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Unexpected Events

Unexpected Events

The whole of the Sparkle family was sitting in the waiting room of the Canterlot Royal Hospital, waiting for news on one young Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight’s Father fidgeted in his seat, speaking idly with his son, Shining Armor who seemed as worried as he was. Twilight’s Mother was doing some crossword puzzles to try and keep her mind occupied while they waited while Spike was curled up on a chair, having a somewhat restless sleep.

And lastly, likely the most worried out of all of them, was a young human named Chains, human slave and, unknown to all other occupants of the room with the exception of perhaps Spike, secret lover of Twilight Sparkle.

They were all here because of Twilight’s unexpected bought of illness.

It started a few weeks ago in fact, while in the middle of her morning classes, Twilight suddenly felt a great wave of nausea and had to excuse herself to the restroom and proceeded to vomit violently.

It proceeded to be as such nearly every morning since, and she’s had to cancel her classes.

The Princess was away on Royal business, but Spike had sent her a message informing her of Twilight’s ailment. The Princess had in turn instructed him to take her to the Hospital and said she would wrap up her duties as soon as she could to check in on her.

Indeed, only Blue Star, Twilight’s appointed guard, was not present, a fact which Chains was grateful for, as the Stallion made the human very uncomfortable.

The human stood, staring at the door which the doctor would come through as soon as he had something to report on. Chains could only hope that whatever it was that ailed his Mistress, it was not too serious.

He was jarred from his musings as he heard the door open, though he shied away when he saw it was not the doctor.

He bowed low and made way as Princess Celestia entered the waiting room, flanked by two of her guards.

The rest of the family rose from their seats and bowed, except for the still sleeping Spike.

“Please, remain seated,” she said, before looking to her guards, “You may leave us,” she told them. They turned and left without a word as the Princess looked again to Twilight’s parents, “Has there been any word yet on Twilight’s health?” she asked.

The Mother shook her head, “No, your Majesty, we are still waiting,” she said.

Celestia only gave her a gentle smile, “I would not worry, this is the season for the flu to go around, it is probably nothing more than that.”

“I hope you’re right,” The Father said, as he sat back down.

Celestia’s eyes landed momentarily on Chains, who averted his own gaze, likely in a small semblance of fear as well as respect, though the act made the Sun Princess frown.

Before anyone else could speak another word, the door opened once more, and a doctor with heavy bags under his eyes and a short cut black mane walked in, the look on his face seemed one of grim confusion which only made the occupants of the waiting room worry more. Seeing the Princess, he bowed, “Your Majesty, I was not expecting you to be here.”

Celestia motioned for him to rise, “Please, what is Twilight Sparkle’s condition?” she asked him.

The doctor seemed to struggle in his mind, either trying to find an escape, or just being unsure of how to answer. “Well…..” he started, seeming to finally come to it, “She’s pregnant.”

Time seemed to freeze in the room, as five sets of eyes went wide. Everyone was expecting anything except for that.

Each mind raced and began to come to one conclusion or another, before finally each of them had come to the same one.

Twilight’s Mother had fainted on the spot, and while this would be a concern for both her husband and her son, they were both preoccupied as they slowly turned their heads to look at the human who stood as still as a statue, sweating profusely as his own eyes were locked onto the doctor.

Celestia bit the inside of her cheek as her expression became a bit more serious and sullen than that of the other occupants.

The doctor had followed the eyes of the stallions to the human who seemed to be hoping that if he didn’t move, they wouldn’t see him. It was a vain hope at best. “I see that I don’t need to show you the ultrasounds,” he said.

“Doctor,” the Princess was the first of them to speak, “Are you quite certain of this?” she asked. “Is it even possible?”

The doctor looked to her, “I was asking myself that not ten minutes ago, the embryo is still in its early stages, but it is unique from normal pony embryos at that stage, going on a hunch, I looked at examples of human embryos. It is similar enough to both that I would say it is indeed a hybrid, though I’ve never heard of such a thing before, it is likely the first of its kind.”

“Does, does Twilight…..?”

The doctor nodded to Twilight’s father, “I told her already, and if you’re worried, I left a nurse with her in case something happened.”

Having gotten over the shock, at least somewhat, Shining Armor was at his mother’s side, trying to revive her from her fainting spell. After a while, he had her seated, and she was brought up to date with the conversation.

“So,” She started, deciding to ask the question on everypony’s mind “What happens now?”

Celestia frowned, her features taking on every day of her millennia long lifetime, “This is a highly irregular occurrence, one I would never have imagined being possible. A human and a pony procreating together, I would honestly say I’d love to see the fruits of such love….. however.” She looked down, as if too ashamed to say it to any of their faces.

“I cannot think of many ponies who would be so accepting, at best society would shun her, and at worse, she maybe reviled, spat upon, tormented, jeered, perhaps even attacked. The child would be seen as an abomination by many groups, especially the nobles of Canterlot, and the more extreme of them may attempt to harm both her and the child.”

She grew quiet, again not looking at anything other than her own hooves on the floor, “For Twilight’s safety and well being, the pregnancy should be terminated and not another word be spoken about it.”

None of the ponies said a word, none of them liked the idea of making Twilight go through either course of action. The truth is, deep inside all of them, they would not be opposed to a half human child in the family, but they knew that such a child would not have an easy life, least of all in a city like Canterlot.

They could not argue against it, no matter how much they wished they could.

“Please,” came a quiet, almost inaudible voice.

Everypony turned to look at the human, who was on the floor, bowing as low as he could, his head pressed to the floor, and he seemed like he was trying to press it even further.

“Please, I know I have no right to speak, and I have no right to make any request of you,” he said to the Princess. “But please, don’t do this,” tears were trailing into the carpeted floor. “It’s my fault, if anyone deserves punishment, it’s me. Punish me, please, just don’t hurt Twilight or the baby.”

The Princess could only stare at the human kneeling and bowing on the ground before her, begging for the life of the likely ill-fated offspring. She knew why. Because it was his child, and it was the result of the love he shared with the pony carrying it.

Celestia let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding, unable to bring herself to look at the human, she walked passed him, and to the doctor, who remained quiet as they talked amongst themselves. “I will need to speak to Twilight Sparkle alone,” she said.

The doctor nodded, “Right this way,” he said, leading her out of the waiting room, leaving behind the sobbing human, giving quiet cries of apologies to the family of his love.

And despite the implications of recent events, they could not find it in themselves to be angry with him.

Twilight Sparkle lay in the hospital bed, and sighed to herself.

‘Stupid, stupid mare’ she thought to herself.

She should have known better, even if pregnancy was thought to be impossible, she should have made him wear protection at least.

The nurse who was in the room with her chatted away about something, but Twilight wasn’t paying attention. Her hooves rested on her belly, which, now that she thought about it, had a little bit more of a bump to it.

Twilight sighed again to herself, chastising herself for not noticing sooner. Now everypony would know, and they’d probably take Chains away, probably wouldn’t let her keep the baby. Her mind was racing with what might happen, what could have happened, and what she would have wanted to happen.

Despite the turmoil in her mind, outwardly, Twilight seemed calm, though very quiet and sullen.

She supposed she was as calm as any 15 year old who just found out they were pregnant with a hybrid child could be.

She almost didn’t notice the knock on the door, and both she and the nurse looked as Princess Celestia walked in, and give the young Unicorn a gentle comforting smile, before turning to the nurse, “If you would excuse us, I need to speak with my student alone,” she told her.

The nurse nodded, and excused herself, leaving mentor and student in each other’s company.

Celestia sat on the floor nearby, and still smiled to Twilight, “How are you feeling, Twilight Sparkle?” she asked her.

Twilight smiled back, though it was much more visibly forced than the Princess’s, “I’m doing okay,” she lied.

Celestia’s ears layed back on her head. She truly wished she didn’t have to speak of this subject. “Twilight, about your…. Condition….”

Twilight’s eyes again fell on her slightly rounding tummy.

“This is your decision, and I will not force you to make one or the other, but it is something you must decide.”

The Princess went on. “You are carrying a hybrid child, one that’s never been seen before, and I cannot promise that you, Chains, or even your child will have an easy life, in fact, I fear it will be most difficult for all of you,” she told her. “The best option, would be to terminate the pregnancy, and just forget this all happened, no one would have to know.”

Twilight body tensed up.

“However,” the Princess continued, “If you do chose to keep the child, the crown would not be able to help you, I can assign guards to you, I could publicly announce that you and your child are protected by law, but those would only deter the sensible. If you do keep the child, it must be kept a secret from everypony, perhaps even disguised to look naturally like a pony. That would not be an easy life for it to live.”

Twilight was quiet.

“No pony who knows will judge you if you to not keep the child, but neither will we force you to give it up.”

The young Unicorn’s eyes were glued to her abdomen, and the undeveloped life which resided inside her as she thought long and hard, before turning to look at her mentor to give her answer.

The Sparkle family had comforted Chains and had gotten him up off the floor, convincing him to sit in a chair while they waited for Celestia to return.

None of them were speaking now, minds still reeling from the shocking news. They had also chosen not to wake Spike, believing it better if he wasn’t troubled with this kind of news just yet.

To Chains it seemed an eternity when Celestia finally came back to the room, his duel colored eyes looking up at her, still pleading.

The Sun Princess gave them all a wary smile, “She’s keeping the child.”

Author's Note:


I wrote this some time ago for a friend who came up with the idea of Chains and Twilight raising a hybrid child together in the face of adversity. He's yet to write it, but I did write this as a prologue and thought, "Hey, maybe it'd make a good chapter for Chains Tales."

Don't worry, I am trying to continue my work with Chains, but working nights can take it out of a person. I hope to bring you more soon and hope you all enjoyed this little bit of a non canon story.

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Comments ( 11 )

I wonder what the hybrid will be like when he/she is grown-up. Perhaps they have a distrust of nobles?

*whew*...You might want to make that "non-canon" disclaimer a little more obvious. I almost had a little bit of a crisis there. Not that I'm against the idea of that happening between Twilight and Chains, but since they had only just confirmed their love for one another the last time we saw them, that would have been just way too damn fast.:twilightoops:


They were all here because of Twilight’s unexpected bought of illness.

"bout". A "Bout of illness.".

So Twillight couldn't keep her hooves to herself and Went after Chains sweet sweet ass? Good for you girl!

I feel for your night pains, but don't let it get your down the night is much better than the day less sun...less sun burn... anyhow, entertaining little fun chapter and i do hope you tell us if your friend does his idea, it'd be entertaining.

6471630 Yeah I wanna know too

It would be interesting for this to become an actual story, rather than just a chapter.
But anyways, I'm very glad you're alive. I hope the next chapter of the main story(or this one) comes out soon.

Nice chapter, but there's a few things you may want to edit.

They were all here because of Twilight’s unexpected bought of illness.

That should probably be "bout"

She almost didn’t notice the knock on the door, and both she and the nurse looked as Princess Celestia walked in, and give the young Unicorn a gentle comforting smile, before turning to the nurse,

I think that should be "gave".

Twilight body tensed up.

And that should be "Twilight's". I look forward to the next chapter.

i hope to see a chapter like this in the main story. it would be interesting to see a satyr in this story as well as the main story chains.

it is a sad thing, but I will make no secret that in the canon story of Chains, humans and ponies cannot procreate with one another. Any work containing such in this universe would be non canon. I'm sorry. it makes me sad too.

its alright.
it does make good side stories that are non canon though.

Man great chapter. As soon as I read their parts of her suddenly vomiting, I just had the feeling somethings like this would happen. I would also like to ask that if your friend does go through with his story, could you leave a link in the next chapter after he publishes it. If this was a sort of prologue to it, then I'm hooked.

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