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Hm...There is one story about WH40k orc in Equestria. Highy amusing.
Your protag should pray to Gork and Mork and fight constantly, so his race could restore its population. :pinkiecrazy:

To be truthful, I thought that this would not be that good. But I was wrong!
Can't wait for the next chapter :ajsmug: Good Job.

This was a nice chapter. And you can already see Grar's brute Orc nature coming out, but so far it seems that he can control it decently. But for how long? :twilightsmile:

4156891 Well based on the picture, I would think Grar is an Orc from the Elder Scrolls, so he might pray to Malacath instead.

This is more cute then I expected. :heart:
Can't wait for more.

I love this story its unique original and above well written for now i give eight yays out of ten :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

I'm trying not to really identify him as being part of another universe. But really the for most part, orcs are only depicted as brutes, savages, raiders, and the like.

4162713 I also noticed in most lores where orcs are sentient they tend to learn quickly by doing and also having the best humor. But that's what I noticed

I'm not too deep into the Warhammer 40k universe, but from what I seen the Orks are my favorite.
If for no other reason, because they are the ones having the most fun.
Everyone else is all grim and trying to be dark and edgy and maybe have a dark sense of humor to go with it.
The Orks are just enjoying themselves.

4162851 what killed those... Things for me was the "part mushroom" thing I can only see warhammer as a giant joke, if it wasn't for badness space marines I'd forget about that universe aside from a silly remake of orcs

Then again I could be misled so am not sure about them besides I love dark humor but that is dependent on act and I'm which direction it takes itself

It should, its from Elder Scrolls concept art.

They are a very interesting bunch. Still brutish yet I see one or two in exspensive clothes at one city in Cyrodril.

Or ten.

Grar is an awesome charecter hes easily one my favorite o.c i have seen also i love that your developing him into a genius bruser

This story is most amusing, I like the direction you're taking with it. Wonder if he'll be meeting the mane 6 at some point, let alone Twilight. 'Till next time! :pinkiehappy:


I spy with my all-seeing eye, a Doctor Who reference.

From what I can tell it's what a lot of writers use as the representation of Pony England. I was really just stressing for a seventh region.

Really? I've never seen it used as a name for Pony England before.
In any case, can't wait for the next chapter.

4224161 Where did you find that pic if Octavia?

4229495 look up 'cute octavia' in google images, it's a little ways down the page

holding out his hand.

I thought Shining was a pony?

*points out anthro tag and description*

Most if not all sentient races in Equestria will be depicted as Anthropomorphic

4244193 Oh shit, sorry I didn't see that.

^^ read the description, it is your friend.

so orcs yep best race in the feild of battle of hammers axes and known for their berserker rage and damm i love them hammers... did i just type something pointless...Yey?

Just read a non-h doujin about an Orc. Let's see how this story goes.:pinkiecrazy:

i feel like they are gonna have a ryu and ken relationship.

honestly never played street fighter.

*dies of awesomeness from reading this story*

Gallopfrey? Really is that a doctor who reference?

So when is the next chapter going to been?

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