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Chains Tales - BookyBrony

Short stories based in the universe of Chains. Wackyness abound.

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It was early morning in Ponyville, so early in fact that Celestia had yet to raise the sun.

Though just the day before some ponies feared that the sun would never raise again.

The Summer Sun Celebration had always been a day of joy for the inhabitants of Equestria, filled with parties that lasted till dawn and festivals that lasted the entire following day.

But the next day, everypony was shocked when the night went on longer than normal. Though many of them felt something was wrong, they didn’t worry too much about it.

And then it went on for hours, until it was what should have been the afternoon.

Confusion quickly turned to panic, but the moment the sun began to rise again, that same panic turned into cautious optimism.

Even now, ponies were worried though. Even when details spread to the four corners of the Equestrian nation explaining exactly what had happened. Nightmare Moon had returned, and threatened the world with darkness, but was defeated and purified.

They were told the day scheduling would resume as it normally would, and the normally longest day of the year had become the shortest in history.

But more so than worried, the ponies were too tired to be afraid of the dark the following night and most slept peacefully.

Some went to bed before the sun had even sunk to the horizon, and the moon replacing it in the sky, which shone with such majesty that had not be witnessed for millennia.

It was still dark as the brown and blue eyes of a young man opened softly. Having slept like a rock, his body felt stiff.

Chains let out a tired groan as he tried to move a little, but became aware of the presence in the bed with him.

Looking to his right side, he noticed the young lavender unicorn who he shared the dreamless slumber with.

Twilight Sparkle was still asleep, breathing softly, her muzzle resting on her human’s shoulder.

Chains smiled gently as he remembered the day before, how Twilight had expressed her love for him, and he expressed his own for her. Though they had said it before, it felt much better now that they were both resolute in pursuing their romance.

Despite the world nearly being thrown into eternal darkness, getting lost in the Everfree forest and nearly dying twice the same night, it was likely the best day in Chains’ life, and if not it was close.

The human pulled the unicorn closer and gently nuzzled her, and breathed in her scent. It was one he was familiar with growing up. The smell of ink and paper, and stale books which hadn’t been opened in years mixed with a slight scent of herbal tea.

It was calming and relaxing, and Chains had nearly drifted back to sleep, had the unicorn not began to stir herself.

A soft mumble escaped her lips as she pressed herself into the warmth of the human body next to her.

Chains blushed and wrapped his arms around her as her eyes slowly fluttered open. She looked up at him and smiled, before pressing her head to his chest affectionately. “Mmm, is it morning yet?” she asked.

The human looked outside the window, seeing the faint signs of the sky getting lighter as the sun neared the horizon. “Not yet,” he said, gently stroking her mane.

“Good, I don’t want to get up yet,” she said sleepily, earning a chuckle from the young man.

The two of them lay in bed, cuddling close, happy and content in just sharing each other’s warmth.

Twilight adjusted herself, moving her head along his chest, when her horn accidently tapped against his collar, making an audible metallic clank.

They both froze up, and Twilight gently moved her head to look sadly at the ring of metal around the human’s neck.

It served as a reminder of what he was, and the world they lived in.

Twilight frowned, and her horn glowed with a violet light, as did the collar around Chains neck. His eyes widened as he heard a click, and the collar was removed and placed on the nightstand nearby.

“Mistress,” he spoke with some worry in his force, before she nuzzled his now bare neck.

“Chains,” she spoke softly, her forelegs wrapping around his body to embrace him.

A smile formed on his lips, and he closed his eyes in understanding, pulling her into a tighter embrace.


For now at least, they could forget the world outside of themselves.

Here he wasn’t a slave, and Twilight wasn’t his Mistress.

He was her love, and she was his.

Author's Note:

Most of the fanfics I'm writing right now have a lot of heavy stuff going on in them at the moment. Also a lot of the ones I've been reading lately hit hard emotionally. So I needed to write some Cuddle Fluff to lighten my mood a little. It's short, it's sweet, and its Canon, set just after the events of Chapter 14 in Chains.


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