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I'm kind of new to being a fanfic author, so when I submit something please be gentle


I'M BACK EVERYPONY!!! · 4:32am Jan 8th, 2014

After my friend came over and was super awesome about fixing my PC I am now back on the typing path! Huzza! still have very little typed on part two but I have a better means of typing it now! hope to make progress and have it done and polished in a few weeks. Thank you all for being as understanding as you were and not getting upset when the production halted. Well I'm off, and in the words of Rarity, "I must create!"

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74388>>742373 well anyways hope for both of you continue max- know that you continue on Fridays peace also you guys should colander ate for story ideas anyway thanks for the comments

743879 Sorry, wasn't implying anything bad. Peace. :twilightblush:

743841 I was just supplying information I wasn't give an option if it was bad or good just supplying information as you see I already fav'ed his sorry and of course some ideas seem alike peace

722900 After what I've read of his, I wouldn't call mine a clone. Mine would be lucky to be called a close cousin of An Unexpected Kinship. :twilightsheepish:

742373 I wouldn't worry too much about plagiarism. I won't call you out on anything, and I'm willing to fight off anyone who might cause you trouble.

And I would be more than happy to sit down and pass ideas back and forth.

722900 I'm 7 chapters in and it's like he's reading my mind!! Wonderful story, but i'll need to make some changes to avoid and accusations of plagiarism, in later chapters of course.

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