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This story is a sequel to Tales from Everfree City

The Equestrian experiment is failing.

Fewer than forty years after Commander Hurricane, Princess Platinum, and Chancellor Puddinghead united the three pony tribes into one nation, that nation stands on the brink of ruin. The Triumvirate that once led Equestria forward lies broken in the aftermath of war and civil strife, leaving only the unicorn queen, Platinum III, to rule from Everfree alone. The Cirran Legion, once the backbone of Equestria's military, has been dissolved, and with it, any semblance of control over the countryside has withered away.

To the south, along the fringes of equine civilization and settled lands, an old soldier flies alone. Once, she protected these ponies; once, she led them, standing shoulder to shoulder with the unicorn queen and the earth pony chancellor. But now she is just another sword in the wilderness, a leaf adrift on the winds of fate, as the twilight of her years fades away.

Because the Equestrian experiment is failing. And Commander Typhoon, daughter of the legendary Hurricane, is dead.

Art by egil. Editing by LoyalLiar
Part of the Price of Loyalty universe. Prior reading of A Beginner's Guide to Heroism and Tales from Everfree City is strongly recommended, but not required.

Chapters (34)
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This isn't YouTube buddy.

70 views and featured! Congratulations!

Old lady Typhoon finally knows how to be hot instead of a cold.

That bandit leader was certainly right about someone dying today.

It's awesome to see more of the PoL verse. I've always liked Typhoon. Getting Geralt vibes from her to start this story. Excited for more!

Fort Hadbetterdays.

Hmmm, no mention of Tempest yet. Hopefully she’s got at least some family left that she isn’t entirely estranged from.

I hate to say it, but I think Typhoon’s misinterpreted the part in the guidebook for military desertion where you requisition the goods of road bound merchants. You’re meant to requisition the goods for yourself or your band of bandits, not to assist starving civilian populations.

Even old and bitter and cynical, Typhoon just can't help being helpful.

But possibly after this experience she will break that habit.

“We try to avoid crossing paths with anypony that could turn us inside out with their mind,” Saved said, adding a nervous chuckle for good measure.

Generally a good policy.

Typhoon is going to swear off ponies forever after traveling with these siblings. Just a 90 degree turn off the trail and walk straight into the forest, never to return.

The noise inside immediately stopped—if only for a moment. “What are you doing outside?” came a muffled voice from within the house. “If she sees you out there, she’ll eat you!”

Well, appears that it isn't friendly.

And that's how Typhoon died. Looks like the stories over folks!

Just ignore any chapters released after this one

Remember folks, level up high enough and you can solo fight a dragon.:derpytongue2:

So Typhoon is the master of Frost Brand that's an interesting twist.

“Or rip out your soul,” Typhoon muttered to herself.

I wonder who she’s thinking of here. It must be a pony of epic necromantic skill, dashing good looks, moral dubiousness, (as of their last appearance) a potentially serious case of Horn Rot, daddy issues, and unique access to the bed chambers of royalty.

This is going well. Is this a fight, or complicated, eventually incredibly painful suicide?

“Finally,” Firestorm growled, getting a good look at her opponent for the first time. “You’re a bit old to be a soldier, aren’t you?”

Yes, actually.

Feels like probably a mistake to not finish the kill.

Really mean of Celestia and/or Luna to send Typhoon to Tartarus instead of the Summer Lands.

It's very convenient that Typhoon's sword came with a Find My Device function.

Ponies who can rip out souls, you sayyyy...🤔

A group of highly-disciplined soldiers turned lawless...yeah, that's not a happy combo.:applejackunsure:

Disciplined, trained, battle hardened, and angry from the sounds of it

They didn’t expect to face a veteran of the Cloudsdale bathhouse. Which, depending on what happened to the Mafia centred out of it, could actually be an accurate label for Typhoon.

Aha now we have what I assume is our second protagonist! Now we can get somewhere!

you know I really thought Sparrow was a male from the cover art

Oh hey a tag-along.

though she’d found out after the second night that a feather of whispersalt usually kept her down enough to have dead, dreamless sleep.

Why am I getting a niggling feeling this might become a bigger issue later?

Wonder if that last line got a bit of a reaction...

Fuck, she's cute.

Hammer thoughtfully nodded. “Yeah, I suppose. Your colt came out alright though, from what I heard… err, if you don’t mind me saying, ma’am.”

Good to hear he isn’t dead. At least to Hammer’s knowledge

The young unicorn gave her a skeptical look, as if she saw right through the shield of humor Typhoon used to deflect from the topic. “There’s always time to find something new,” Sparrow said. “Life’s too precious to waste whatever time you have left.”

Food for thought for sure.

Breaking Alicorn Spellwork? Typhoon has a task and a half in front of her.

...Damn, what the heck did Ty do to piss off Luna of all ponies?:twilightoops:

The door to one of Warbler’s Roost’s doors


Comment posted by Reclusive deleted May 28th, 2022

Ahh, there's always a catch.
sidequest time!

“Who made this?”

"Mortal Coil.”

“Him?” Deep Blue asked, eyebrows climbing up his forehead. “Didn’t he die twenty years ago?


Shouldn't you complete the previous story before you start this one?

“I suppose you might have missed the point. A kelpie can control water. That means she can control the weather. If I can capture her, then I can control her. Do you know how many problems I could solve if I could control the climate?”

“If I can capture her, bend her to my will, then I will not just be one of the greatest wizards who ever lived. I will be one of the greatest ponies who ever lived. I can use her magic to create a world of plenty. What need will there be to kill and steal when everypony has enough to eat and drink? How many problems can we solve if ponies aren’t desperate to find their next meal?”

...Yyyyeaaahhh...these kinds of stories typically never end well. Good luck there with that idealism, bucko.:applejackunsure:

Poor Sparrow. I hope we see her again real soon.:pinkiesad2:
(In fact, I'm certain of it.)

Looks like it’s time for a soak

Yowza, that was a close one

Looks like Sparrow had her emotional admission stolen by the moist fairy

Her cheeks began to feel warm as she remembered nearly spilling all those foolish worries to a murderous monster wearing Sparrow’s face, and she pointedly looked down at her hooves.

Absolute qt

Can't let her go. Not just yet.

Yay backstory

And then Sparrow's head a-splode. The end.

If Sparrow’s doesn’t Typhoon would probably wish hers did. She’s not ready for that barrage of questions and hero worship.

Sparrow going fangirl in 3.... 2.....

Heh, Sparrow fangirling

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