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"Well, I'm not gonna leave you alone. I want you to get mad."

As I feel any MLP hubs out there lack communication and social interaction tools severely, here's a primitive substitute. If you feel like I can be of use, try poking me.

As someone who has a story of writing, I have some experience:
1. Writing, even if it's not in MLP fandom.
2. Editing, though I don't pretend to be professionally qualified. Also, I do it much better in my native language and prefer to crawl through the things I like. I may be interested but make no promises.
3. Translating, which is an old passion of mine.

I also have some knowledge and interest in:
1. IT, even though I'm an amateur. And, by extension, design, usability, cybernetics and other relevant things.
2. Volunteer cartography. And, by extension, everything ranging from urbanistics and navigation systems to public transport and urban exploration.
3. Politics, although my experience in autocracy, bureaucracy, corruption and totalitarian regimes is much better than, say, in working governing institutions.

Latest Stories

Railguns, cyberlimbs and flying cars. No, I was into (post)cyberpunk before 2077.

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Thank you for your interest in my story, Twilight's World.
I hope you enjoy it.

I forgot one of them, but the other one is called KrazyStargazer or something like that.

Either I am missing something or we haven't met yet.

I know I'm probably not awfully original picking my old childhood nickname for an MLP alias. Anyway, who are the other two? Should I know them? :twilightsmile:

Amg it's another me! This is the third stargazer I've met *claps hooves*

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Ah horseapples, here we go again · 12:03am Dec 21st, 2019

It's... actually better. Not good, but better.
The year was practically barren, but thanks to Jinglemas I was able to push another story (yay for the incredible speed). While it's not brilliant, it's pretty decent to read (I guess).
And my dopamine levels tell me it's a good thing.

If everything goes smoothly, it will be out on 22nd of Dec. Until then, farewell.

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