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"I could not help feeling that they were evil things-- mountains of madness whose farther slopes looked out over some accursed ultimate abyss." - H.P. Lovecraft, At The Mountains of Madness


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Death. They have brought Death to thire doorstep and asked him in for tea.

One thing I love is Sabaton, another would have to be this series. Keep it up Boss!

Jucy as in action or as in "action"?


The next chapter will have action, and the next clop chapter will have "ACTION".

WHAT!!! Two down votes already.
Such heresy.

Ah, the torch has been passed, and now we watch as two opposing nations, ideologies and people clash. I wonder how the rest of the world (Onorus' Equestria) will react to this development, I honestly wouldn't put it passed Shining Armor to use this to his advantage, with what we've seen of him in the previous stories.

Comment posted by Mobile SAM deleted May 14th, 2017

I was hoping for an homage to the Inglorious Bastards. You know, Three hundred Equestrian Scalps.

Psychological warfare is best warfare. Break them mentally, and they'll fuck up horribly. Break their spirit. Fear is the best weapon anyone has in their arsenal.

More Please:twilightsmile:

8168048 fear is a useful weapon but only to a point.
according to machiavelli they must fear you but not hate you. This was said in the perspective of ruling a nation but I believe it applies here as well.

If that fear turns into hate then certain actions that otherwise would be unthinkable become preferable. torture, murder of civilians, even genocide at the point of mutual annihilation to name a few.


I disagree. To be able to break your enemies will to fight through making them paranoid fucks allows for a number of beneficial things to happen. Mistakes happen fare more often, the people become fearful causing civil unrest and infighting. By the time you bring in your main force, the enemy will have already been broken. Hell Teddy Roosevelt was known for using it to put down a rebellion in the Philippines.

Hell, If done right, you can end a war with minimal casualties on your end

I'm having a fangasm right now.

The glories of the brave do pass on, from generation to generation and more.

This beginning shall be the end of a legacy and to start of another, for what had once been, shall be once more.

The cycle shall continue, the mould is formed and the form is shaped.

All to the beat, of our marching feet.

Give em a shock and let them fear.
for a wraith has no purpose but to be the thing that haunts with vengeance against the pain of it's wrongful torture!

The wraith is a spirit of vengeance and suffering.
You may not have even been the one to inflict it, but damned be you if you were.

Now they've done it.

Is it bad he sounds like mark hamill when he laughs to me?


That was kinda what I was going for.

8174804 excellent (said Mr. Burns with sadistic pleasure)

And the Joker is reborn. Look out worlds, for the Jester of Genocide is coming for ya!

That doesn't seem like napalm to me. More like a fuel air bomb that was allowed to settle a little.

Just so you know, the Url in the last paragraph is missing a "]" so it is broken

I like how history repeated its self if steven had really looked into how things became in the prime world he could of seen that coming

I loved that Dam mission! Favorite mission in all of the COD series.

That and the final mission of MW2.

You sir. You Magnificent Bastard you... Words can not describe my joy of the bastard battalion:fluttershysad:.

I wonder if the dawn breaker will become a friend of Altair. She will aide him in creating the chaos.

Speaking of chaos I wonder what will happen when Altair runs out of enemies to fight. As he is right now he would be part of the glass box that read break in case of emergency.

8184203 when he runs out of enemy combatants in this world that's when he will take out other target's in other worlds (im looking at you conversion bureau)

I'm a tad bit confused. Are these Equestrians from an alternate dimension, or is this the original Celestia?


Alternate dimension where pones are anthro and have human-like tech.

For the first time in history, two realms had merged into one. The destruction brought about by such an event was masked by the sheer volume of Thermo-Arcane destruction spreading across the massive new world.

Is that about Equestrian A and Equestria B or Earth and Equestrian.... or both?

That got dark quickly.

Holy crap. Did someone say Nuclear Missile Massacre?

I approve.

So are you planning to end this whole series now and write something (new world) or write alternative version of Days Gone By or Collision War so happy/good ending will be still possible (because multiverse)?

Ps.Have a good rest and be back (relatively) quickly:twilightsmile:


I've got something in the works, trying something from a 1st person POV.

8193281 take your time.mental health is no joke as for the end you did state you wanted to see what others could do where you left off and I happened to like the of mice and men ending.

Holy crap. I did not see that coming, but in the end it makes sense. This ending feeds that little corner of my mind that understands the harsh reality of existence.

While I cannot claim to understand what you are going through, I hope you sort out whatever issues without too much difficulty. Good luck man.

By the way, I think this would fit well as an "unofficial" song of the day.

And so the page is turned, another bloody saga of Mankind's tale.
We saw the apocalypse once before in our home, our Mother Earth, we survived even the dead coming up from the pits of hell.
Yet, as the sun began to set through skies choked and clogged with ashes and radioactive fallout from now dead empires, we found ourselves in a new land once more, facing a new apocalypse.

I suppose that old saying is true, "War, War never changes, only the tools and locations do."

Everything you have written has been great, on behalf of someone who has also pulled themselves put of a troubled mindset, these stories helped me to cope with my realities. Feel better bruh!

I've followed this entire series up to this point and before i go further...
I suffer through clinical depression, along with my mother and brother and i've seen stories with "Depressed" characters where they just... don't get it.
But you... turned it INTO the story, at least for me. Thank you for the presentation of this... hell is all i can call it. honestly reading this final page i feel like a "happy ending" wouldn't have gone over right. it kinda had to end this way, and honestly it just makes sense. What more can a newly annointed god of chaos do when he's... well, after all of that. it's a question that frequents my mind, if you've ever read "Diaries of a madman" you can see the elements of it; Chaos god goes full-chaos rampage, everything ends. except this isn't an immortal god living for billions of years, it's a Man.
There's a reason i love HIE Stories. We're only human, and nothing shows that more than this saga right now.

It’s chapters like this that make me uneasy about Onorus. I rooted hard for them when they were fighting the OG Equestria, but I’m not sure about them today.

Altair seems a bit more cruel than Domonic. I can’t imagine Dominic killing Big Mac or the other guy, Dominic always had a clear sense of right and wrong. Altair seems more cold and brutal.

The chuckle turned into a full on laugh, and just like that, the laughter ended. He didn’t feel much of anything, he had just killed two stallions and helped set fire to a family’s livelihood, and yet… All he felt was… Hungry. He had a hankering for some barbecue, and that was it. No remorse, no anger at himself… Nothing that his father had ever described to him. If anything… Altair wanted to do more…

Yikes. Maybe this is just how things will be with him, but he should be careful....anger and aggression now will come back around.

I believe I was right with my previous prediction. We have a villain in the making.

I thought alternate Equestria was on the brink of destruction? How did they manage to hit the Onorus as well? And Earth?!

“One thousand years I waited to be your sister again, to rule with you again… But you haven’t changed in the slightest for the better.” Her horn began to glow softly. “Very well… If you aren’t my sister… You are my nemesis, as is your country.”

Ohhhhhh boy here we go!

Ok. That just happened. All of it.

I know there's another sequel to this, but damn this sure feels like the end of an era. I've enjoyed all of the stories in this series so much throughout the past few years, and now it seems like this has come to an end. What I love so much abut this looking back is how small everything started out as, to how massive it all became. Some of my favorite memories from this series was back in the first story when Dominic began teaching the thestrals about the USA, and how starting with only 20 soldiers, slowly gave rebirth to the US. There were moments when I felt a bit defensive towards Onorus, when it became a bit more radical than the US, but Dominic was a legendary figure and a legend.
Altair unfortunately lot it. Dominic went through the same thing, but he was able to break free because he came to a happy Equestria. Altair had nowhere to escape to.

To think, all the way at the beginning when Dominic woke up in Canterlot that we'd get to where we are now.

Thank you sir, for giving us a legendary story that is quite honestly one of the best things i've ever read.

Thank you for writing this and every previous story in this collection of stories I enjoyed it and I hope you will continue to keep up the great work. And yes I will agree with you that the end got way dark and I can see in your writing it was getting hard to write a happy ending. But no madder all of the collections of this story was good.

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