would have cost her life due to a high fever there's also another one where she helps Twilight stop an ancient threat when a villain opens up a forbidden Vault full of dark artifacts that would corrupt any person who uses them there's also one where she becomes an alicorn after saving Twilight after she was corrupted by dark magic this was of course after she attempted to swear off all magic and ended up becoming magic resistant to the point that she would absorb any magic even dark magic this of course would disappear all you have to look up his stories that involve Twilight and Trixie and you will find the stories that I have mentioned also the stories that I mention are completed

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