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One seemingly beautiful morning, Angel Bunny disappears down a rabbit hole and Fluttershy goes diving in after him.

In the strange, subterranean world that she discovers, Fluttershy will journey through wondrous caves and crystal formations. She will discover all sorts of strange and unknown things, from an upside-down lake and sky, to singing mushrooms, living flowers, an age-old war between snails and slugs, a city of moles and more in this lost world unknown to the ponies of Equestria above.

Despite her fear of the unknown (and many other things), Fluttershy is willing to go through it all as long as it means making sure Angel is safe and sound.

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YES! I've been waiting for this story to appear the moment you announced it. It's finally time for Fluttershy to shine! :yay:

And she's going to be the first pony to discover a whole new alien world buried right under everyone's noses. Twilight would be both thrilled and crushed. Again.

This story is looking to be pretty cool so far.

Tracking! 👍

Imagine if Rarity had to do this... must be really dirty down there. If not straight-up dirt all together.

Good start! I am definitely going to track this, friend.

Okay, let's go! Good to have you back. Already, you're doing more than decent job with getting into Fluttershy's head when it comes to fear/shyness and so on. Not much else to say since this is just the start, but I've already signed up for the long haul.


*GASP!* :pinkiegasp:

Fluttershy, there are kids reading this!

But seriously, love the atmosphere already. We hardly ever see the underground in Equestria, and that means that the imagination can run wild for anyone who wants to write about it.

Weird wonders, creepy crawlies, and scary sights, Fluttershy will get through it all, because she's just as brave as the rest of them, and all she needs to do is dig a little deeper.

Yep, the show lends itself well to this kind of exploration and adventure in my point of view. Even the weirder stuff that I have planned still fits the show pretty well. I'm glad you're enjoying so far.

The further she walked into the crag though the more she noticed something. Fluttershy had to crinkle her nose, there was something funky smelling coming up ahead.

Gandalf: "If in doubt, always follow your nose."

Ah, it's this kind of whimsical and fantastical adventure that I wish the show had more of. Granted, it was mostly slice-of-life and comedy, but it never hurts to throw some good old fashioned adventure and world-building in there too.

I hope you don't mind, but I've kinda accepted your Lost-Verse stories as a head-canon, since they don't contradict anything in the show, and in fact go out of their way to expand upon the world while retaining what made the show so great. This is the kind of potential Equestria has as a world.

”How could we talk if we didn’t have faces?”

There’s that Alice In Wonderland logic coming in, with absurd things being treated completely normally, with normal things being treated as absurd.

The songs could use a little work, but otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed this chance encounter.

Yeah that kind of "in tune with the show" nature is what I've always been going for with these stories. I'm glad you like them enough to do that.

The songs are the hardest part to write for me so yeah, it's definitely not my talent.

It was about to get more ridiculous too. The hardhat light was thankfully waterproof so Fluttershy could still more or less see where she was going but a lot of it was still dark to her. She couldn’t imagine how horrible it would be if the water broke the light. What would have happened to her then?

Foreshadowing!~ :trollestia:

So I see that Fluttershy is an avid real life player of Temple Run 2.

Ah, this was a freaky chapter, one that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt just how alien the world of Equestria is, and just deep into uncharted territory Fluttershy has gone. I'd daresay that this adventure is even freakier than Rainbow's. At least Rainbow's adventure had plenty of friendly faces and towns to visit, as well as the land around her following the laws of physics. Fluttershy is facing alien geometries, endless darkness, and creatures so unlike anything on the surface. And she's doing it alone.

Mad respect to the shyest, quietest, most timid pony in the main cast. She deserves all the hugs after this.

Also, obligatory scene:

...Oh damn it, that's it, isn't it? This is Futtershy in Wonderland. :rainbowlaugh:

I'd say this is my most obvious rip-off of something so far.


It all started...because some wore shells and others didn't.

No wonder the war ended so quickly when Fluttershy basically just said "why not both?"

Fluttershy, flying and majestic Goddess of Peace :yay:

The idea of warring factions of snails and slugs is nice and whimsical. I really like what you did with that.

But imagine what that would feel like if it actually happened to you. That’d be so terrifying... I don’t blame Fluttershy here.

Will there be any Undertale references?

Daylight? Maud? Amethyst Star?

...There's a story behind this, and I just know it'll be good.

Rock specialist joins Fluttershy's team. This is good.

Underground sea... Journey to the Center of Earth, yes

Five friendly ponies


Fluttershy, Maud, Daylight, Amethyst...who's the fifth one? :applejackconfused:

Shoot. Fixed. I was thinking about how there was five of them in total, six including Boulder.

I’m surprised Fluttershy’s kindness hasn’t killed her yet.

That was a fun ordeal! I don't have much else to say here since any grammar/technical errors have been nigh unnoticeable so far. If anything, things are still a bit telly just as I've mentioned in a few previous stories, but you still major in your strengths (worldbuilding/lore, for one).

Thank you for the little subterranean detour, and here's to your next story, MagicS!

This was fun. And So Fluttershy :-)

Interesting start and I'm wondering what will happen.

I'm surprised tht the mushrooms mention a pterodactyl and a dimetrodon since I wouldn't have epected anycreature down there to know about long extinct animals.

All part of the silliness. And a partial reference to Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Fluttershy will later be unsure if the talking flowers were a hallucination or not.

I'm sure that this will be an interesting story. I like how stoic Maud is and that she noticed Fluttershy while the other two were bickering.

It makes sense that Maud would be enthousiastic about living rocks and she might be one of a vey few that could communicate with them.

Amethyst really shouldn't have tempted fate. Of course this might be just as good a result as getting across the underground sea.

That they were just trying to return Gleaming's bow was a surprising twist. It's good that Fluttershy may have been able to inform of what they want.

That was an extremely dangerous forest and it's good that they got out without anyone being poisened.

The part with Fluttershy and Amethyst singing was funny and so were Daylight's reactions to it. Amethyst calling the caldera a cauldron is also funny since that's what caldera means in Spanish.

This was nice story and I greatly enjoyed reading it.

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