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Valiant Charge

Why do we fight? To protect home and family, to preserve balance and bring harmony. The true question is not why we fight but rather "What is worth fighting for?"

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So where's the other raider, the female?

8005646 sorry dude. My Raider is a male character.

Interesting, very interesting.

I'm curious what species the Samurais and the Knights will be.

8005700 to be honest, it's mostly earth ponies, unicorns, pegasus and if possible a few griffons and minotaurs.

8005702 Well the OC I posted in your thread is a Changeling because I thought the Samurais would be Changelings. Would that be alright?

8005740 sounds good. After all, one of the greatest weapons in war is Deception.:rainbowdetermined2:

8005742 I thought it fitting since Orochis were originally Ninjas before being absorbed into the Samurai culture.

Heh war born mission 1.1 complete personally I liked the knight story more than both samurai and Viking but samurai was a close second

8005790 knights are my favorite too, Samurai second.

Shouldn't this have the crossover tag?

8005792 that was 1 of the few things I didn't like about for honor was that the samurai were the ones who killed "war" instead of the knights it began with them it should have ended with them

8005939 true. We only got to play the warden once.

Aw yeah! FOR HONOR!

At this point Dainn knew, HE FUCKED UP.

I played For Honor, I played the beta

Guess what Dainn, you and your minions just signed your 1-800-get-your-asses-kicked-by-vikings-samurai-and-knights!

8006202 that's got to the longest phone number of kick ass and neck breaking.


The vile King Dainn and his warriors have corrupted the minds of all the stallions and royal guards in Equestria and have enslaved the Elements of Harmony as well as the princesses but now an army from the west marches onto the land under the banner of a golden sun while another storms down from the northern mountains seeking vengeance and to the far east, a band of warriors who live secluded in the marshlands have finally decided to come out of hiding and dispense justice upon the evil kings empire.

Holy run-on sentence, Batman!

Ugh, Vikings. So barbaric, unlike us graceful and honorable knights.

Hi, ValiantCharge. I'm one of the admins of Schorl Tourmaline's Real Fall of Equestria Fan Group. We were wondering if we could add your story to the crossover subfolder of the Post-Fall folder of our group.

8007182 actually it's already added. I don't know by who though.

8007016 says the ones who accused innocent women of witchcraft.


Eeeeh.... they had it comin'

I can't wait for more!~ dashie would be a valkery.. along with applejack as a berzerker

It wasn't added yet. I added it now. If you don't want it there, just tell me.

8007343 strange. The post fall of equestria group was already on my features list before you asked. Oh wait nevermind.:facehoof:

That's a different group. They just happen to have largely the same admins. :pinkiecrazy:

Interesting, though just Marshall sounds like an unusual name for a pony.

waitwaitwait, why did you just post the entire first mission?

8007664 i did but there is NO intention of copyright!


wasn't talking about that, I'm just asking why you posted the whole first mission

8007714 I'm starting each chapter on the first mission of each campaign.

8007634 I don't remember it saying that he was a pony so they may be the chance that he isn't.

So the Samurai next i'm guessing. I can see them not being one species but multiple like tigers, pandas, and the rabbits from that one island. They all come from japan after it sinks into the sea. Oh idea, the island sinking was a byproduct to making the Blizzard on the other clans. That would give them a reason to march on the Caribou.

Also for the rabbit island thing i was talking about, here's a video of it.

Wait a minute ain't shining armor post to be brainwashed by the caribou when they's takeover?

8007788 all will be explained in the next chapter.

8007825 when my wrist recovers from cramping.

Make the samurai faction something related to Oriental in nature like Foxes or rabbits. Foxes are cleverly mischievous, great at outsmarting the enemy while rabbits or hares have excellent vision and hearing and are also quite quick, ideal for archers.

8009060 i already have an idea for the samurai but they'll come in a later chapter.


I was thinking Marshall is based on William Marshal (or Williame le Mareshal as he was known in France).

8009624 YES! Finally someone got the reference!!:rainbowkiss:

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