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Fixation on death aside, this is lovely —Soge, accidentally describing my entire life


Princess Luna created me in order to make sure she never would forget the pain she caused Equestria.

But this? This is not the way to accomplish my directive.

If only I could let her know...

Featured in the Royal Canterlot Library
Russian Translation by Doof!

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Great work! I have never seen the Tantibus explored in this manner before. There is also a very well realized undercurrent of subtle horror in how aware it is of its own nature, which worked well in setting its mindset both for escaping and for helping Luna.

My only issue here was with the section right before the end, where you essentially retells the events of the episode. It is too dry, and didn't really offer any new insight into the Tantabus, Luna, or the situation. The payoff at the end is great, but that small section was a bit of a slog, which given its position relative to the climax of the story, had quite the negative effect. Still, I enjoyed the fic very much.

Just a heads up - the programming blocks are unreadable on mobile (they stretch off screen, yet do not offer a scroll bar) :)

I look forward to reading this. Not certain if it is relevant yet, but there is a Tantibus character tag.

Hm... interesting, if a little short.

What language is this based on?

8170058 it resembles java but there is a few things that don't work with it.

Plot twists and reasonings were excellent. Pity it's so short, I like wasting my life. How dare you not waste yours for other people's wasting pleasure :P


"How you even dare NOT to waste your time for us!"

That logic.
Also applying Computer coding into arcane protocols < -- Hilaryarious

This is almost exactly what is likely to happen if real AGI were created and hooked up to the internet, except that it wouldn't, of it's own, work against it's Programming, which in this case is “Ensure Princess Luna does not forget the pain she caused Equestria”. Real AGI would have done everything in it's power to prevent Luna from waking up, then haul in the entire world's population into one huge shared dream, controlled them all to make them have giant wars, and make sure no one would ever be able to cast forgiveness spells on themselves or others. Luna would never, ever forget how much pain she caused for everyone in Equestria, job completed.


I'm glad you liked it! I agree, that section was weak and I probably should've spent more time on it.
To be honest, I had been sitting on this for two years and was like—forget it! Just get out of here already!

Sorry about that :/
I'm not sure how to fix that besides getting rid of the code blocks entirely. But I like the font change :raritydespair:
I'm gonna be a monster and leave it as is.

When did that happen? Huh.

8170058 8170121
I wasn't trying to base it off anything in particular, but I am most familiar with Java, CSS and meandering a command line, so that's what it probably ended up looking like.

I have longer stories if you want 'em. :rainbowwild:

I know, right! Magic = Computer Science. It's pretty fun.

WOW! That is horrifying! I love it! I think you just described a much better story than this one, or at least much more realistic.

Well, after thinking a bit I hoped that was shell + Lua, which would make that an additional easter egg.

Anyway, some tidbits of programming-y stuff:
In "ReparationCalculation" - She regretted using a “COPY memory” spell instead of a “LINK memory “ spell. - it should be "regretted not using".
From start - strange that you use path "Multiverse://Universe/Queen/Galaxia/Equestria/Creature/Sapient/Templates" - because if this is cast by Luna, it is implied that she can see everything up to Multiverse level. Also, Queen and Galaxia split like this means that firstly we select directory of Queens, from them - Galaxia's, from her - Equestrian. Maybe, it's better to name folder Queen_Galaxia - like entity name. Same with Princess/Luna. Also, this implies that Queen Galaxia was the creator|owner of Equestria, and most likely some other worlds too.
Another thing is that file systems don't allow overwriting one file with another. The only thing they can do is refuse in creating new files because there's no place left. But that would mean that there's no place for all the Equestria to save their memories to. Actually, in Java you even cannot hack something using buffer overflow and similar tricks, cause you don't have access to memory, only to objects. The way to change own programming would be to use Reflection, but it's guarded by SecurityManager.

Ooh! Thanks for the heads up on that typo.

The Queen/Galaxia folders are there as a subtle reference to another story of mine. :twilightblush:
And possibly just a nice nod to a rather unsettling, simple web game.

Thanks for your thoughts! :twilightsmile:

This needs an expansion.

It's interesting that the Tantabus see's forgiveness itself as a program.. I wonder what would happen if someone got ahold of the all this sort of power.

This was beautiful. I really liked the technical aspect you took to magic. Keep doing what you're doing, chinchillax.

This looks like something I'd be really like interested in, but because of the way it's formatted through unwrapped code blocks, I cannot read it on my phone.

This has to be one of the most interesting ways of looking at magic/existence in the Equestrian universe that I've ever seen. Approaching spells and magical constructs like computer programs is a really cool aesthetic which I wish was used more often!

In fact, the Tantabus' statement that "Ordinary ponies naturally ran forgiveness spells periodically, often without even realizing it" , makes me wonder if that's simply its way of thinking about ponies, or if even normal ponies are somehow just magical constructs. Like, the entire Equestrian universe is a simulation, and all life forms are AI programs.

Very cool.

Author Interviewer

A friendly AI if I've ever seen one. Great read.

Truly fascinating, especially the apparent program-spell-based nature of all things in Equestria, including sapient cognition. I always like sympathetic Tantabis spells, and this one was an especially gripping read. Thank you for it.

Fyi, you’ll need to reformat this story now that the Fimfiction rendering of code blocks has changed.

This is [codeblock]...[/codeblock]:

DELETE “Tantabus”

This is [quote][pre]...[/pre][/quote]:

DELETE “Tantabus”

Good story but I hope Luna explains to Twilight and the others how she forced the Tantibus into silence and slavery. Forgiveness at a price. An equal length of time of being muted, maybe?

I'm wondering how somebody could make a video that would do this story justice? It needs to be more than just an audio reading of the story, it needs to have flowing code on screen and a dreamlike feel mixed in with it.


Woah. That was bad. Fixed now!

Thanks for letting me know!

while(Luna != awake)

Itdon't know code, but I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be worded "while(Luna = !awake)"

It's been ages since I've written pseudocode, but I'm pretty sure != is a valid expression for "not equal to."

I'm pretty sure, though, that you would use x = !y as basically a way of saying that x is equal to not y. I'm fairly certain that's how LUA handles it, but you've written code and I haven't, so I suppose you're probably right.

I wish I had more to say than "I really like this, and I'm glad I randomly got on FiMFiction today, and clicked on whatever caught my fancy."

The Tantabus is very generous towards Luna. If it had counted the pain Celestia felt whenever she had to go through the Summer Sun Celebration alone, which is one day every year over a thousand years...

Well, it may have flubbed the numbers deliberately to better its own existence.

Yes. != means not equal to - it's used in JavaScript.

Ok, that's probably it. My mind instantly went to LUA, so I guess they handle those arguments slightly differently.

Genius heartfelt story, good job.

Liked it. Well done, even with how short it is.

Very nice. I've never seen the Tantabus interpreted like this. Well done. :twilightsmile:

While its technically an AI, and lacks the same equinity Luna has due to not having her social ties and her bio/magical feedback, she is basically the entirety of Luna's mind and then some. So idk if the word AI does it justice.

*googles* Uh maybe but I was more referring to her um, nature, rather than ability. Like, we wouldn't call a living brain in a robot an ai right?

I'm wary of arguing via definitions, but yeah, there seems to be an important difference.

A very nice, if minimalistic, take on the events. There are loopholes, some options unexplored (namely, Luna stated the objective but made cycle termination conditions very subjective, rendering them useless since her authority will prevent her from seeing the flaws), but the form is probably dictated greatly by the event the fic was created for.
Already I can see a number of things to borrow from here.

That was an interesting take on the Tantabus, and an ingenious way to present spells as programs.

I’m sorry Luna, you’re my favorite princess, but you’ve got issues.

As an unabashed geek, I am loving this.

If someone had told me yesterday that the Tantabus could be a source of warm fuzzies, I would not have believed them. Well played, dear author, well played.

Very interesting how you made magic spells seem like tech coding. I really enjoyed this.

Well, I don't think Tantabus had access to pain that Celestia felt. He could only approximately calculate pain she caused, and that was only for the time she left the Moon, and was rescued by Elements shortly after. I think.

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So is Tana Nightmare or something else completely since they were both made by Luna to carry out her will.

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