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This story is a sequel to Applejack Gets Lost

When the Cutie Map summons Applejack to solve a friendship problem that’s literally off the edge of the map, she hopes it’s just a prank by Discord. Inevitably though, Applejack must travel further than she’s ever traveled before—straight into the unknown and braving everything that comes with it. After all, if ponies are in need, Applejack will never let them down.

At least it’s much better than being lost without any apples around.

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The eternal night of Nightmare Moon’s reign is a harsh and unforgiving time, and growing food during it proves to be a most difficult affair. When famine hits, Applejack believes she has a good idea on how to fix the problem.

Now with a reading by Skijarama - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX1J0EIWPA8

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This story is a sequel to Rainbow Dash's Unstoppable Ego

Rainbow Dash’s journey to be the first pony to ever fly all the way around the world is only beginning. Now on the other side of the world she faces all new trials as she crosses mountains, forests, deserts, oceans and more. Old enemies still chase her, new enemies will be made, but new friendships will be forged as well. As long as she believes in herself and keeps her friends in her heart, no monster, ancient demon, griffon pirate, evil pony, or anything else can break her determination and her desire for an awesome adventure.

Updates daily. Art provided by ZettaiDullahan.

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This story is a sequel to First Date For Realsies

For their second real date, Sour Sweet has decided that she and Applejack should go to Canterlot's local water park. Fun in the sun, fun on the water slides, and it'll be just the two of them without Applejack's friends or Sour Sweet's knowing about the date. At least that was the plan, Sour Sweet's Crystal Prep friends may have gotten a different idea.

Sex tag is for discussions of a sexual nature and mild risqueness. No actual sex is involved.

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This story is a sequel to Blind Date

Two girls not used to romance and not even all that familiar with each other yet get together for their first real date with each other after hitting it off on the blind date that set them up in the first place. Of course it will go perfectly and of course Applejack's friends wont spy on her and her new girlfriend. After all, there's nothing caustic about Sour Sweet's personality that could cause problems between the two of them.

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When Sunset and her friends see two identical people, "Twins" is not the first thing that comes to mind for the seven of them. That suspicion is well-founded when they learn about the new business ran by two rather disreputable men they're familiar with that just popped up.

Unrestricted travel between dimensions by people and ponies who are probably totally unprepared for it? This can't possibly be okay.

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One seemingly beautiful morning, Angel Bunny disappears down a rabbit hole and Fluttershy goes diving in after him.

In the strange, subterranean world that she discovers, Fluttershy will journey through wondrous caves and crystal formations. She will discover all sorts of strange and unknown things, from an upside-down lake and sky, to singing mushrooms, living flowers, an age-old war between snails and slugs, a city of moles and more in this lost world unknown to the ponies of Equestria above.

Despite her fear of the unknown (and many other things), Fluttershy is willing to go through it all as long as it means making sure Angel is safe and sound.

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Bored at the recent lack of adventure in her life, Rainbow Dash goes flying off to find some.

Now the cold north far beyond the borders of Equestria and everything it holds awaits her. Ancient societies unknown to Equestria, monsters, heroes and villains alike, excitement, conflict, danger, glory, Rainbow Dash seeks out all of these to find herself the greatest adventure of her life. A pegasus with greater determination and willpower than any other, she’ll never back down no matter what she faces.

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