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This story is a sequel to A broken Sun

It’s been three months, dear sister, three months since you left. Where could you be? I know you’re out there, I know it. Your most loyal guard and his armies have been scouring Equestria, looking for you, sister. Please, return and we can repair what has been broken and start over. Every night is a nightmare since you left. This wasn’t supposed to happen like this, please, if you can do one last thing, come back. But we will find you, Celestia, and we will mend our relationships. I’ll see to it that you are retrieved, dear sister. Mark. My. Words.

Edited by: Razalon the Lizardman
Collab with Pvt Caboose

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What starts off as a normal day for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, ends up with them being split up, and Scootaloo becoming the target of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Doubt and insecurity plagues the normally brash and confident young pegasus filly. Rainbow Dash comes to her rescue and they plan a camping trip to help strengthen their bonds. Will it work, or will it be a good time gone suddenly wrong?

Co-Written with Scribe of the Damned and Pvt Caboose
Edited by: AuthorGenesis

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The two ponies I care for the most, my dear sister and most faithful student, have betrayed me. My most loyal guard says I'm just being paranoid, but what would he know that I don't also? I thought the nightmare was over, but now it's clear it never went away. In fact, it's only gotten stronger and more cunning, as evidenced by how it's turning all that I hold dear against me. Well, it won't succeed, and I'll do whatever it takes to make sure of that. Mark. My. Words.

Co-Written with Razalon
Edited by Razalon
Pre-read by Razalon

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Meet Lyrical. All he want's to do is escape the life he lives in. Growing up in south west Detrot was tough. He only got through by because he listened to the Old School rap that made him what he is today. With his friend, Shadow Breeze, they both decide to take the next train to the nearest city to start out fresh. Ponyville. Lyrical want's to take it easy, but a few certain ponies a DJ and a Cellist wont let him relax. Now, Lyrical and Shadow Breeze have to suffer partying with the pink pony, rocking with the DJ, and learning some classic manners from the Cellist.

Will dark stories be revealed?
Authors note: All oc's and lyrics belong to gordobraveheart and enigmaMystere, and AnonJ17-ShadowBreeze
this is a adopted story.
first half of chapter 1 edited by: ShadowBlades- Micheal.
and the rest edited by Darth Cygnus
The (e) means edited.
Conflicted tags: Comedy

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