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Tales Back, but Caveat · 3:15am May 28th

Howdy all,

Life continues to be busy for me, and I am suspecting this is my new normal, but after working w/ 24 on the outstanding The Sparrow in the Storm, I realized that I didn't want Tales to fall completely off of my radar. So here's a new chapter. I'll try to update weekly, but I cannot promise that, and I'm probably not going to make a big deal and announce it if I miss a week or two here and there.

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Tales Off for Indeterminate Gap · 1:51am Aug 3rd, 2021

Hello, everyone.

Making a long story short, while I'm okay and fully expecting to land on my feet, some very sudden unexpected changes in my work situation mean I've been unable to work on writing, and I might not be able to give it much focus for some time to come. I would love to give an estimate, but I really just don't have any information to share yet; things are still up in the air.

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Tales Off for 1 Week · 6:26pm Jul 2nd, 2021

Hey everyone; just a quick note: due to this weekend being the 4th of July and my being out of town, combined w/ some developments in the Price of Loyalty space that I can't really talk in any detail about yet taking up a bit of my attention, Tales from Everfree City will not have a new chapter on Tuesday, July 6th.

It's just the one week, however; expect Chapter 7-2 on July 13th, and watch this space for more news!


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Tales Returns, May 25th · 4:43am May 19th, 2021

Tales from Everfree City will return from its hiatus on May 25th, 2021, to resume its weekly update schedule.

That's it. That's the whole blog post.

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Tales Off Again · 1:32am Feb 19th, 2021

Dear Everyone,

I'm extremely sorry, but I'm going to have to put Tales on hiatus again for a couple of weeks. TL;DR someone stole parts out of my car, and this being not the first time I've had this experience at our current location, we're moving. Between finding a new apartment, packing things, shopping for a car, etc. all during Covid lockdown, I'm not going to have much time for writing.

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Tales Returns Tomorrow · 11:10pm Feb 8th, 2021

With life at least somewhat back to normal, I'm able to resume Tales from Everfree City's weekly update cycle tomorrow.

Thank you very much to everyone who sent messages or otherwise chimed in to express their support in a tough time.

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Tales Off This Week · 10:49pm Jan 18th, 2021

Hey everyone; with my apologies, due to a family medical emergency, Tales from Everfree City will be off this week.

I'm hopeful it will be back next week, but I can't make any promises at the moment.

If you want to chat with me in the meantime, feel free to hit me in the #price-of-loyalty room on the 24th Pegasus' Discord Server (https://discord.gg/pKPShep) or leave a comment; I'm pretty religious about responding to direct questions.

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Tales Delay · 3:14am Dec 15th, 2020

Hello, everybody.

Sorry to say the crunch leading up to the holidays grows heavier still, and I'm going to have to delay Tales 4-3 for 1 week.

Happy holidays to everyone, and I'll see you all again on the 22nd.


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Tales Delay - 1 Week · 5:06am Nov 20th, 2020

Hey there friends,

With my sincerest apologies, the beginning of the 4th Tale in Tales from Everfree City is going to be delayed by one week. I promise this isn't the beginning of some grand hiatus; just real life work deadlines coming to bear before the holidays, meaning I've been working late and not had time to get those words up to par.

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Tales from Everfree City: Coming May 26th · 5:20am May 15th, 2020

Dear Readers, Morty, Gale, and all their friends are back!

You can hear it from the horse's mouth himself here:


If you don't want to watch a video (or my voice-acting and script are too cringey for you), I'll summarize here:

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