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Fixation on death aside, this is lovely —Soge, accidentally describing my entire life


Red Pen has one job at the Canterlot Chronicle, and that is to go through the submitted letters to the editor and decide what to actually put into the newspaper. 

Good stuff gets in. Bad stuff gets thrown away.

And then there are the things in between: the random, the unintelligible, and the thoroughly insane. Those letters are put into a “best of the worst” box in the back of his office with the enigmatic label: “Concerned Citizens.” 

This is a collection of idiocy that was found in that box.

Written for CRACK-STORM 2020
Tagged with [Sex] for innuendo

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Spike has always felt like an outsider in his own group of friends. And after learning what happened to Stygian, Spike realizes how dangerous he could be to his friends in the future. This leads him down a very dark thought spiral: he should kill himself before he ever even has the chance of hurting anyone else.

Prereading and editing by Soge and Fluttershy

Criticism of “Just a Thought” by Chinchillax’s inner critics:

What is WRONG with you!?
—My conscious

You really shouldn’t put your mental health problems on parade for everyone to see.
—My anxiety

You really should learn to write someday.
—My inner editor

Chapters (10)

Wallflower Blush has a hard time dealing with her suicidal thoughts.

Chapters (2)

When Starlight compressed all of time into a single moment, her friends became the Deities that control the multiverse.

A collection of mostly Starlight-centered super short stories set in that multiverse.

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Princess Luna created me in order to make sure she never would forget the pain she caused Equestria.

But this? This is not the way to accomplish my directive.

If only I could let her know...

Featured in the Royal Canterlot Library
Russian Translation by Doof!

Chapters (3)

Strange symbols have started appearing all across Equestria that nopony can read, except Discord. As he comes to grips with what this message means, he is determined that nopony find out its secret. If they do, absolutely everypony in Equestria will die.

This story is a cosmological crossover with The Three Body Problem trilogy by Cixin Liu, and thus contains spoilers for that universe. But can be read without prior knowledge of that story.

Audiobook available on YouTube!
Featured on Equestria Daily!

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This story is a sequel to A Place for Pinkie

Warning: Philosophically Dark
50 years have passed since the events of the Library of Discord, and Accord and his friends have lived long, fruitful, fulfilling lives. But when Pinkie Pie gets sick and is rushed into hospice care, Accord makes plans to turn her—and all of Equestria—immortal.

But when the powers that actually created Equestria return, Accord will have a tough time convincing them and himself that true immortality for all is a good idea.

Now with a full audiobook by Fussbudget!

Special thanks to Soge, Amphicoelias, and Starscribe for editing.

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This story is a sequel to The Library of Discord

As Queen of an entire universe, Galaxia’s role is to create and set in motion as many planets as possible. This leaves little time to spend on the individual souls that live on those worlds. However, when she is presented with a soul that has yet to select a world after a vast amount of lifetimes, she decides to try something different: do everything in her power to find a place that the soul will want to stay indefinitely.

Editing help from Soge, Amphicoelias, Starscribe, InquisitorM, Jane, and Devas.

The sequel to this story is also a sequel to The Library of Discord.

Chapters (6)

Warning: Philosophically dark.

A lot has happened since Celestia and Luna disappeared nine hundred years ago. There are no wars, no diseases, no pain, no death. Princess Twilight, Discord, and Spike do everything to ensure that the utopia continues.

But even the most ideal paradises have ponies that wish it wasn't so.

Story inspired by Mister Saugrenu’s artwork 1000 Years in the Future.

Reading by Scribbler Productions

Edited by Soge.
French translation by Anima Draconis.

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