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This story is a sequel to Episode 222 (S9 E26): A Difficult Decision

After Princess Twilight declined becoming the sole ruler of Equestria, her life returned to normal for the most part. It is while she is thinking about who gave her the advice to decline the role that her feelings come to the surface, feelings that she must make known.

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Heh :3 Good to see Silvy appear in this story as well. X3

A bit rushed but it's adorable.Sorry Sunburst you were too late, don't worry I think Trixie is available.

Edit: Did I say something offensive? I didn't mean to, and I'm sorry if I did.

I have some advice for you, write a special version of this, a special M rated one where Silverstream catches them doing something that would require an M rating!...something like horn sex or maybe 69 right on Starlight's desk!


I figured that Silverstream would be the funnest one to include in this. Gallus would not be impressed, Yona would think (head mare and guidance counselor ponies are nasty), Smolder would probably laugh about it, Ocellus would probably be like WTF and Sandbar?....he would likely be fascinated by it.

Thanks, I might do an M rated special, one that would include sexy times on Starlight's desk.....and still have Silverstream catch them.....and her reaction will be priceless!


You know, I might just do that.

Silverstream understood why the two wouldn't want anyone else knowing but did give some advice, "I'm sure your friends will find out but I do have some advice. You might not want to do this at the school or at least lock the door!"

Sound advice, Sliverstream. She even had the awareness to not suggest for Twilight and Starlight to go home. If they did, they would have risked Spike walking in on them.


Yep, Silverstream was thinking about that too. If I do the M version, I'll have her comment, "You two need to get a room."

The Last Problem was episode 26 and this is episode 27. I'm so happy that this is a continuing story.

In my alternate universe episode 26 was actually "A Difficult Decision" where Twilight declined becoming the ruler of Equestria....she took Starlight's advice to go with her heart.

I'm thinking of starting a season 10 that starts out in this universe, one in which Starlight and Twilight are marefriends and are co-Head Mares, running the school together. Because of their dynamic, I am thinking of having Sunburst come in to be "Vice Head-Stallion" (or maybe Discord to make it fun) and Trixie being the guidance counselor because face it, Starlight and Twilight will have days where they will be "busy." And part of my plan is for Starlight and Twilight to share the same office given they will be working so close together.


Well it is one of my favorites. StarXie is my fave but this is a close second and with their powerful magic, it has so many more possibilities.

Ayo wassup with twilights hair? Other wise nice story 😭


That is just the image I used for this, I thought it would be perfect.

Oh you mad sus my guy


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