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These are short stories based in the same universe as my most popular fanfic, Chains. If you haven't read Chains before, I suggest looking into it as you maybe lost if you are not familiar with that story and its universe.


To elaborate on what these are, they are stories that will either be Canon, or Non-Canon with the Chains storyline, either way, they are not going to be particularly important to it either. They're just fun little ideas I have pop in my head.

When I post a new chapter, I'll have it in the Author's Notes as to whether or not it should be considered Canon, or not.

This is also my first Fimfiction exclusive. Lucky you.

Chapters (7)
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I thought this would be a lot more fridge horrific than it actually was. :rainbowlaugh:

When I post a new chapter, I'll have it in the Author's Notes as to whether or not it should be considered Canon, or not.

I... still strongly disagree with this. The canon-osity of the chapter is something we totally need to know before reading the chapter.

3878613 Well... Isn't there an option to put the Author's notes at the beginning of the chapter?

3878685 I don't think so but if there is he didn't use it so my point still stands.

Well, I may fav/track this later... but probably not.:moustache: Since FiMFiction won't let me fav or read-later anything right now and I'll have most likely forgotten by the time it does.:eeyup:

Awsome! And it's a great idea to make alternate fics to your "chains" story, there are so much to do with a story like that.

i was expecting something like "but being slaved is fun" LOL

Huh... portal outta nowhere. Kay, I can roll with this.

I Love how the CMC murder five people and kidnap one and treat it like nothing...
Innocence can be a scary thing :rainbowlaugh:

I'll be honest, part of the fun of writing this chapter was their innocent view of what they're doing. They probably think that all the humans are just sleeping or something.

3882214 Also the fact that humans from our world would find the portal and...

Let's just say Obama won't be happy :rainbowlaugh:

But I will.

the first thing the soldiers run into are the cmc.
They all have heart attacks and the invasion of Equestria becomes a slow and losing battle.

3882325 We enlist jaded, psychotic, 13-year olds and give them guns and training...

Then unleash the world's arsenal of nuclear missels on Equestria.

All. Of. Them. :pinkiecrazy:


Great story, :twilightsmile: and after reading that story it made me worry if I gone though same as Chains.

Nice chapter, but I found something you may want to edit.

“It isn’t a bother, I used to help clean up around her too,”

I'm pretty sure that should be "here".

Chains is whitout a doubt one of my favorite original character in MLP fanfics.

I like this kind of story, though this sounds much simpler then the one I tried to make, this is far better. Thank you for sharing it with us. *bow*

Gentle breeze guide your path, A warm smile welcome your turn. :twilightsmile:

Squee this was cute! :pinkiesmile: I demand more chains and spike being adorable together. :pinkiehappy:


Gentle breeze guide your path, A warm smile welcome your turn.

This is quite pretty, is it a quote from something, a saying, or something you made up? :twilightsmile:

I bet the brown Canary is Chains, while the lavender Sparrow is Twilight. The owner is society, whom controls what the brown Canary can do and the extent he can interact with others.

3987953 I made it up when I first began commenting on the stories in this website. and Thank you for thinking so. :twilightsmile: though usually I say return.

This is heartwarming. Thanks, man.


This is really interesting, I'd be intrigued if you wrote a one-shot/story about Chains meeting the Mane-iac.

Oh the roller coaster of emotions!
CHAINS UPDATED?! :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy: ... wait :rainbowderp: ... aww it's the side stories :applejackunsure: ... *read, read, read* ... AWWWWWW ALL THE FLUFFY FEELS! :twilightsmile:

You love writing these three and I love reading about them. :heart:

Dangnabit!! Now i got cavities in my teeth! Apparently this fic was just to sweet for me.

Very nice chapter. Though there are some things you may want to edit. For example:

They had to shield their faces at first to get used to the stark contras of the cold they had endured till now.

That should be "contrast". Also, most of the dialogue lacks capitalization at the start.

That was sweet. I did a similar scene in one of my own stories, except Spike was about 18 and was playing with his niece.

The warrior princess stood before the gaping maw of earth and stone. A deep rumble resonated from within, the beast’s snores shaking the very mountain. She stared into its foreboding depths, steeling her nerves for what was to come. With a deep breath, she bellowed her challenge.

“Dragon! Your time has come! I am here to defeat you!”

All at once, the rumbling ceased, and a palpable silence filled the air. Then, a sound. It started low, but quickly grew. It was the sound of dark, wicked laughter. A pair of large, red eyes opened deep inside, staring at the pony in amusement.

“My, my, my,” came the powerful voice of the monster, “Has another little pony come to offer herself as a snack?”

“I have come to make you pay for what you’ve done!” the heroine bellowed.

“Then come, little pony, show me what you got.”

The princess drew her ancient sword in her mouth and charged. She swung at the great beast, only to have him deflect the blow with forearm, the tough scales harder than diamond. He retaliated with a swing of his deadly claw. The princess dodge-rolled to her right just in time for the natural weapon to pass inches over her head. With a quick upward strike, she sliced across the dragon’s relatively soft underbelly. The dragon bellowed in pain and anger, rearing back. The great beast sucked in a deep breath and unleashed a torrent of emerald fire, completely engulfing the would-be dragon slayer.

“Mwahahaha!” the dragon laughed in victory, “I have destroyed yet another pony, because dragons are awesome!”

“Nuh-uh! I have an amulet that protects me from dragon fire!” the pony shouted from the clearing smoke.

The dragon raised an eyebrow at the amulet that he knew wasn’t there a moment ago, “So we’re doing that, are we? Okay, try this out!”

His eyes glowed bright red before twin lasers shot from them.

“Hey, no fair! Dragons can’t shoot lasers!”

“Sure we can. I just never showed you.”

“Mom! Spike’s cheating!”

These canon additions are just great! :twilightsmile:
Also, really glad to see you're back to working on the story! :pinkiehappy:

Awww! I'm glad the rest of Twilight's family is good too.


First Spike chooses to defy society's expectations, someday Chains might follow.

¡Que lindo! How cute! I think that Chains and Twilight will make a great pair. Also, don't worry Spike, you'll get your turn to find your lady! :raritywink:

Daaaaaaw. :heart:

Romance and love bloom, however the storms of strife and trouble always follow that gentle flower. Remember your roots and settle deep less you be taken a drift. :pinkiesad2:
But also know that the storm brings rain use it to grow and become a grand strong tree. :pinkiesmile:

Gentle winds guide your way, a warm smile welcome your home. :twilightsmile:

It would be even more hilarious if the guy didn't get mad and just said "No." in the most monotone voice ever...


This was an interesting side story. Was this guy the one Chains ran into in the Everfree?

That was sweet! :rainbowkiss:

Nice side stories.

And that right there is why Fluttershy is my favorite. (Well, technically, Big Mac and Sweetie Belle are my favorites, but of the Mane 6, definitely Flutters.)

I wonder what the hybrid will be like when he/she is grown-up. Perhaps they have a distrust of nobles?

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