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This story is a sequel to Starlight Glimmer Makes Many Mistakes

After her eventful vacation and all the good deeds she had done on it, Starlight was preparing to take over at the School of Friendship as Twilight got ready to ascend to the throne of Equestria. However, a few odd events suddenly began to take place around Ponyville. And according to Discord these events could be foretelling the doom of not just their world, but every world everywhere.

And it just so happens that a certain unicorn may or may not be totally to blame for all of it. Like usual, the world isn’t going to save itself, it’s up to Starlight, Spike and Discord to travel through reality and fix their (aka Starlight’s) mistakes.

Let’s hope there aren't any evil monsters lurking in the shadows.

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The Glimmening begins.

Reality breaking apart is very much not good.

Oh boy
Hey Tempora? Get on standby?

This is very bad. This situation reminds me strongly of series of Doctor Who when time was literally running out.

Starlight hugged her back. “I promise I won’t treat this like another vacation. If this is all really my fault then I’ll fix it.”

“It’s definitely your fault,” Discord said.

Pffft.:rainbowlaugh: Glowing words of support there.

“And I’m not thrilled that I have to stay here while you guys get to go and have a bunch of fun saving the world!” Rainbow Dash pouted.

You already had your big dang world saving adventure, rainbow horse.:ajbemused:

Starlight took the bag and opened it up, finding it filled with faintly green crystals. “Your Suggestion Crystals? But why? And don’t you need them for your next few shows?”

Oooooh. I remember those. Now those are going to come in handy.

“Thank you, first off all though, I need to slip into something a little more suitable for the occasion,” Discord said.

“What do you mean?” Twilight asked.

Discord smirked and snapped his fingers, a bright flash coming from his body as it shrunk and twisted down until he was the size of a pencil.

Not gonna lie, I half expected him to dress up like Doc Brown or something. Maybe The Doctor.

“Okay, let’s do this,” Starlight reached out her hoof to him and Spike took it in his hand. Together the two of them gave one last look to their friends, one last smile and wave, and hopped through the portal.

Time to go save spacetime!:rainbowdetermined2:

I wonder if Twilight has already informed Sunset the glowing cracks must be appearing in her world too. Also touching those cracks is a bad idea since then you'll never have existed at all.

At the very least this is a positive change for this world.

Morgan Freeman voice: "In fact, everything was NOT done here."

Well, I guess that's a change in a positive direction, but that definitely wasn't it.

but it wasn’t the first time they’d had000 to travel

Odd place for a bunch of zeroes.:rainbowhuh:

“Be more positive, Spike,” Starlight smiled.

“After last time? No,” Spike shook his head.

Your honesty is refreshing, Spike.:rainbowlaugh:

Things certainly aren't good in Canterlot but first we'll have to see what exactly is going on.

Definitely not the regular Canterlot anymore.:twilightoops:
Hope Starlight's previous interaction with Iron Will pays off.

That frantic wake-up call, lmao.:rainbowlaugh:

Tempest is ging to learn the hard way that her methods didn't work. Well as hard as Twilight is willing to be which isn't very.

1) Lack of magic in Equestria - not good.
2) Bag o' stuff including Discord missing - also not good.

“Harlequin Rainbow, pleased to meet you,”


this cliffhanger is concering

...Did he or didn't he?...:rainbowderp:

Also, a well-executed friendship lesson, Starlight. Twilight would be proud.

And the everyone died. The End.

Discord is good at not making any sense. He is indeed practically the only being powerfull enough to cause those changes.

Huh...well that was a rather unexpected, but welcome, outcome.
Kinda disappointed that the Discords didn't get a chance to be chummy with each other. That probably would have been a laugh. Maybe some other time.

I can only imagine that her refers to the extra crazy Starlight who had managed to take over the world in the previous story. I can imagine Starlight and Spike not being happy to go there again.

It wasn't exactly a fun time, yeah, but she's being a bit hard on herself there.:applejackunsure: That's pretty sad.

Such a a form of self torment can't be therapeutic. Maybe that's what they need to fix.

I really like your stories, here is an idea for a new fanfic if you are interested, since you handle this one about time travel or alternate realities, which seems like one in which an evil starlight brings together evil versions of the 6 main ones.

Sure hope Starlight's doing the right thing and not accidentally disrupting spacetime by bringing Empress along.:unsuresweetie:

Hopefully bringing along the other Starlight isn't going to cause problems. It does seem like the other Starlight is running away from her problems since going to another world really doesn't help her situation.

Starlight's handling of Sunset Shimmer by dumping her in EQG world was never a good idea. I'm sure Spike will give her an earfull about that.

Discord merely had an amused grin on his face as he listened. “Well congratulations Starlight—you’re a mother.”


“Oh wow, it’s me if I never got over that phase,” Starlight and Former Empress Starlight said together.


So, that's how the Harlequins came to be. At least they're not all bad, but this Rainbow one is an anomaly. At least he seems to be nice? Also, I'm wondering about White. Unless I'm mistaken he's still hanging around somewhere in the world, borderline nuts after Grey bit the dust. He's a dangerous one...

Man, who would've ever thought Celestia would turn into such a neurotic mess. Sunset getting booted into the next world did a number on her.

Sunset has indeed every right to be angry and Spike's blutness is helping since he doesn't let Starlight avoid responsibility.

Well, Starlight, you reap what you sow...

nooo shimmy, smoking is bad

Sunset has more of a point than Moonlight and she has actually bothered to inform others about her plans.

Egads, the fourth wall!

Well, the party's somehow gotten even bigger. Really hope this doesn't destabilize anything.

This is definitely going to be a difficult one to solve.

...Perhaps it was a good thing that Sunset came along in this case?

That's not good it seems this Harlequin thinks it necessary to increase the difficulty.

Huh...wha-...damn, so much for this new Harlequin being completely on the straight-and-narrow.:applejackunsure:
Yep, definitely a good thing that Sunset came along. At least the queen was easy to deal with.:ajsmug:

“We are, just a second though,” Starlight said and grabbed a half-empty bottle of wine off a nearby table with her magic.

Spike frowned at her. “Hey, you’re not-”

“No, Spike, I’m not,” Starlight rolled her eyes. “Just preparing for something...”


Oh dear. Not fun times when the party gets split.:twilightoops:

I wonder what the Harlequin did and if it chose this this world.

Suddenly: bag-o'-boom.

At least Sunset and Spike were fortunate enough to run into Flash Sentry. And that he doesn't care.

I'm getting the feeling that extended time with Moonlight will turn out to be very beneficial in resolving Glimmer's issues.

Those exploding crystals were a nice distraction. Lightning Dust will probably get the short end of the stcik when harmony is finally restored.
Also the butterfly of doom must have been working overtime to get this outcome.

This world is fixed at least but I guess that Harlequin Rainbow is going to cause more trouble when they leave for the next world.

Glimmer and Moonlight quickly calmed back down and flatly glanced at each other with annoyed expressions on their faces.


The dungeon hallway shook from the blast that had occurred above it and the three in front of the door looked around in surprise as dust fell from the ceiling and the torches flickered.

“W-What was that?” Flash Sentry asked.

Sunset and Spike merely glanced at each other. “Starlight.”


That was fairly easily fixed, and the three interdimensional tag-alongs are definitely taking a more active role in helping out. Good for all them.

Y'know I was worried if that was going to take a turn for the worse there. That would've been sad. Good for them that they just got to have a happy trip for once.

Now, about that Harlequin...

At least this time nothing went wrong. There aren't many timelines left to cover since they've returned to Ponyville by now. It's possible that they have to deal with the Harlequin before everything is finished though.

Starlight is really bad at not tempting fate. Also it;s not surprising that Pinkie figured out exactly who they were.

Ah yes, that time when Starlight accidentally the library tree. Yeahhhhhh, good times.:twilightsheepish:
Time to work around that and make friendships a little better.

At least the last world has been finished. I wonder what will happen now since I doubt everything will be as simple as they expect given the Harlequin that's around.

Still the Harlequin matter left to be resolved. Either here, as they arrive back home, or someplace in between.

Dude was playing the long game...and they all got played.:twilightoops:

“The Harlequin?” Twilight asked in confusion, while quite a few others in the room bristled at the word,

Oh yeah, definitely a familiar term for some.

I guess that the ponies from the other timelines will be needed to fix this. Other than having enough patience for this the Harlequin isn't very original which will hinder him.

Yeah I was also expecting something sinister to happen with the Scrabble board. Like sinister words bringing stuff into existence or something.

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