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Starlight Glimmer is the one TRUE princess.


Time is running short before Equestria consumes the earth and wipes out man kind. Storm has been a denier for years and when the time finally came, he refused to convert unless he could take his cat with him to Equestria.

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Upvoted purely for cat love.


You're a cat person too I take it? I would have used an image of my miniature panther but I thought that might bring about bad luck to her. Yes I know it sounds silly and weird but when it comes to her, I am very superstitious.

Its not the worst story I read and I can appreciate the love behind ir


I wanted to add a touch of myself into it. I would wind up being the same way with my cat.

Same.... Cats are love. Cats are life. :heart: :pinkiehappy:

Hmm... The fact that the Equestrians couldn’t stop the barrier with their magic is rather concerning from a reader’s point of view, but in the story, everything makes sense. Seems like it’s a more wholesome version of the general TCB plotline.

Now, if only I could take all my dogs with me...


Well I wanted the guy's cat to be equally as important as everything else in the story. To be honest, I wrote Storm to be a lot like me because I'd be the same way with my cat. I basically wanted this to be a story that all people who love their pets could relate with.

Yes they are!

I would be the same. All of my family and our three cats would be coming with me.
Yes! Cat lovers unite!
Is that not your panther then? If it isn't, use your panther. Black cats aren't bad luck, they're good luck. The rumours were spread that black cats are bad luck because the people who had them wanted the lucky cats all to themselves.


That isn't my miniature panther. I did not use her image because I am superstitious about sharing her picture on here. I don't know why, I just am.

That's ok. I just would have LOVED to see your panther.


Alright, I changed it to my miniature panther, her name is Mystique and she is currently 18 years old.

Heart. Just. Melted. THANK YOU!!!


You're welcome. She is a true sweet heart.

Good kitty luck coming your way.

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