• Published 3rd Feb 2024
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Starlight Glimmer Regrets Her Mistakes - MagicS

Now exactly how was Starlight supposed to know that a few changes to the past could cause the space-time continuum to collapse?

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That's Not All, Folks!

“Um… what just happened?” Spike asked as he suddenly found himself standing in the field outside of Twilight’s castle.

“I… I really don’t know,” Sunset shook her head, just as confused as him.

“Whatever happened—we’re back home,” Twilight Sparkle said, looking around to make sure everyone and everything was okay.

“We were down in that dark place and now we’re back up here?” Applejack asked. Like her, the rest of the Elements of Harmony were here as well, along with Starswirl, Trixie, Sunburst, Discord, Celestia and Luna.

“I have no idea myself but I do know one thing-” Discord said as he grinned and stood up, as colorful as ever, and started twisting around, snapping his fingers to briefly summon a swarm of flying cupcakes before laughing in joy. “Haha! I’ve got my chaos magic back!”

“What about Starlight?” Trixie asked. “Where is she?”

“And we would both like to know what exactly was going on here in the first place?” Celestia asked as she stood by Luna.

“Well, uh, I can answer one or two questions maybe?” Spike rubbed the back of his head.

“It’s alright. Everything is over.”

The voice seemed to come from all around them and then a pillar of white light shot up from the ground, nearly blinding the ponies around it. When it was gone and they opened up their eyes again, Starlight, Glimmer, and Moonlight were standing there, safe and sound. They looked pristine, happy, without anything to worry about or weigh them down.

“Starlight?” Twilight said to her.

Starlight turned and smiled at her. “It’s okay, Twilight. Consider the world saved.”

Discord slithered through the air towards her. “No more silly Harlequins to worry about?”

“Since you have your magic back I think you already know the answer to that question,” Starlight grinned. “He’s gone. You’re back to being the Lord of Chaos, I guess that the magic had nowhere else to go but return to you the moment it was over.”

Spike ran up and hugged the three of them. “I’m just really glad you’re all okay...”

“Everyone’s going to be okay now. It’s really over,” Starlight sighed in relief.

Twilight was about to ask another question when Pinkie Pie pushed her way past her and jammed her face right up to Starlight’s.

“Hold on!” Pinkie loudly said. “So you’re done traveling through time, the space-time doohickey is alright, that evil monster thingy is defeated, and the whole world isn’t in danger anymore?”

“Uh, yes?” Starlight answered.

A huge smile split Pinkie Pie’s face. “Then there’s finally only one thing left to do!”

The delayed party inside Twilight’s castle was now in full swing, with a couple of extra guests at it to boot. Pinkie Pie made a huge fit when Twilight told her that maybe they should reschedule so here they all were. Starlight’s group, the Elements, and even Celestia and Luna here now too. It’s not like Starlight of all ponies was going to complain either—this was exactly the sort of thing she wanted for herself and her friends now that things were over. They deserved a party like this before they had to say goodbye to each other and Glimmer, Moonlight, and Sunset returned to their own worlds.

The party room had to be redecorated and spruced up a little bit, but Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were quick to take care of that. Glimmer, Moonlight, and Sunset for the beginning had been talking to Twilight and the others, telling their own stories and introducing themselves to the ponies of this world. Starlight was happy to see how well they got along despite at least Glimmer having done some not exactly nice things in the past.

But this was quite the forgiving and accepting group after all.

Glimmer and Moonlight for a little while had both been talking to Sunburst, who was not nearly as awkward or as reluctant as the Sunbursts they knew. Sunset was talking to Trixie, Spike was talking to Rarity and Twilight about everything they had gone through and how heroic he was. Discord was of course talking to Fluttershy and reassuring her he was fine. And Starlight through most of the party had gone from pony to pony, just having a good time, saying hello again after she hadn’t gotten to see some of them for a long time, and asking Twilight how things had been here while she and Spike were gone.

Hectic, to put it bluntly. Things were still shaky over here for a while as Starlight came to learn but it mostly subsided over time.

And now according to Twilight as well after checking on some things, and on Discord’s reassurance, they were all indeed certain that everything was fixed.

After this party things would be over and they’d all go back to their normal lives. And honestly? Starlight could not be happier. Aside from the fact that there was explicitly no alcohol allowed at this party.

“You’re really quite the mare, Starlight Glimmer,” Starswirl said to her. “When I first met you I didn’t quite know what to think, but you’ve impressed me.”

“I’m nothing special. Just my own flavor of screwup,” Starlight wryly grinned. “Also it’s just Starlight right now, need Discord to fix that…”

“My fellow Pillars will be interested to hear about the adventure you’ve been on. Maybe the next time we’re all in Ponyville we can have another party. I believe Pinkie Pie would be up for that as well,” Starswirl smiled.

“Oh yeah,” Starlight answered.

Starswirl then went on to mingle with Glimmer and Moonlight, quite curious about them as well, and Starlight was allowed to stand quietly by for a little while at the party. It had been too big a day. She ended up sitting down and started to slowly eat one of the many cupcakes Pinkie Pie had made, just relaxing now. Celestia and Luna were now talking with Sunset while Trixie looked to be annoying Twilight over something and Sunburst was talking to Discord. Spike had done a good enough job of telling Rarity about his awesome work that Applejack and Rainbow Dash were listening in as well, Rainbow Dash being far more interested in and far more jealous of his tales.

But Starlight couldn’t relax completely. There was still something there in the back of her head.

And even if you did beat me, which is impossible, I’ve still made sure you’ll never have a happy ending.

“What did he mean by that?” Starlight asked herself.

Starlight ended up lost in thought for quite a while, dwelling on those words. She didn’t even notice when Spike came up to her until he patted her on the shoulder and spoke.

“What’s up? You should be celebrating more, Starlight. Especially since Glimmer, Moonlight and Sunset are going to be leaving soon,” he said.

Starlight shook her head and smiled at him. “You’re right, I just had something on my mind but… it’s not important. I should be enjoying the party and...” Starlight trailed off as she looked at the three other mares. “Because I don’t know if I’ll ever get to see them again. It probably wouldn’t be good for harmony would it?”

Spike grimaced. “Probably not.”

“Well so what?”

Starlight and Spike jumped as Discord snaked his head down between them.

“Discord!” Starlight yelped.

“Starlight—this is going to sound monumentally dumb, careless, and short-sighted after what we just did. But so what? You think it’s really a problem if you go and visit them once in a while? Don’t sweat it—I’ll even help you out,” Discord smirked.

“Is that really okay?” Spike raised an eyebrow.

“Pinkie Promise,” Discord swore. “All you’ll be doing is strengthening a few more bonds of friendship after all.”

Starlight started to tear up slightly so she wiped away the tears and looked up at him. “Would you really?”

“Of course. As much as I tease, I’ll always be there for you,” Discord said.

Starlight wrapped him up in a big hug. “Yeah, you will be.”

“Yes, yes,” he patted her on the back. “Now take Spike’s advice and go have fun with them before they have to go for now. I’m going to work up a special portal just for them.”

“Alright, alright, I’m going,” Starlight said as she strode over to her three dimension-hopping friends. They were now talking to Twilight again, who probably had far too many questions for them. So Starlight decided to ease their load a little bit. “Hey there, how are you enjoying my world?”

“It’s kind of too nice actually. It’s a little weird,” Sunset smirked.

“Yeah it makes me a little uncomfortable,” Moonlight fake shivered.

“Very funny,” Starlight rolled her eyes and looked at Glimmer. “What about you?”

“I like it here. A lot. It’s nice having a Sunburst around who doesn’t hate me. And your friends have been very nice,” she look at Twilight. “And I was just apologizing to Twilight for what went on the last time we met.”

Twilight smiled. “And you’re already forgiven.”

“You’ve been having fun talking to my friends too?” Starlight asked Twilight.

“More than fun, it’s been amazing! Everything they’ve told me about their worlds—you can’t imagine how exciting it is to learn all of this!” Twilight giddily pranced in joy.

“Well I’ll fill you in on everything else later, why not let these three enjoy themselves just a little bit more?” Starlight smirked.

Twilight blushed. “You’re right, yes, they should.”

“It’s fine, don’t let her tease you,” Glimmer said. “When I get home I’m going to have to tell my Twilight Sparkle a whole bunch of stuff too.”

“I guess we are all going back right after this party ends?” Moonlight raised an eyebrow.

“If she’s anything like the human Pinkie I know, this Pinkie Pie can throw a party forever,” Sunset said.

“Well unfortunately...” Starlight rubbed the back of her neck. “As much as I’d like that to be the case...”

“We should be going back soon, shouldn’t we?” Glimmer smiled sadly.

“Yeah...” Starlight nodded.

Moonlight shrugged. “Not like we didn’t know. I wasn’t expecting us to stay the night and have a sleepover anyways.”

“Would’ve been fun though actually,” Sunset said, glancing away slightly out of embarrassment. “I’m going to miss you guys. Ugh, it’s so lame but it’s true.”

“Yeah… you’re like… the first real friends I’ve made in years,” Moonlight said.

Both Moonlight and Sunset sighed and hung their heads low.

“Whoa, whoa, hold on now!” Starlight said. “I know I said it’s time to go soon but I had some good news about that too! I’ll be able to come visit, we can still see each other, this isn’t the end!”

“For real?” Moonlight asked.

“For real,” Starlight grinned.

“Wait—how are you-” Twilight furrowed her brow.

“Discord,” Starlight answered.

“Oh,” Twilight rolled her eyes. “Well… I suppose that’s alright then as long as it’s supervised and carefully planned out.”

“Huh, wanna make plans to meet up again already in like a month?” Sunset shrugged.

“I was already planning to—but before that we’ve still got time here, let’s have a little more fun!” Starlight said.

And right on cue—Pinkie Pie brought out Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody, who had seemingly been left in the next room, and had them start up a dance tune. Nothing slow, this was fast and fun, lovely hip-hop beats and a crazy techno vibe. Moonlight and Sunset grinned to each other and immediately ran out onto the dance floor to start up the dance for everyone else, Fluttershy of course offered a hoof to Discord and he gladly accepted it, joining them. Rarity even gave Spike the time of day as well. For the most part everyone else was just dancing in their own way, throwing their bodies around to the beat and having fun. This wasn’t a time for style on form, it was a time for while and crazy action. Rainbow Dash and Applejack were stomping in two completely different ways, probably competing to see who could dance the hardest, while Pinkie Pie stayed by Vinyl’s table and messed around with the records to always keep the music fresh. Even Glimmer stepped out and let loose a little bit. Twilight and Starlight were the last ones to join the dancing, throwing all their cares behind them.

Midway through the dancing and Starlight walked up to Glimmer while the two of them now watched Moonlight and Sunset pulling Sunburst and Trixie around with them.

“You know out of all of us I really wanted to talk to you and see how you were doing,” Starlight said to her.

“I’m doing pretty well I’d say,” Glimmer smiled.

“Feeling a lot better about your life? Did you… find what you were looking for?” Starlight asked.

Glimmer looked back at her flank and the Cutie Mark that was once more right where it should be. “Yes, Starlight. After everything that’s happened, I feel great. I won’t get down again when I return home. I’ll keep working hard to fix my relationship with the rest of Equestria. And I’ll become real friends with everyone.”

Starlight hugged her warmly. “I’m… you can’t know how happy it makes me to hear that.”

“Thank you for everything by the way,” Glimmer said as she hugged her back. “And I’ll be looking forward to seeing you again.”

The party still carried on for hours after that, with many dance partners switching up, and many ponies dancing until they dropped. Applejack and Rainbow Dash were pretty much the only ones still dancing at that point—it was indeed a blatant competition between the two of them—while Vinyl and Octavia kept up the music.

But even that didn’t last forever. Soon enough the food and drinks were gone, the balloons had deflated, everyone was tired, the party was over.

And it was time to go.

Vinyl and Octavia took their leave first, and Celestia, Luna, and Starswirl soon left as well, all of them busy in their own way. Soon the remaining ponies, along with Spike and Discord, moved from the main room where they had been partying to where Twilight had the mirror portal up. Apparently Discord was going to use it to help make transporting them to exactly where they needed to be easier. With the natural magic from it, Twilight’s alterations, and his magic it was better than the dimensional travel they had been going through earlier. Would’ve been nice if they could’ve used this but it’s not like they could take the mirror portal with them.

“So,” Sunset said as she stood in front of the mirror portal. “This is kind of familiar.”

“A little different than the one you’re used to going though, from what I’ve heard,” Twilight said.

“We just walk through it?” Moonlight asked. “I’ve never seen this thing before.”

Discord grinned and slithered up right next to the mirror portal. “I’m putting my own special little touch on it. With my magic, you just need to walk through one at a time and it’ll put you back home exactly where you need to be. For Sunset that means she’ll be back in front of the school in her dimension’s human world. For you it means you’ll be back home in your Canterlot, and for Glimmer it means she’ll be back in her room in her Ponyville castle.”

“You all should at least stay the night,” Spike grumbled.

Sunset grinned and gave him a playful noogie on his head. “Sorry about that, Spike. But I probably shouldn’t miss anymore days of school.”

“Even I’m pretty curious about what my world looks like now,” Moonlight muttered.

“And I just… need to start my real life,” Glimmer smiled.

Spike sighed. “Yeah, but I’m seriously going to miss all of you.”

“We’ll keep in touch, just like with Starlight,” Glimmer said.

“I guess I’ll at least be able to look forward to that then,” Spike managed a small smile.

“It was also super cool getting to meet more Starlight Glimmers!” Pinkie Pie hugged both Glimmer and Moonlight. “And another Sunset Shimmer!” She bounced over and hugged her too.

“Oh, right!” Discord’s eyebrows shot up. “I almost forgot—how silly of me.”

“Forgot what?” Twilight asked.

Discord smirked and snapped his fingers. “There you go, you’ve got your names back.”

Starlight Glimmer’s eyes sparkled in joy as she jumped up. “Yes! I hated being called Moonlight!”

“I didn’t mind Glimmer so much,” Starlight Glimmer said.

“I thought they were both good names,” Starlight Glimmer shrugged.

Sunset glanced up at Discord. “You’re right—that is confusing.”

“Yeah, definitely needed to do something about that,” Spike agreed.

Discord then pressed a finger to the top of the mirror portal and flooded it with his magic. The mirror itself shifted and wavered, turning a myriad of colors, before finally settling back down and becoming perfectly clean and reflective. Somehow it was far shinier and reflective than any normal mirror, the glass completely impossible to see. “Alright then, who wants to head home first?”

The Starlights, Spike, and Sunset shared a few sad looks with each other until Sunset raised a hoof.

“I’ll head off first,” she said and walked over to the mirror portal.

“Take care!” Starlight (this world’s Starlight) said as she briskly walked up and gave the mare one last hug.

“Be cool and make some more friends back home too,” Spike said.

“Thanks,” Sunset smiled. “And I will.”

Discord then leaned down and grinned at her. “And how about a parting gift?” He snapped his fingers and a carton of cigarettes appeared in the air, falling right into Sunset’s hooves.

“Cigarettes!” Sunset cheered and rubbed her face against the carton.

“Those won’t vanish when you head back either, enjoy,” Discord winked.

“That’s not a good gift,” Starlight frowned at him.

“It’s the best gift,” Sunset smirked and gave a final wave to her and the others. “Goodbye!”

And with that she strode on into the portal. It glowed bright white for a second and then she was gone.

“Bye...” Starlight sighed after her and Spike patted her on the side.

“My turn now,” Twin-tailed Starlight Glimmer said and walked up to the portal. “See ya.”

“Goodbye,” Starlight said and hugged her again.

“Good luck back home,” Spike gave her a thumb’s up.

“I’m moving away from Canterlot as soon as I get back,” Twin-tailed Starlight grinned and walked into the mirror.

It flashed and she was gone.

Former Empress Starlight then walked up behind Starlight. “It won’t be long until we see each other again. And the next time you do see me, things will be even better. Goodbye, Starlight.”

“Goodbye...” Starlight hugged her, this one lingering on for quite some time until she finally pulled away.

“I think you’ve still got kind of a rough road ahead of you but I know you can overcome anything,” Spike said to her.

“Thank you,” Former Empress Starlight smiled and patted him on the head. “The two of you are the best friends a pony could ask for.”

She stopped to look at them both for a moment longer before she also turned and stepped through the mirror portal.

Starlight Glimmer stood there, looking at her own reflection as tears started to well up in her eyes.

“It’s alright,” Spike said to her.

“I know. I know, Spike. I just miss them already...” Starlight said.

Twilight put a comforting hoof on your back. “Do you need some time to yourself?”

Starlight shook her head. “No, I’m alright, I think it’ll just be good to get some sleep tonight now that everything is over. It was great getting to have this party and see all of you at once.”

“Just tell me whenever you want to go visiting them again. I’m a Fluttershy away,” Discord smirked and snapped his fingers, vanishing on the spot.

Twilight smiled and looked across the room at everyone else. “Well everyone, I think that about calls it for the party. Thank you Pinkie for putting it on, and thank you Sunburst and Trixie for coming to Ponyville for it.”

“But of course!” Trixie widely smiled and tossed back her mane.

“It’s late though so I think we’ll all be heading to bed for the night now,” Twilight rolled her eyes.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Trixie,” Starlight giggled.

“Well, then I suppose the rest of us will be heading on out too,” Applejack said. “Come on everybody, let’s let Starlight and Spike get some rest.”

A chorus of goodbyes and farewells came from their friends as they all departed Twilight’s castle. Some being quite a bit louder than others but eventually the castle was vacated after this very busy day and the only ones left were Starlight, Spike, and Twilight. After everything—it was suddenly unusually quiet. The mirror portal had gone back to normal, there was only a little light in the room with it being night out, and the high ceilings made them all feel small. Yet it was good. It was familiar. And Starlight was happy to be here.

Starlight exhaled deeply. “Well, I’m going to go pass out on my bed.

“Me too,” Spike nodded.

Twilight giggled. “I’m not quite as exhausted as either of you, but that certainly sounds like a plan.”

Starlight smiled. “It’s good to be able to relax and not have to worry about the world ending anymore.”

“It sure is,” Twilight agreed.

Later on it was quiet and well past midnight. The halls of the castle slumbered, bare and empty, only the occasional snore form a sleeping dragon could be heard. After the huge party it had become as still and quiet as the grave with all three occupants fast asleep...

Alone in its room, the mirror portal suddenly activated.

A pony came tumbling out of it.

She stood up, legs wobbling a bit, and looked around.

She then looked down at her own body and her eyes widened in surprise.

“That crazy guy was telling the truth,” Starlight Glimmer said as she looked at her pony body. “So there really is a world of magical ponies through the portal...” a smirk tugged up her lips as she adjusted the starry beanie hat on her head. “Alright then—time to get to work.”