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Cutie Mark Crusader Slavers! Yay!

Cutie Mark Crusader Slavers! Yay!

It was a cool spring morning in a lonely, out of the way, little suburb.

A young man with auburn hair, fair skin and green eyes was sipping his cup of coffee as he read the day’s paper, checking on the status of his sports teams.

He put down his coffee and took a bite of his scrambled eggs, before he heard a knock on the front door.

Looking up as he set his paper down, and got up from the table.

He heard the knock again as he got near it. “I’m coming, I’m coming,” he said, as he reached for the doorknob and opened it.

And saw no one there.

He raised an eyebrow as he leaned out and looked right and left, not seeing anyone.

“Down here,” came the voice of a young girl.

He looked down to see the big smiling eyes of three adorable fillies; One yellow, one orange with pair of wings, and one white with a horn.

He stared at them in shock; unable to really comprehend how they could exist, let alone talk. He was almost certain he must have been both seeing and hearing things. Before the Yellow one spoke up with the same voice as he heard earlier.

“Can we please enslave ya’ll?” she asked sweetly, her eyes getting big and shiny.

It took a moment for the young man to register what she said, and at first he was furious at such a notion and was about to express it, when his eyes locked with hers.

She smiled so brightly and innocently that the anger the young man felt was slowly melting away.

And suddenly a pain gripped his heart as if it had exploded inside his chest.

His hand clenched at his chest, as he fell backwards, dead on the spot.

The fillies rushed to his side, and the orange one kicked the floor in frustration. “Darn it, that’s the fifth one!”


Sometime earlier in another dimension

The three fillies, Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle, collectively known as the Cutie Mark Crusaders, lay on the grass, puzzling over ideas for how to earn their cutie marks.

“Ya’ll come up with anything?” Applebloom asked, studying a blade of grass for inspiration.

“Nope,” came Scootaloo’s bored reply.

“Nothing,” came Sweetie’s shortly after.

The three let out a collective sigh.

Suddenly, Applebloom had an idea and jumped up excitedly, “ah got it!” she exclaimed.

Her friends looked at her, equally excited to hear her idea, “We can be Cutie Mark Crusader Slavers!”

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle tilted their heads, and frowned, and thought for a minute, “aren’t all the humans already enslaved?” Sweetie Belle mentioned.

Applebloom’s victorious pose faltered slightly, “ah….. well…..”


The present in this dimension

That’s how their day, and this journey, began. To think that finding the materials and magic to create a trans-dimensional gateway into a universe just packed full of humans was the easy part.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders traveled down the street of the neighborhood they had been transported to, to do their best in becoming Cutie Mark Crusader Slavers.

“Maybe we’re doing it wrong?” Sweetie suggested.

“What do you mean?” Scootaloo asked as they came to the next house along the street. The three of them stopped before approaching the door.

“Well, didn’t we learn in class that early humans were captured?” Sweetie recalled. “If we want to get Cutie Marks in slaving, shouldn’t we try capturing a human?”

Applebloom looked down, “ah don’t know ya’ll, it seems wrong to just do that without askin.”

“Do you want a Cutie Mark or not?” Scootaloo asked, somewhat forcibly.

“Of course ah do,” the yellow filly said, growing resolute. “Okay, we’ll try capturing one, but let’s ask it first, we may get lucky this time,” she said hopefully.


There was yet another young man, with brown hair and eyes, enjoying his breakfast, toast and bacon.

He had the day off, and was planning on going for a morning jog after eating, followed by a shower and some hardcore gaming until late into the night.

His plans would soon be derailed however, as he heard a knock at the door. He hadn’t been expecting anyone, and he didn’t feel like dealing with any door to door religions or salesmen, so he ignored it.

There was another knock, louder this time.

Sighing, he took another bite of food, before there came a third knock, this one seemed more eager, as if there were several pairs of hands knocking.

With some irritation, he stood up from his table, and went to the door.

‘Probably the neighborhood kids again,’ he thought to himself, as he pulled open the door, and looked down, expecting to see mischievous children running off immediately.

He indeed saw young faces, but not the ones he expected.

They stared up at him with bright hopeful eyes, and one of them spoke up, “would you please let us enslave you?”

He stared down at them, and blinked a few more times.

It was lucky for him that, unlike several of his neighbors, he was somewhat jaded, and therefore immune to the effects of cuteness overload so he survived the initial encounter and registered what the young filly had said, and was able to give a well thought out answer.


The door was quickly shut and he went to finish his breakfast, trying to ignore the oddity of that morning.


“Well, now what?” Scootaloo asked, after the door was slammed in their face.

“We capture him of course,” Applebloom answered, “we just need a net or somethin,” she said, looking around, spying a nearby tool shed with its door opened.

“Come on, Crusaders, let’s find something to catch him with,” she said as she trotted towards the shed, leading her fellow CMC.


The young man was washing his dishes after his morning meal, going over the peculiar event that happened moments ago.

He considered that maybe he imagined it, or maybe it was a well thought out hoax by some local kids, though he had no idea how they could pull something like that off.

With these thoughts weighing on his mind, he almost didn’t hear the knock on the door, which seemed softer this time.

He shook out his hands and grabbed a towel, drying them off before answering the door.

This time he expected to see the three little fillies from earlier, but was surprised to see not a one.

Thinking that maybe it was ding-dong-ditchers, he stepped out to look around, and was suddenly attacked.

In a flash the three fillies had jumped upon him; the White and Orange ones from the sides and the Yellow one, wielding a net, from above.

The net in question however was a small fishing net that didn’t even go past his shoulders, and only went over his head.

He could see the Yellow filly with the bow in her red mane hanging onto the handle, dangling from it, as her weight did little to bring him down as the other two fillies were each grabbing a leg.

The yellow filly seemed to blush as she realized how much their attempt had failed, and just stared into his narrowing eyes with her large expressive ones.

After a long pause she spoke up, “can we enslave ya now?”

He felt like he was growing a headache, and just gently lifted up the net, filly with it, and set her down on the ground gently. The other two letting go of his legs and standing beside their friend.


He answered again, and began to walk off, trying to go for his morning walk before more craziness filled his day, when suddenly he felt a weight on his leg.

Looking down he saw that the orange filly, who he now noticed had wings, had latched onto his leg, and behind her, was the yellow filly, latching onto hers. And at the end, was the white filly with a horn.

“Pleeeeeaaaaase?” They begged in unison.

“No!” He said louder, as he dragged them along the sidewalk.







“But we really want our cutie marks,” said the yellow one.

“I don’t know what that is, and I don’t care,” he said sternly.

“Come on,” the orange one tried to persuade.

“We’ll be your best friends,” the white one tried to bargain.

“No!” his denials were sounding more and more angry.

The three fillies let go of him and lined up in front of him, now having to resort to their final tactic.

They all stayed up at him with huge sad eyes, that began to fill with tears and shimmer in the light.

The human tried to stand strong, and turn away, but they were right there in front of him wherever he turned. “No, none of that,” he said.

Their eyes only got wider and they began to sniffle.

“Stop it,” he said, his voice faltering, even as hard hearted as he was, he could only take so much.

They each sniffled more and their lower lips trembled.


He couldn’t finish the sentence, before they suddenly let out loud sobs and wails.



Now sitting in a little red wagon, with a collar on his neck and his head resting on his fist, the human scowled as he was pulled through the portal and into the other world.

“Darn,” said the orange filly, who had introduced herself as Scootaloo, “Still no Cutie Mark.”

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