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Who Wants To Hear A Story?

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You had a good thing going until the Cliché displaced showed up .... so good luck .

This story might be my cup of tea. Cant wait for more chapters

I've always hated this universe, so I think I'm going to like this story.

I'm liking where this is going so far, I'll keep an eye out for updates.

This chapter I like it. More please :twilightsmile:

6089982 Yeah I know what you feel, though I never payed attention due to how dark it feels for me, but adding Dramoras makes it worth reading for me.

Let the kill streak begin!

Wait shouldn't he be in armor?

6122262 That comes later

I like it. Totally new twist on the Displaced idea. No, "confused person with powers goes to happy Equestria and is misunderstood". This is "person end up with powers, goes to terrible Equestria and fucks shit up". Pretty great. Also, nice call with Armata Strigoi.

Are you f***ing KIDDING ME??!!

So far, its pretty good. I'll keep reading this when you make another chapter.

Heh, Crystal cock

This is extremely creative. I mean, really. I especially love that he gets an army of his own. A lot of fics don't do that.

Is the story dead?

Mehrune's Razor kills anything with one hit, even if it's a scratch. Not for me in Skyrim.

I love this story. Because I HATE FALL OF EQUESTRIA.

This is awesome. Can't wait til he gets the armor and scares the s*** out of everything.

In terms of fucked up universes Fall of Equestria is up there with Your Human and You, The Conversion Bureau, and whatever that world is where it's exactly the same just replace the Caribou with Canterlot's "Elite".

"she seemed a little relived that I didn't attempt to rap her like the others..."

Forgot the e in rape. But you totally got me hooked now.

mehrune's razor, ah one of my favorite Derelic weapons

I left a like, not gonna read it, sorry bud, don't have the heart to be able to read stuff involving the Fall of Equestria universe, you got my blessings man, make the Caribou fuckers suffer.

Yeah, it's a indication of wish-fulfillment and pity-part-for-one.

One of the most cliche, unoriginal and uninspired stories I've read.

I'll be archiving this with my other examples of "Avoid making stories like these".

6223313 Well, I have one question for you then: if you don't like it, then why did your bother reading it on the first place?:ajbemused::facehoof:

Saves the rest of us having to listen to your griping and derogatory comments.

Have a nice day.

6223423 How was he supposed to know if it was good or not? Unless you think he should have judged a story simply by its cover.

6223444 when the title involes the word caribou in it. It will most likely be part of the whole "Fall of Equestria" universe. Anything caribou related in this fandom will probably be that. I get the feeling he knew what he was getting into after reading the summary.

6223681 But he wasn't upset about the universe set in, he was mad about all the cliches in the story.

6223684 point.
It's just When it comes to this universe. People either really like it, or they really hate it. Cliches included.

There is a major question to be had, what of the alicorns? The former Elements? Because they would likely be key sources of strength once they recover, true they would likely have some form of trauma but who wouldn't? The children especially would need care, but The alicorns would likely be able to recover to help healing. Though who or what would have been keeping the celestial bodies moving when the two responsible for it are disabled? Lacking their skill even to not destroy the planet's life cycles.

To the author: your story is coming along nicely, albeit with a fair dose of grammatical errors. Other than that, the concept still piques my interest, so I shall wait for the next chapter. Carry on!

Good. You know how to voice your opinion. Maybe you could try explaining what you find disagreeable, instead of coming up with "one of the most cliche, unoriginal and uninspired" insults.

Just commenting to insult someone's work serves no point, and is really rude. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it needs to be the target of flaming. There's a difference between insults and criticism.

I have nothing more to say on the matter, so don't bother replying to my comment.

Are you saying that Displaced fics are usually filled with cliches which are the norm for that genre?

6224448 hmm. I wouldn't say all of them (which doesn't bother me either way). And when I say that, I mean in this universe, not displaced fics in general.
To be blunt with it, ChasingResonance's comment to you is how I felt. And i'll leave it at that.

Needs a line break. Fair amount of grammatical errors but that's to be expected.
Also needs timeline specification, I saw nine months, but he says a year.

Not bad. Several grammar errors as usual, but still a good chapter.

>Daedric Princes in the Elder Scrolls are neither good nor evil.
>They only want to watch mortals suffer for their own amusement
100% NO EVIL

And so it begins, the great shitstorm of our time

Actually Mephala and Beoathiah ARE evil daedras. One is prince of murders and secrets and the other represent treachery and deceit. They are worshipped by dark elves but only good daedra from the trio is Azura. And the others are Meridia, Nocturne and possibly Jyggalag.

6296611 I actually never thought about that. I must have read the lore wrong. I'll get that fixed.

man I can't wait for more of this story

So what story did this entire "Fall of Equestria" thing come from? I've seen it everywhere recently, but I can't find the original story.

Honestly, this being my first story to read on Fim.
Holy shit, that was awesome.

I swear that if this doesn't update I'll pray to the Kyn.
Is that what you want?

I hate destiny.

Not bad. Showcases what the possibilities are for him now. Onward!

You don't even know the background to this wow

No I was meaning Fall of Equstria

I epically love how the blood of my enemies flow free like a river, tasting ever so sweet.............


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