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I'm glad you're also here on Fimfiction as well as Fanfiction!:twilightsmile:

Haven't read it yet, but I'd like to track it to see where it goes.


I readed this at fanfiction.net, fav

You moved from fanfiction!!! Huzzizzle

Yay so happy it is here now :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

Congrats ... Good story so far... Also dont be offended from my question .. But What made you think of a story like this ? i mean slaves ??? no offensie
* claps * good story :twilightsheepish:

HA! Humans being enslaved by ponies! That's hilarious!

Favored in fanfiction, now in fimfiction. Welcome!

Good good sir. I shall read on! :twilightsmile:

Its an interesting concept, but the delivery isn't all that great. The unfortunately common grammar mistakes and spelling errors don't ruin the story for me, but they certainly detract from the story.

As for the story itself, while I haven't finished reading it, the idea of a slave having their mind so thoroughly broken that they can't conceive of not living solely to please their owners is quite upsetting. There have only been a few stories I've read that portrayed ponies as committing such morally reprehensible acts as the practicing of slavery, but this one at least hasn't directly mentioned the more horrifying aspects of chattel slavery and its slightly more palatable for it.

This story is very interesting to say the least. The concept is odd, but very sound but i agree with McUselessMigrant, the grammar sometimes takes away from the story and few spelling errors Ive found are very noticeable. I look forward to more chapters of this.

Overall I give you double staches :moustache::moustache:

Mother of god. This is amazing.


I do believe you've misspelled Shining's name, other than that, keep up the good work!

Me gusta
You gusta
We all effing gusta!

What a distopian Equestia you have made. Guards that beat children. Good read though, Tally Ho.

Good god I want more! :pinkiehappy:
Awesome story so far! :yay:

author. what are you doin. Author. Stahp. *cries*

Glad to see this story come here.:twilightsmile: Also, am I the only one that hope that at some point the humans rebel against the ponies?

I was hoping this would come here it's one of my all time favs on Fanfiction..net and now it is here too.

Celestia his holding something back. Adventure awaits. ONWARD

Urge... To crucify...... Impudent..... Grass munchers...... Rising!

Revolution?? abolishment of the slavery of humans? will these ever happen? i hope so.

A very interesting story, however what Urist McUselessMigrant said is true.

Ooooh, I love that last line. This'll be a good read.

Well, can't say I liked this story, though, to each their own. :twilightsmile:

Awesome story! Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Oh sweet baby Jesus. this shit is awsome

Pony female — Check
Human male — Check
Hormones — Check

Yeah, that seems right.:pinkiehappy:

The feelings, they're getting to me :fluttercry:

I think I read all of it until now in one and a half hour. This story really has taken a hold on me, and I'm hoping for many different things to happen.

Some readers already commented that they disliked this cruel form of slavery in a pony setting. Well, I was a little doubtful at first as well, but the main aspect of the story is the relationship between one slave and one mistress, not the whole slavery business, though the story will probably also explain Celestia's and the human prince's background, and how it had come to this situation. Still, it would be nice to see some kind of resistance from the ponies against the enslavement of sentient beings. For example, protestors accusing Twilight of being a vile slaver, or Twilight trying to change the way humans are viewed by ponies.
It'd just be a nice addition if you find the time and a nice spot for it in your story. Have a :heart: for humans.

Also, I'm curious already how Twilight's friends are going to view him. I can imagine Fluttershy having pity on him, Applejack seeing him as some sort of tool, and Rarity commenting on him being a fabulous accessory. :raritywink:

Finally, Lumi is a naughty pony, and she's having naughty ideas about a certain slave licking his mistress's hooves and being whipped for her enjoyment.
Okay, this probably isn't going to happen, but the thought is stuck in my head now.

Comment posted by Mashmaster deleted May 29th, 2014

Read the whole thing and I fucking love it
Every chapter every line, well bloody done. Love the guy Chains and I'm seriously curious on whether there will be other human slaves in Ponyville, maybe Lyra would have one, that would be an interesting thing to have occur. But I have to say one thing, since the enslavement of the humans in Equestria happened about 200 years ago, how is Princess Luna going to react to this?
But lastly, these humans that are in Equestria, are they from Earth and got teleported here or have they always been there?
1358407 Zing!

of course there is an oppisite of my constant fantasies of the ponies getting enslaved by the humans and then the fire spirit rescuing them

I heard the OC's in that fan fiction are horrible!
Absolutely self inserts they are.:unsuresweetie:

me gusta



And the plot thickens!

why yes,my dear sir.
now to kick some pony plot

this requires the highest order of non-human warriors

yup...cows with guns

Really cool story bro!
Honestly, I'm very interested in how Luna will react to humankind as a whole.
And is Chains... royalty?:rainbowderp:


Pony female — Check
Human male — Check
Hormones — Check

Yeah, that seems right.


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