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Starlight knows she's not supposed to travel back in time. But when Starlight's been drinking she tends to forget things.

Now she and Spike are trapped in the past with no idea of how they got there or how to get back. Holding out hope that Twilight or someone else will rescue them they work hard to not cause any changes to the timeline. Or at least that's what they should be doing. Starlight Glimmer might have some other ideas.

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Alright. You have my attention. I always enjoy a good time travel story. Let's see how this one goes. :moustache:

speak glimmer starlight, save the applejack parents:pinkiesmile::pinkiecrazy:

Well then....This is certainly the beginning of something that is quickly going to snowball out of control. Especially when it comes to Starlight being involved in it.

Now, time for my random brand of insanity:

Starlight sputtered and blew on her mane in indignation. “Well I’d never do it in the right state of mind! So what happened?”

:pinkiegasp: She has a right state of mind?!?!?!?!

“Says you! I’m going to be in so much trouble for this.” Starlight sunk to the ground and buried her face into the dirt. “Twilight is going to be so mad at me! Why would I even time-travel anyways?!” Her face shot up and she looked at Spike, pointing at his chest. “Why didn’t you stop me?”

Spike scoffed at the unicorn in the process of undergoing a Twilight-style breakdown. “Stop you? How am I supposed to stop you from doing anything?”

Better ponies than you have tried to stop Starlight when she’s doing something stupid and insane. They’re currently in the Ponyville Mental Institution on a heavy Thorazine regiment.

“Ughhh!” Starlight fell over backwards again and cried out to the sky, or the top of the bush in this case. “Why did I have to do something so stupid again?!”

When DON’T you do something stupid.

A sudden thought occurred to Starlight as Spike mentioned messing up the past. “Messing up the past?” She said aloud to herself. “Hm, Spike, I think you just gave me a great idea.”

Oh hell. :facehoof: This has BAD IDEA written on it in glowing neon letters.

Well, I've always love me some Sparlight friendship shenanigans. And time travel!
Solid opening, friend. I look forward to what you'll do with this.

I always enjoy a good time travel story.

Can confirm. :raritywink:

Starlight and Spike have such a great dynamic, when I was thinking up the story I realized I had to include him.

It's kind of hypocritical, if you think about it. Changing the past is apparently ok when Twilight tries to do it, but it's wrong when done by somepony else.

Actually, judging on on fact Our Town was only a couple months old when Twilight arrived, Starlight is Most likely younger then the Mane 6.

This is great so far. I’ll be tracking this, thank you very much

Thank you!

I don't think we'll ever get a solid answer for how old the characters really are. And then stuff like EQG if you count that makes it even more confused.

Another interesting chapter. Not much more I can say about it, other than to add in my own insanity.

“I think it’s kind of interesting that we get to see how Ponyville was in the past, don’t you?” Starlight asked Spike as the two of them walked down the streets of their home.

:moustache: :You mean before the daily insanity begins, don’t ya?

“Being the guidance counselor for every creature at the school is stressful, I have to try and be perfect for them, but now I have the opportunity to have some fun and maybe do a lot of good in the process. It’s a win win.” She said. “I really don’t see how anything I want to do back here would make things worse.”

Oh boy, she just taunted Murphy in a BIG way. In fact, that was Starlight giving Murphy the middle finger (if she had hands, that is).

Aww... I was hoping they'd stick around for awhile.

And as I said in the previous chapter: Starlight, meet Murphy. THIS is what happens when you taunt him.

Well it’s still not the worst thing that could’ve happened.

“Okay, you can keep telling yourself that and I’ll keep telling myself that Twilight has nothing to be angry at me for and we can both sleep easy tonight.” Spike folded his arms over his chest and looked away.

It was your idea to use the candle so it’s as much your fault as it is her’s.

Must have more. Just out of curiosity, will you be shipping Starlight and Spike in this story?

Daily updates for the first 7 chapters, after that it'll turn to about every other day or maybe one or two in a row with a possible longer break or two. And no, Spike and Starlight are cute but I like them better as friends and I've never really had much of an interest in writing romance in general. Maybe one day but this fic definitely isn't going to have shipping of any sort.

“Just a little someplace special, I already told you I knew about the caves around here thanks to Maud. Now we’re gonna go see her future home too.” Starlight replied.

“I hope it’s a little more fireproof than Twilight’s.” Spike snarked at her.

Starlight shot him back a glare. “It is .”

Said just before a huge lightning bolt comes down and completely causes the cave to collapse in on itself.

Starlight desperately looked over at the entrance she had made in the chamber only to see to her despair a series of cracks spider-webbing from around the edges and quickly going up the walls. The glowing crystals and gems in the ceiling were similarly cracking and the light emanating from them was blinking weaker and weaker. All around the two of them bits of rock and dust started falling and the formerly calm waterfall began spilling out like a raging torrent.

Before reading: oh boy, this can’t end well

After reading: that went a lot better than I thought. Either way, something bad’s gonna happen

I wonder what would happen if someone cut the entire forest down…

“Meh.” The pony shrugged.

I agree.

Nothing really to say about this chapter, other than my usual brand of insanity.

Starlight ignored him though and kept walking through the forest. “I’m kind of surprised we haven’t come across any horrible beasts yet though. Do they only show up when you don’t want them to?”

“Maybe they can just sense the crazy unicorn and are smart enough to stay away from her.”

Man, Starlight keeps going more and more out of character. I think you might be confusing her with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie,

I'm definitely taking some liberties for the sake of comedy. But Starlight is very stressed right now and is trying to have a fun "vacation".

A story with Starlight Glimmer shenanigans?

Yes, please!

Assuming what I think changed changed, starlight would’ve been better off trying to do that (specifically for Twilight) instead of trying to stop the Rainboom in the season 5 finale. Either way, nice job.

“Oh come on, we both know the only thing that would happen if I tried bucking trees would be getting a broken hoof or two.” Starlight said, wagging a hoof around for emphasis. “I’m not made for this kind of stuff. And there’s still plenty of other work around here I can help with.”

Actually, Starlight has been shown to be pretty good at apple bucking.

Oh that was in Uncommon Bond right? When she was showing Sunburst around. :twilightsheepish:

Yeah, she also did it in The Cutie Re-mark.

This can only end poorly

There is no way that this can possibly go wrong. :pinkiecrazy:

I don't know what is worse, the idea of Sunset's future being influenced or Starlight herself being influenced by the pre-reform Sunset...

Remember my comment on the last chapter? Pretty much the same thing again.

“Hopefully your friends in the future can find and rescue you soon, in the meantime just ask and I’ll provide you with whatever you need.” Celestia smiled pleasantly at them before a sudden thought seemed to strike her. “I’ll have somepony find a room for you shortly but for now would you like to meet somepony important? My current student, Sunset Shimmer, hasn’t been getting along very well with other ponies. And if you’re going to be staying here I feel like it’s a great opportunity for her to actually make some friends. You two seem perfect for drawing a pony out of their shell. It would go a long way towards gaining my trust as well.”

Me: Yeah, I wonder how much this meeting is going to get screwed up by Starlight?

Edit: Too many names that sound close to each other. Put Sunset, but meant Starlight. Fixed now.

So that’s what her name is. Both Starlight and Spike thought at once, never having known this before.

You know, that latter portion is superfluous. It's obvious enough that they didn't know it before, and it messes with the flow of an otherwise fun line. In general there are a few moments where you explain things more than necessary, but that's just me being a finicky little bitch.
I liked this chapter. It addresses some good points and sets up the future shenanigans. Fun all around, and I can't wait to keep reading.

Yeah, I think you're right and I ended up changing it.

Honestly, I find this chapter to be somewhat cute.

Yeah Starlight’s right to try and knock Sunset down a peg.


Dammit, Starlight!


I can’t see ANYTHING going WRONG with this approach.

Yeah. You definitely got Starlight really out of character. Shes barely recognizable. Considering Starlight is one of the most respectable ponies in the show. This is just Rainbow Dash in a Starlight costume.

This is getting interesting. Can’t wait for more. However I must ask: How long is the story gonna be?

Not especially long. 30 something chapters.

“Starlight, this is kidnapping.”

Moving someone from one part of a building to another isn’t kidnapping, Spike.

Umm...dat’s pretty long, bruh

Well in terms of word count then it's probably going to end up somewhere around 75,000?

There are essentially two parts to the story, the Adventure and Twilight Sparkle tags are up there for that.

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