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"The Optimist thinks that this is the best of all possible worlds... The Pessimist knows it." - Julius Robert Oppenheimer, Father of the Atomic Bomb


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heh that last bit was entertaining,

Ah.. the usual freak out and believing that it's a dream. Whelp can't wait to see what's next. :pinkiehappy:

It's it's it's *sniffles* soooo BEAUTIFUL *starts to sob* MOAR updates

Damn... Go Redheart! Looking forward to more! :pinkiehappy:


will read when you have more chapters up. Nothing i hate more then starting a story and it never get completed.

Interesting start... It goes into my read later for now until more chapters are up and more of the story is revealed. I am a sucker for HIE with Mature, Sex and Romance tags.


An oxygen tank to the head...... brain damage or a slow and painful death? Naaaaah, he'll come out it totally fine! He might even apologize to them for tie him up, knocking him out and then more or less imprisoning him! Need to clean up the spelling/grammar, but a decent start otherwise, though I wonder if it will continue to be so. Yeah I'm a pessimist.....

MOAR!!!!:flutterrage: Please?:fluttercry:

im a sucker for hie romance with Dash if thats where this fic is going you have all of my yes

Now he'll get a mild case of serious brain damage.

Why are roughly 67% of all bronies that come to Equestria overagressive plotholes?
Meh anyway, interesting fic so far, i will keep my Eyes on it.

Good start! Love the apocalypse theme

.38 and .357 can both be fired out of the same cylinder, and I find it interesting that the police use clay and duck guns.

Interesting chapter.

No pointers by me sorry:) But stil great you updated! how many times are you gonna post a new chapter? if i may be so bold:pinkiesmile:


Currently working on the next chapter, I don't really have a set amount but I suspect a pretty long story

Best fan fics are where the humans aren't little girls when taken to equestria. The best ones are when the humans are percieved as 'Armed and Dangerous' :rainbowdetermined2:

2976385 What about when they're seen as nucking futs?

2976796 That too. One question this is a LunaXHuman fic right?


It may be my friend, It very well may be. His favorite pony is Twilight. BUT! You never know. I AM ALREADY WORKING ON IDEAS FOR SEQUEL! I HAVE NO LIFE PLEASE HELP ME!

2976796 those are fun as well

I actually would beg to differ from that statement in your author note. It was nicely done and I still look forward to the next chapter.

2978035 Well, in that case, shameless self promotion!!!

Are you looking for OCs? Because I have quite a few that are interesting with both Mary Sue and standard modes.

2978356 i wooooould.... but since i barely have any time to do diddly shit i might not get around to reading it for like... 4 months... maybe more.

>>>Yeah, I don't think this is my best work but I didn't wanna keep you waiting to long. Again first time writing an HiE where it isn't several months after the humans arrival. If anyone has pointers they would be much appreciated..<<<

Quality over quantity, my good man. :moustache:

I'm aware of the pressures of trying to put out chapters on a schedule (or at the very least something that resembles a schedule), but you can't rush yourself, or you'll only deliver a shoddy product, and nobody wants that. :pinkiesick:

Most of the other things I've written on other sites have been slowly updated, but I heard nothing from my reviewers about the chapter's quality, and in the end that's what really mattered; how well the chapter was written, not how many were made. :yay:

Take your time, we'll all still be here when it's ready. :eeyup:

its not bad i can tell you that much.

Nice that's he's calming down. I wonder how he'll take it when he finally realizes he's truly in Equestria... I hope it turns out well for him but even if it does, it looks like it won't any time soon.

He should have expected or warned Luna. Kinda like "Hey I remember how you're the one dreamscaping... don't do it to me" or something like that but then again, it's good that you didn't. You wouldn't have been able to advance the plot like you did just not. Good chapter, makes me feel bad for the guy. Now we know what happened to the rest of his family.

Its GOOOOOD!:pinkiehappy:

pleaz wright more its realy good :pinkiehappy:

I'm really hoping that this won't turn into zombies come to mlp fic. Never really like those. Still good thuo.

Bad twilight no weapons for you

I only have two issues.

1. Zombie apocalypse. Again? This sort of thing is overdone and unrealistic. There's no such thing as a super virus, there's always going to be SOME people that are immune. Its just a cheap way to create a pain and angst-filled backstory.

2. These ponies have magic powers up the wazoo. They've healed him, agreed to save his world...despite him treating them so badly and being a pottymouth...and he is STILL snapping at the only hope he might have of saving his world? The proper response should be "Look, I don't want ANYONE looking at this. I appreciate how you want to help, I will do ANYTHING if you can save my people. But please... just leave my dreams alone."


He hasn't told them about what he truly knows about them, he can't go back to his world, his mind still isn't fully comprehending what is happening. And as for the whole 'Some people are immune.' statement.....when the virus struck he was 16, in the mind of a sixteen year old disaster prepper no one is immune. I speak from personal expirence on this, Dominic is slightly based off of my brother. But I digress.

Thank you for commenting on the story, it helps me learn better techniques and come up with better idea's


Okay, I'm willing to give him leeway because he's only sixteen. But I sure hope he understands pretty quickly that these people are his only hope. And he'd better suspend his disbelief quickly. If you've seen a zombie apocalypse unfold, very little should surprise you anymore.

1. its overdone? are you sure ? cause even if an idea is overused only a handful of them turn out good like this story for example
2. I do agree with you on that point he's being a major dick and could have went about the dream thing differently

Is the next chapter on its way?


Yeah, I'm working on it

I'm enjoying the story quite a bit. If there are haters out there don't let them get you down.

Well I'd say except for his reaction to Pinkie Pie I'd say this is a great chapter. I think that since he's well immersed in the world of Pony he'd know to expect and be prepared for Pinkie blowing up in his face. Also, I think you could have given the rest of the mane 6 some more time/lines or whatever but yeah other than that I think this was a good update. Thank you very much! See you at the next chapter! Bring the booze next time. We got a shell shocked human who's way too sober right now.

I like this story. Alot!:pinkiehappy: Please update more often. if thats ok with you.:fluttershyouch:

i hope you don't make him change instantly to accomodate the ponies lifestyle; since going from fighting for your life all the time and killing things on a daily basis can't be easy to jump out of, since he has to be on high alert all the time to survive, and i'm expecting him to be ultraviolent to any threats.


I titled the story 'Coming Out of It' because that's what this story is, the slow recuporation into a productive member of society through Love, Tolerance Friendship and ANFO High Explosives

A most excellent reveal. Always my favorite part of stories like these.

3137771 That's why it took me so long to update, I couldn't figure out how to get him to talk without fear of punishment. Then *BANG* Twilight's down, saves her, earns a bargaining chip, gives me an opportunity, I love it when a plan comes together. *puffs on cigar*

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