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Comment posted by Just_another_brony deleted Sep 7th, 2014

Make a campaign for making gay marriage to become legal, only for it to end in the lands being destroyed by the lich that was the original quest.

Promising story dude... But uh... Well. How do I say this delicately?


I understand that you probably wanted to get the whole "in-equestria-freak-out" out of the way but... Well. The main character was able to get the item that is his defining icon in the land of equestria, teleports to said land, gets evidence to the power of the die, meets some ponies after both parties freak out, casually mention he was a dungeon master back on earth which was clearly a plot device, and then taken to twilight sparkle all in a matter of 1,000 words... Good Lordy loo... That's a lot of exposition.

But, needless to say: I'm intrigued. So I can't wait for the next chapter to see how you continue the story.
good luck!!!!

So, I rolled them, getting perfects on all of them.

Roll for defense against Lyra.

4969128 He hasn't been taken to Twilight yet. I may not be very good with story telling, but what happened is that he ran into the princesses (and discord) by chance. I won't say why they were there yet, it's part of the plot.

exposition exposition run it out a s a p~
seriously though that beggining was waaay to fast slow down a bit... or alot . :-P
the thing at the start was a referance to nostalgia critic
if noone got that

Again, I'm not the best story teller.

All I have to say is thanks to you guys that comment. I'll start looking for some help so as to avoid this problem of moving too fast with the story in the future.

I'm so confuzzled, what are his powers?

Are you serious?
No, no, everybody drop everything. Are you freaking serious?


Dungeon masters write the story and control EVERYTHING that isn't a player. Well, pretty much. They just spawn the enemies and ready the world.
He does what he wants. What he does, however, I'm leaving up to you guys, the audience, to set how he acts.

Sorry for being ever so much offensive, it's just D&D is a big part of the nerd culture around where I live.

A dungeon master sets the world for the players. The dm's powers are infinite, BUT with the ever so glaring problem that he must be fair to BOTH SIDES. Meaning, he can be a troll, but he can't do horrible things and set up obstacles that people can't pass. That sort of thing. It's why he was able to calm down the entire town instantly, just by asking one pony. Yes, he's over powered as balls, but he can't do ANYTHING unless he gets the entire story.

As such, the rules are that if the DM is pulled out of his realm (which is above all of them) that the entire universe could collapse, killing everyone. This DM originated in our universe, and was pulled into a similar realm, thus voiding the entire universe-ending-thing. However, if someone wants to fight him, I'm going to strip him of his powers. ALL OF THEM. At least until he's done fighting. If I let him keep his powers during the fight..... Well, let's not think of that.....

4969916 I know that part, I meant more of what he does to use them. And no, I've never played D&D before. I'm more of a video game guy.

Oh lol. Well, how he uses them is to come later. At the moment, he knows nothing of them.

Like I said in my little not, this story is meant to be part of that League of Humans thing. Thing is, he's going to be neutral. He kinda has to. If you all want a spoiler, could give you the reason for this being part of the League of Humans thing.

Just a little something I thought you might like to know;

The dye in question consisted of the standard  playing dye

'dice' and 'die' are the plural and singular respectively of the object I believe you are reffering to in this context. Dye is only in referrence colour from what I'm aware of.

4981441 THANK YOU! I, being the idiot I am at times, didn't bother to check to make sure I was using the correct word. I'll fix it wjen I have time, which will be later. I'm just lucky to have time to respond roght now.
Seriously, thanks again. That's gonna help to improve things.



You're a nice person. I like nice people. Thank you.

hmm god powers, no self control? wonder what happens when he drops his dice?

Dude has a good question. Meanwhile I'm trying to figure out if he meant that literally or figuratively. The world may never know.



Its so genius, it forgets to say the "S" :rainbowlaugh:

And now I'm confused. What.



...I never played Dungeons and Dragons. I'm still a newbie in the nerd society, so I'm currently in WIzard101. :rainbowlaugh: (My next is WOW, then D@D's.)

Well then, let me welcome you to the nerd community.

5185002 meh its pretty simple if 3.5 ... 4 has a lot more rules and makes everyone basically a wizard with at-will, encounter and daily powers and heal surges to heal injuries rather then depending on potions and only magic users (divine, arcane, elemental or otherwise) being able to use spells.

still this makes me think of the futurama movie where rolling the dice had a clear effect.


There's a Futurama movie? Anyways, just like that movie, dice rolls do affect things a lot.
Watch out for dice rolls, you won't know what they mean until they get explained.

Freaking out? Logical and funny! XD

"Oh.... He went insane, stole a patient's skeleton, stole a bunch of doves from a wedding wagon, then ran off screaming something about knowing how to make temporary invincibility." the little pony nurse explained.

I saw what you did there :derpytongue2:

For any of you reading the comments: this is the guy who is currently doing the crossover chapters with me.

Happy New Year everyone!

How did I miss this story?!?

I may have a song that could inspire you. It all depends if you like the House genre.

The Brainwasher
Daft Punk

You forgot step six.


also you have my tracking.:ajbemused:

There's a step six?
Is it optional like step five?

Isn't that technically the same as step 5, just not optional?
Also, I never thought people would like this story. I thought it was going to be a fail, just like my first story (which, I admit, was not written well).
All of this is honestly a surprise to me. All I can say is thanks to all the people that are even glancing at my story, it means a lot to me.


In all honesty I love (most of) the LOHA(insert type here) stories because they can go so many different ways, be from many different worlds, and the biggest clincher... they crossover with each other creating blends of writing styles. Yours doesn't seem too bad. It's funny and has a unique plot device. (the die that is) Only problem I would have is the pacing seems a tad fast.:applejackunsure:

Also the last step is ALWAYS profit.:ajbemused:

I hope you had fun writing this, because it was funny.


I just noticed, I have a twin.

Also, thanks for the music suggestion.
Honestly, it gave me an idea. A very important one at that.

Guys! Look at my twin over here! He just helped in developing the story! You can, too! Just send me music! :rainbowlaugh:

History being altered.... and a new idea coming thanks to this for my half of the story :)

grabs another chair and sits down.

Steals chair and sits down.

"I wonder what this author will do next."

grabs yet another chair, and sits down.

*patiently watches*

the only guess I can put up is......Chrysalis is gonna hurt him......

Well, maybe. Obviously he's gonna get hurt, that's what the d6 was about.

Guess what the d20 was about.

Here's another hint for those that read the comments:
d20 rolls are normally used for checks of all kinds. 1 is a critical fail, meaning what you are going to try to do is going to seriously and severely fail.
Like I've said, I hinted at what he's gonna try to do. All you guys gotta do is guess what that is and what happens.
Closest one gets that cameo later.

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