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I try to write the best I can. Feel free to leave me a comment (I prefer positive ones but any feedback is better than none at all). I appreciate stories that are well written and skillfully executed.

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YAY it's back!!!!!

6799642 It never left.:raritywink:

6799724 I know but it been while since the last one

A Downvote already? I wonder why.

Next chapter is already away to my awesome editor!

All my Yes! It arrives! *happy dance*
Please, good sir, continue.

I will warn all readers that this story will hit you in the feels, and perhaps not always in a way you want. Fair warning.

I really hope this General guy is going to be more than just a one dimensional villain that we're supposed to hate, because if he isn't, I'm going to be very disappointed.

6801341 Hehehehehe... Obviously you have not read the other stories in the series. I do not tend to create one-dimensional villains.

6800797 I'm not gona lie, I giggled like a schoolgirl when I saw that the next part of The Unity Pact came out. I have it worse than RD has it for Daring Do. Is this what drugs feel like?

6802620 I have no idea. I don't use drugs.

6802635 Also, if I can make a suggestion for a song to use at some point, look up A World Without Danger. And when you do, tell me if the song brings back memories of your childhood.

6802799 I'll take a look, thanks. Up until now my go-to person for music is the reader Amethyst Blade.

Good work, keep it up!

No, generally your villains tend to give me headaches. "But...but...I'm not supposed to like this guy!" Really, the big point of a lot of TUP stories is that there really aren't villains as you're used to thinking of them. More that you have people who, for various reasons, believe in different courses of action and act upon those beliefs. However, the reader can sympathize with them.

Pinkie Pie was offered to stay with Ales Ludwig


Veronica DeLaCrus

Not sure about capitalizing de and la.

6803057 Which is part of the, 'true-to-life' ideal I attempt to portray.

6803185 Derp! I'll fix those as soon as I can. Thanks.

Before their flights, they had been told that nothing dangerous would occur while they were in New Humansville,

Do not taunt Murphy.

Eighth: you will see Changelings here in New Humansville. The ones out on the festival grounds have volunteered to be there and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about their lives and culture, provided they are not intentionally offensive. They may or may not be in their native forms as they retain the right to go about as they please. Many have voluntarily chosen to wear a single earring to signify their species but it is not required of them. There is a very strict policy about acts of aggression against our Changeling citizens. Any acts against them will not be tolerated.

She left out that they may occasionally be the size of a house. Or would that ruin the surprise? :trollestia:

6803610 Oh it would DEFINITELY ruin the surprise. :pinkiehappy:

Which is part of the, 'true-to-life' ideal I attempt to portray. (Omit the comma)

6804471 *eye twitch* Now you're editing my grammar in the comments? :facehoof:

One thing that's bothering me.

If it's been a year since the events of UP2, why haven't the blood mages already won?

1. They have their biological super-weapon that wiped out an entire diamond dog city-state during testing.

2. They have thralls who are the perfect sleeper agents to deliver that weapon.

3. They live in hidden underground safehouses.

4. Their leaders are unscrupulous fanatics, with no qualms about mass murder.

What's keeping them from causing a zombie apocalypse, and waiting underground until everyone on the surface is dead?

6807220 There is a hint of why in the Epilogue of T.U.P. 2


You know, I wondered about that too, but decided that TS made up the name, so he can spell it how he wants. As far as how it's spelled by the people who have that name culturally (if that makes sense?), I have no idea.

So happy to see this sequel! Don't worry about the side projects. So long as the main story gets told, I think we can call it squaresies

6800797 I more or less saw that coming the moment that General made his first appearance back in U.P 2. Something tells me this guy will be the cause of no short amount of suffering in Equestria and to Artex himself.

Actually, now that you've given us fair warning about the feels, I'm half expecting: One of the mares of Artex's herd ends up being captured by the Chinese and experimented on. Towards the end of the story when the battle is finally won, Artex finds what remains of her in a laboratory, floating around in different tanks. The samples taken include their unborn foal.

So yeah.... As far as the 'bad feels' go, that's pretty much how I envision the worst case scenario. (Though I think a lot of us would be a lot happier if it didn't come to that)

I'm very much looking forward to seeing how this epic story of yours will finally end.

Still love your story, thanks for the chapter:raritywink:

Since it's been a while, can someone explain the whole nouns and verbs thing and how having a three is good. I remember reading about it in the first or second book, but all I remember is being kinda confused by how it was described.

6824267 The numbers from 1 - 10 indicate orders of magnitude. So the difference between a 1 and a two is the difference between a pea-sized pebble and a 1-ton boulder, and the difference between 2 and 3 is a boulder compared to Mt. Everest. The difference between a 9 and a 10 is the equivalent difference between a sneeze and a supernova.

6824463 So there's a serious difference between levels. What about nouns and verbs? How do they fit into this?

6824478 Verbs are: Create, Destroy, Repair, Change, Comprehend, Control, and Sustain. Nouns are: Heat/Cold, Water, Soil/Stone, Air, Plants, Flesh, Spirit, Mind, Illusion, Energy, Time, Space... and now I forgot the last one. You get the idea. The Nouns, Verbs, and Finesse are only applied to Unicorns though. Earth Ponies and Pegasi have different categories.

His loyal employees were preparing the three dining rooms for guests and he was nearly done with his inventory check when he felt a chill crawl up his spine.

He looked up from the paperwork lying on his desk and peered around the well lit room. He thought he saw a momentary flash of bubblegum pink next to his desk, but when he leaned over, there was nothing there.

Be afraid Alex, be very afraid:ajsleepy:

How much is a Equestrian fathom in feet? I know single fathom is around 6 feet, but that's for water depth.

6827122 The Equestrian Fathom is the standard accepted length of an adult Kavim (Pony): about four feet.

Slathering should be slavering and proink should be pronk.

When you're looking right at Pinkie, she pronks along at a slow, steady pace. When she's not being observed, she appears right behind someone. Classic slasher movie stuff.


Pinkie really should come with a warning label "if you are still trying to figure out Pinkie at this point you are to close to the edge of insanity" or something

Plus I have to wonder if Alex agreed to host Pinkie at Crash Courses suggestion, and if so, what did Alex ever do to him to deserve this :)

Rarity better be careful around little Merlin. He sounds like a real charmer.:raritywink: It never ceases to amaze me how much trouble a toddler can get into with just the tiniest bit of adult assistance.:ajbemused:

The general is really edgy and he gives me an edgy feeling with his edgy attitude, edgy plan and edgy ideal. Such edgy-ness!

just finished unity pact 2 as a suggestion could you use my character Jon in the story i think be come up with ideas for the ponies once if conflict breaks out coming up inventions like tanks and the like that use crystals and or magic to propel them rather than a combustion engine if you like i can message you a bio of him plus a physical descreption plus character traits if your interested

6847815 I'm not saying an absolute no, but it is not likely. I like to keep my characters fallible and I have found that the very, very vast majority of Human OCs are way OP (that goes double if they have any military or combat experience). Send me a PM about your OC and I MIGHT throw him in. Definitely not making any promises though.

Expect an update here very soon everybody. I have a chapter away to my co-author and editor.

Seriously, why is it that none of your chapter posts ever appear in my Followed Stories? I have to catch it on the main page, or in a search, o see that you have an update.

However you are posting your chapters, please stop.

You need quotation marks at the begging of each paragraph as the rules are being doled out. Just the beginning, not the end, as the same person is still speaking. You are missing the quotations in almost each paragraph, I think.

6851119 I'm getting the same thing...I don't notice the updates unless I see it on the main page.

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