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I try to write the best I can. Feel free to leave me a comment (I prefer positive ones but any feedback is better than none at all). I appreciate stories that are well written and skillfully executed.

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This story is a sequel to The Unity Pact 2: Shaking Foundations

Catalyst and Starburst, two educated specialists of magic. Each is a representative from opposing sides of an invisible war which has been waged for dozens of generations. Watch as they attempt to find a compromise in what they believe. The tales and misunderstandings of longtime bitter enemies will be revealed in this short scene revolving around two individuals who, under different circumstances, would be ready to fight each other on sight.

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This story is a sequel to The Unity Pact 2: Shaking Foundations

Between Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 of The Unity Pact 2: Shaking Foundations, Chris Vacca becomes Princess Luna's first pupil and Luna becomes Chris's first tutor. This side story is meant to expound on that event and the sessions which follow as Chris and Luna lean more about each other's worlds, each other, and themselves.

This is the place to post any and all questions you may have regarding magic and how it works in Equestria (at least according to the world of The Unity Pact).

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A surprise storm shatters reality for several hundred young college students. Follow the actions of the members of a small, but dedicated group of people as they strive, compromise, and sacrifice in the name of survival and hopefully, a nonviolence truce with those whose nation they have entered.

DISCLAIMER: many of the events depicted herein may cause some anger and confusion. Rest assured that all wrongs WILL be righted eventually. If something does not make sense, feel free to P.M. the author. He will almost always respond.

There are some similarities between this story and the exquisite works that partly inspired this story: A Voice Among The Strangers by Tystarr and also Misunderstandings by The Rogue Wolf. )

Rated Teen for foul language, racial slurs, violence, blood, sexual words and descriptions of sexual organs (but no sexual situations or sexual contact), as well as physical and mental anguish. This is not for children.

Pic is from the Discovery Channel series Survival Of The Fittest.

Chapters (41)
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