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Um, do I want to read this?

You're really writing V for Vendetta for Fall of Equestria? I'm in love.:heart:

I need more. You're not finished. I'm just letting you know.

Or, if you are finished... I guess someone else might have to take up the mask.


If you liked Bad Apple as The Emperor, and want to see him more "hands on" then yes. And if you want to see Bad Apple as Keyser Soze.


He's still active but I don't have any ideas about where to take it. Were you thinking of doing anti-Fall-of-Equestria stuff?

That is an... interesting and complex question. I sent you a PM, and I will send a follow-up PM in more detail.

Gee, what do you think? of course I want to see more, even if it's side-tales!

What you did do you executed very well; this was a pleasure to read.

But I agree with>>3291792, this story isn't over. It's almost like you told the tale of Pearl Harbor, but refused to follow up. There's more to be said. I do hope that at some point you get a good idea as to what, or let someone else's idea take root.


You asked if you wanted to read it. If you liked Bad Apple in the story "The Emperor" but shown in his "bloody conquest" phase, then read it. Or if you wanted to see Bad Apple as a loose parody of Keyser Soze from "The Usual Suspects", then read it.


I had completely forgotten about that chapter.

Read as promised. It was alright, though I still can't understand how it got this way.


I'm too disgusted to deeply examine it but I heard it was some invasion of psychotically misogynistic deer, Changelings helping, and possibly something with Discord. Mostly, just assume "contrivance."


Caribou vikings I think, but there's no reason changelings or Discord would help, it's not in their MO. Changelings want live ponies to feed off of and seem to prefer positive emotions, so this would end up starving them and Discord also wants live ponies as you can't have that much fun with corpses. Fuck contrivance as an entire basis for a setting, ugh.:pinkiesick:


The Changelings can forcibly siphon emotions so with all the slaves they can use them as a kind of food factory. And I only had a hint that Discord had something to do with it. It's the only explanation for why they were so successful and why so many (almost 100%) of males became completely evil. Including stalwats like Shining Armor and Fancy Pants.


Yeah, just seems really retarded, much like a lot of 'DARK' settings. I'm of the mind that willing food would not only be more efficient but would taste better.


That's how my usual canon works and how I try to sell others. Changelings should manage stable, happy, thriving communities to keep themselves fed and comfortable.


It's just logical for a race that spends all it's time hiding in plain sight.


I never quite understood the whole "Changelings are irredeemably evil robotic monster war machines." I tend to just think Chrysalis forced them either out of prideful ambition or genuine hardship to try the invasion.


A stealth race performing a frontal assault just screams desperation whether that be resource based or the justified self-worth of Chrysalis.

It was like reading a Quentin Tarintino film :pinkiehappy:


Thank you! I was going for a cinematic feel, and I'm glad it came through.

Although I can still see the same end result due to desperation, the biggest flaw in this storytelling is that even after this prisoner keeps leading them into death traps, the interrogators always take his word without a trace of reluctance. At least blow some hot air or make empty threats!


In the disorganized autocracy that is this order, expediency is prized over reflection. Recall the first story. The general was trying to carefully home in on the Black Knight but the military overseers from the King put such pressure on him that he slipped up. The lesson is, if you have the means to get information, take it, whatever the cost in blood and treasure. Breaking the back of the rebellion matters more than careful consideration.

Why doesn't this site have more "Fall of Equestria"-type stories? Hell, I'd read one about a group of pony rebels against a regime led by the Anti-Brony Brotherhood!


Because most choose to ignore it. I'm on the edge of being young enough to do leftist rebellion and too old to maintain the passion. But it's always good to have these opposition stories.

he beheaded all of them with one move, and castrated them all at the exact same time.

This sounds like a move I would most certainly approve of, and wish to witness in a very graphic fully colored animation made of the highest quality.

A very nice start to this, and very interesting. I shall read one, good show for this.
I like how deceptive this Phantom is... its nice~

Well this was quite the read, damn I'm speechless. This was full of delicious trickery and wonderful deceit, hot damn.
Nicely written man, this was an awesome read, I approve of this.

I know I'm late to the party, but holy shit was this great. I figured that I knew where this was going, but you really got me with the ending. This is without a doubt the best fimfic that I've read in a while, and probably the only good one I've seen that was set in the Fall of Equestria universe. I can't wait to read your other fics, and I can't wait to see how you're going to bring some sort of sense to a normally cringe-worthy part of the fanon!

Thank you, it really means a lot to get such a review. I hope you enjoy my other works ,should you be inspired to read them.

Jesus, you know a story's good when it makes me wonder how I could write like this. Well done!

Thank you for saying so. I try my best with things that matter to me.

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