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Fixation on death aside, this is lovely —Soge, accidentally describing my entire life


When Starlight compressed all of time into a single moment, her friends became the Deities that control the multiverse.

A collection of mostly Starlight-centered super short stories set in that multiverse.

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Its been quite a while since I’ve read something this good.

This is true gold.

On second thought, perhaps platinum is better?

Because I wanted to ponder reality before I clock in for work at 7am.

No, but seriously, this is amazing.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I just don't get this one. What is this about, and what deiety is who according to chapter.

Yeah, this is a bit of an experimental story collection. Each of the Mane characters is a Deity of some fundamental part of existence. I wrote the first one about Rarity and then wrote short stories for other characters set in that multiverse. Each story is mostly standalone.

The Beautiful Deity — Rarity — Space
The Peaceful Deity — Discord — Harmony
The Forgiving Deity — Sunset Shimmer — Soul
The Empathetic Deity — Spike — Death
The Determined Deity — Applejack — Matter
The Chaotic Deity — Fluttershy — Chaos
The Omniscient Deity — Twilight — Knowledge
The Happy Deity — Pinkie Pie — Life
The Final Deity — Rainbow Dash — Hope

And Starlight as Time is scattered throughout.

An exquisite biography of the multiverse and its caretakers, from start to finish, if not necessarily always in that order.

Seriously, thank you for it. This was great stuff. (And I may be a touch biased when it comes to Mane Six alicorn pantheon stories, especially when they incorporate Sunset.)

Pretty cool, maybe an adventerous squeal could go along with it. But who will protect Equestria?

Oops, that's a typo. Fixed.

Holy smokes.

This is goddamn fantastic.

"If you wanna bake an apple pie from scratch, you just gotta make yerself a universe first."

You cheeky monkey.

Applejack stared into the void. And then promptly punched it in the face.

That would be an excellent line in many stories. A good way to start. A good way to end. It's just good.
Though that last line is pretty good, too. Very appropriate coming from Applejack.

It is a nice twist. And would explain a number of his quirks.

This was a fascinating read. I enjoyed the part and interaction of each Deity. I do find the beginning a little confusing. Did Starlight 'see' all this when she looked at her compressed day? Or did this come after? That's all that confused me. Once they made their selections, it makes sense.

He looked down at my hands... err... claws?

He shook my head.

He shut myself off from the inside and rested for a few more moments.

He felt myself change again.

The wings disappeared, a single horn appearing in the middle of my head.

"Unicorn it is then!" said the Deity, and a horn flashed onto my head.

Are these shifts between first and third person intentional? :twilightsmile:

I was gonna skip this and go read Entropy instead, but then I saw that this was a Chinchillax's story and that changed my mind.


Leave it to Rarity to explain the most ultra-cosmic of things in the most casual fashion. :raritywink:

A bit ironic considering that she is kinda known for being a drama queen.





Well. This was unexpected. :rainbowderp:

This was good. I liked it. Not much else to say, except that maybe we could get a better explanation of the end there? Because to me, it sounds like multiverses are eggs, and the deities are chickens. Would be really glad if someone could just point me in the right direction of understanding.

It doesn't really feel like Fluttershy to me. Not like Applejack was so very Applejack. Every character but Fluttershy and Discord has felt so very on-the-money...

Kinda figured it was him around the time he became a unicorn. Neat!

A fascinating read. I didn't much like the Fluttershy or Spike chapters, but the rest was good. The final chapter was my favorite.

I didn't realized it was Sunset Shimmer until she said "my past is not today".

Well, the roles that they take on seem to shape their personalities in some way. And Discord and Fluttershy, when you really look at it, each took a role that is the opposite of their canon personality. Fluttershy is Discord and Discord is Fluttershy, after a fashion.

Being a deity is weird.

This looks fun!

Me likey. Look forward to seeing the other deitifications.

But Discord was already the god of chaos. Whose filling that job now?

WHY did Discord want to ruin Sunset's day?

Outstanding story. Too bad the nature of the story means they're inevitably short stories.

AppleJack was told to take a break, but I didn't see Rarity slow down in expanding space to make things easier on Rainbow Dash.

...Is like she wants Rainbow to fail to protect the whole multiverse so that her precious space can do something more interesting than just expanding like she commented at the beginning.

So that's it? An open to interpretation ending?

I kinda feel Kodo deserves better than that after having such an epic existence.

Although it's a little harder to trust the narrative when it contradicts itself on how much time exactly Kodo experienced in time loop, the numbers presented here are all over the place.

Edit: There is more to Kodo's story.

I always wondered what happened to her fans who LIKED the glam and glitter and don't like the piano.

Fauna Luster welcomes her babies back to her.

Considering sunset's symbol seems to be the phoenix I realized pretty early on.

Well, it worked for Ultimecia, so who am I to judge.

You could spend a couple lifetimes on some worlds. Ooh! I know! There's this neat little planet of Twilight's you could take a break on. Get a nice memory reset, live a few lifetimes, and pop right back to work when you're done!

Is this a reference to Applejack's appearances in previous generations? ^^

I mean, if you're already best buddies with a neigh-immortal demigoddess of friendship and magic, isn't becoming actual deities par for the course eventually?

Will you do a reading of this?

That's a very good question. I've been really bad at publishing readings lately :/
If I do so, it probably won't be for several months if at all.

He does a bit of grumbling about double shifts, but Fluttershy is sticking with him.

Huh... That was entertaining. Let's see what chapter two brings. If this is of any indication, much of the same funny stuff.

This was very interesting... I take it you are familiar with the short story "The Egg" ? This story has practically the same theme as that one, except on a larger scale.

I like the idea of a "Next". It's always a comforting thought that there is never just Void.

“We’re doing what now?” asked Applejack.
“It’s alicorn party time!” shouted Pinkie Pie, who had dived into the colors, pink surrounding her as she assumed her new role. “And the Life of the party is here!”

And so the Eye of Parties was born.

Applejack stared into the void. And then promptly punched it in the face.

Best explanation for the origin of the Big Bang I've ever heard. :moustache:

"I was wondering who Star Swirl the Bearded would end up being! Nice catch, Gummy!"

So Starswirl was created due to Gummy's input? :trollestia:
Nice work, loving it so far.

Very good ending, nice work. :twilightsmile:

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