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To Be a Hero

To Be a Hero

Approaching the summit of the largest and most dangerous mountain in all of Equestria was a rather strange pair of adventurers. They were strange in the sense that one was a Unicorn, and the other a human, a race which most in this land believed to be only good as a slave race.

The human was tall and handsome, and wore armor that seemed to be made of silver as it glinted in the sunlight. His short brown hair blew in the wind as he trudged up the trail, his left hand gripping a shield, and his right hand on the hilt of his sword, which rested in its Scabbard, his mismatched eyes peering cautiously for their goal.

His Unicorn companion trailed not far behind him, a set of heavy robes clung to her form as she climbed after the human. Her purple eyes betrayed deep wisdom and magical knowledge. A powerful gust of cold mountain wind caused her to stop for a moment as her cloak and purple and pink mane billowed in the wind.

“My Lady,” the human called back, “we are almost there,” he told her.

She looked up to him and nodded, “we must hurry, the Dragon may soon eat the poor Maiden if he hasn’t already,” she spoke with a deep sense of urgency.

The human nodded, as they made their way closer and closer to their goal.

Upon reaching the summit they saw the entrance of a cave with a faint light deep inside, and could feel a tremendous amount of heat radiating from it. They had to shield their faces at first to get used to the stark contras of the cold they had endured till now.

They gave each other one last look to share their determination, before nodding and entering the cave to search for the dragon and maiden.

The cave smelled horrible and the human carefully drew his sword so as to be at the ready should the beast attack them.

The cave seemed to close around them as they went deeper towards the source of the light, listening for even the slightest sound.

They came to a turn in the cave and the human pressed his back to the wall, the unicorn followed suite, as the human looked around the corner.

The chamber he peered into was grand, and a large fire burned in the center to provide the warmth. He then spotted a maiden pony, grey in color, with patchwork clothes and a messy mane. She was tied to a stalagmite. She seemed to be unconscious.

He looked around the chamber, but saw no sign of the Dragon’s presence.

He turned back to the Unicorn, and whispered softly, “she’s in there, but I do not see the dragon.”

The Mage thought deeply, “let us hope he is out hunting, either way, we must go to our lady’s rescue,” she said.

The human nodded, and together they cautiously proceeded around the corner and into the chamber.

After a few steps, the Unicorn trotted to the Maiden’s side, and looked her over as the human stayed near the path they came from, looking around, his shield and sword ready should they come under attack suddenly.

After a quick diagnostic spell, the pony looked to him, speaking quietly, “she doesn’t appear to be damaged, just out cold,” she told him, her horn flaring up with magic as she proceeded to undo the ropes.

Before the first knot was undone, a low growl echoed throughout the chamber, causing both human and pony to freeze in place and look around in a slight panic.

The dragon was hiding in the shadows cast by the intricate stalagmites and stalactites, and it was clearly displeased.

The human warrior and unicorn mage stepped back towards each other, eyeing the shadows carefully, “are you prepared, My Lady?” he asked her, ready to defend her with his life as he knew she would do the same for him.

She nodded, though he couldn’t see it, “yes,” she said, her horn charging to prepare a spell.

Suddenly, a large purple dragon with green spines leaped from the shadows, snarling viciously as the heroes rolled aside from each other, the dragon going between them and continuing on, turning around and facing the both of them.

The mage fired a bolt of magic at the dragon, though this only served to draw his attention. He breathed a ball of fire at her, and she did her best to dodge, though the blast caught a bit of her robes, singeing them.

The human came at the dragon’s flank, and swung his sword, to draw his attention away from the unicorn.

The dragon snarled and swung his tail at the smaller human, who blocked it with his shield, though the force of the impact still sent him flying back.

The human stood as his companion fired another blast of magic at the reptile’s eyes, which exploded in a brilliant flash of light.

The dragon recoiled and roared in surprise as he was blinded.

“Now!” yelled the unicorn with urgency.

The human nodded and rushed the dragon, leaped in the air, and brought down his mighty blade upon the head of the beast.


Chains gently tapped the baby dragon on the head with an empty paper towel roll.

Spike let out a dramatic roar of anguish as he fell backwards, dramatizing his defeat with played up snarls.

The human chuckled and so did Twilight who was nearby, wrapped in a blanket which acted as robes for their little game.

Nearby, tied in string was Twilight’s doll, Smarty Pants.

The three children shared a laugh, which echoed in the empty library.

Normally it was closed at this time of night, and no one was allowed inside, but Twilight wanted to do some research and Spike wanted to read more adventure books.

He had been growing very fond of the stories involving brave knights saving damsels in distress.

“That was fun!” the young drake exclaimed as he sat up, “thanks for playing with me guys,” he said, getting up and going to the book that he had been reading.

“It was a pleasure Spike,” Twilight said as she went to pick up Smarty Pants.

Chains smiled as he went to Spike, but then noticed that the young drake had a perplexed look on his face. “Um, guys?” the baby dragon spoke up, looking at them as they turned their attention fully to him. “Why aren’t any of the dragons in these stories heroes?” he asked them

The human and the unicorn looked at each other, not quite sure how to answer it.

Though, Twilight was the first to come to some conclusion that may set the baby dragon at ease. “Well, dragons are usually the bad guys in fantasy stories like that,” she started, the drake began to look crestfallen, “but maybe, nopony has had the chance to see a heroic dragon in action,” she said, trying to give an encouraging smile.

Spike still looked sad for a moment, and held the book to his chest.

He had fallen in love with adventure stories involving heroes because of how brave they were and how they never gave up against such great odds.

He smiled as he came to a realization and he looked up at his would be siblings, “then I’ll be the first,” he proclaimed, standing up. “One day, I’ll be a brave hero, and I’ll save ponies from evil creatures and maybe I’ll save a Princess too,” he started to say excitedly, “and we’ll get married and live happily ever after.”

His smile was bright and cheerful as any child’s should be.

Chains and Twilight couldn’t help but smile with him, and the human spoke up this time, “I don’t doubt it, you’ll be a great hero one day, Spike,” he said.

The drake grinned and looked up at them, “I’ll need you two to be there too,” he said. “All the greatest heroes have their best friends helping them, right?” he asked.

Twilight chuckled and gave the baby dragon an affectionate nuzzle, “of course we’ll be there, we wouldn’t let our heroic dragon go it alone after all,” she said.

Chains came to their side, and placed a hand on Spike’s shoulder, “I’ll help in whatever way I can,” he said.

Spike’s smile only grew bigger as he hugged them both, “you guys are the best!”

Author's Note:


I really do like writing these three together like this.

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