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Starlight Glimmer winds up having the craziest dream one night, a dream involving an argument over who Starlight's biggest fan loves the most among multiple ponies.

Story includes those tagged along with Fluttershy and Minuette. A G4/G5 crossover.

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So odd and yet I love it.


This was inspired by another story where Izzy and Sunny show up in Twilight's dream and wreak havoc, starting to take everypony out but I wanted this one to be more comical than dramatic. I chose the four mares I did since they show up most prominently in my works.

I think I'll do something similar.


Sounds like a plan. I'm working on another story with those two but it won't be them causing problems in a dream, it will be them in what I know about the G5 world in a situation I have written plenty of, anthro lesbians.

who Starlight's biggest fan loves the most among multiple ponies.

I am sorry, but that line confuses me. What did you mean by that?


Starlight's biggest fan is me and they are arguing about who I love the most. I just thought of something hilarious, a multiple way crossover, MLP: FiM, G5 and Pony Life! Potion Nova could come up with some freaky potion that would turn Izzy and Sunny into G4 ponies!

I shall give this a read.

I hope you like it.

SLZ #9 · Mar 6th, 2021 · · ·

A story where Luna conquers the storm.

bit early for this kinda fic isn't it, we dont even know what the new G5 cast be like really yet, other then one teaser and some creepy bedsheets, who to know if we love or hate em, the sentiment nice at least :rainbowwild:


Well this is kind of Luna's thing.

I'm not the only one with stories involving these two.

Oh man, did some juicy mayhem happen here!

Starlight flared her horn up in anger and yelled, "That is a lie! StormLuna loves me more than anypony else. Hey, he even wrote a fan fic about me going to the human world, seducing him, turning him into a pony and me taking him home with me."

I think you just out-fanned me for good when it comes to being the bigger Starlight fan. You win:rainbowlaugh:

The closest I come to that was when I was considering pairing my human OC with Starlight in my own series of HiE stories. Writing Starlight in a big sister role that she has to him was just too fun to change, so I shelved the idea.


Well I am a huge fan when it comes to Starlight and that did actually happen in a story. Yeah many probably think I'm weird as hell for actually having that happen but hey, I did.

Starlight snapped, "He wrote that because he loves me more, he wanted to portray you in the worst way possible."

Knowing you are the author I guess this is true.


Yeah pretty much.

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