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Licensed Real Estate Agent & Notary Public. I also really love magical girls.


The Great and Powerful Trixie is the greatest magician in the world and she will go anywhere and overcome anything to show it! Her desire to learn new magic to better herself, her show, and rub in Twilight's face that she knows magic she doesn't, will take her to lands nearly unknown to Equestria. But just what kinds of strange creatures and dangerous things exist out here for her to conquer and prove herself to?

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This is very well done, nice use of a mythical creature we really haven't seen yet. And I really like Trixie's Dorothy-like entrance at the end!

I'll give this a read since the Starlight Glimmer story was real good

I love a story with a great comedic hero. Seeing those four beings, facing off against an unstoppable evil, pushed right to the brink, then being saved in the most ridiculous way possible... I approve.

Waiting for the next chapter, when the village erects a statue of Trixie in the town square and the old ponies speak with awe about the savior who fell screaming for her life out of the sky.

Heh, nice mood whiplash. This is going on my tracking list.

Yeah it hasn't been used in the show, and unless they tone it down a lot they probably wont since the Nuckelavee is a pretty gruesome creature. I had to tone its appearance down a bit in this chapter too since this is still an E-rated story. And I'm still surprised by how I've only seen like one or two other fanfics have a Nuckelavee in them, you'd think there would be more since it's at least horse related.

And funny you say that since I honestly wasn't thinking about Dorothy at all when I was writing this but at the same time I have to admit that The Wizard of Oz and Return to Oz are two huge influences of mine. Maybe it just slipped in subconsciously.

Calling it right now: Harlequin Black is Discord in disguise.

I'm digging how Trixie stays in character as the braggart, but she does have a conscience. I also like how the outsiders are more wary of Trixie than the born-and-raised East Gladers.

Time to see more of the New Adventures of Trixie.

Lol, wonder what will happen when he finds out that Trixie actually knows Starlight Glimmer, and is her best friend lol

Not as funny as some other stories, but it has a great storyline.

Just to point out, it is demonstrated in the show that Trixie definitely knows a lot more spells than your average unicorn, not as much as Twilight and Starlight, definitely, but definitely more than your average unicorn. She has demonstrated the ability to summon a small storm cloud and strike a foe with lightning, as well as an adept level of telekinesis (kinds comes with her job as a showmare) and if anything, despite her boasting and ego, she is a fast learner, given the examples shown in the show. Also, while the Alicorn amulet was amping her magic, she did demonstrate she had quite a range of spells in her repritoire, not counting ones obviously granted by the magical boost of the Alicorn amulet, such as the age spell.

(Also that lightning strike did little damage mostly because her opponent was an Ursa minor, though agreeably it probably isn't too powerful either, but lightning is still lightning))

Yeah she's definitely above average and has a lot of potential but she's just not a teacher herself or anything (even though Starlight had her substitute at the school once I guess). She knows how to do a lot but her theatrics and impulsiveness can kind of hamper things at times too. Trixie's good but just not Twilight or Starlight good I guess is what I'm saying.

Yeah, just most people forget that her ego stems from the fact that she IS better than the average unicorn, even if she can't compete with Twilight and Starlight.

(Though in all fairness, Twilight and Starlight are kind of freaks of nature when it comes to magical ability, haha):derpytongue2:

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Coil is typical scientist/professor guy voice. Gizzard sounds old and rustic, with his voice a bit scratchy, he sounds like he's on the verge of coughing something up every time he speaks. Vector sounds like a generic background character. The most average sounding guy you could think of. And Daylight is grumpy Twilight except with a lower pitched voice, in my head I always pictured her as looking like a palette swap of unicorn Twilight in the first place.

Heh, I was wondering when the stolen box of fireworks would come into play.

reacted… unfairly to knew arrivals after that.” She shot an apologetic look to Coil and Daylight Gleam.

Small typo, new arrivals.
Also, Trixie, never change. The world need overconfident blowhards. If only as comedic relief.

So far the story is pretty fun to read, especially with all the weirdness happening. There does seem to be a pattern of crises being resolved by means of accidentally fireworks to the face - I'm hoping Trixie's other toolsmof trade will come into play maybe?


Is has been said before, but we tend to forget neither Twilight or Starlight represent the average unicorn. Most of them stick to levitation, glowing things, shooting weak beams and few other spells mostly related to their Marks.


Is Trixie going to Harry Houdini this?

Well, this is getting even more interesting.

“I climbed,” He held up one of his talons for emphasis. “You should have used a chain.”

Always love a good brick joke.

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